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Chapter 1797

After all, sorcery is not the same as martial arts!

Spells may kill people invisibly!

In addition, Wulong Taoist is the strongest one in the field!

It is very likely that a ranking is a huge difference!

So Wulong Taoists are very strong!

All the heavy hopes of everyone are on him!

Taoist Wulong looked calm and calmly looked at Levi.

“If you get caught with nothing, I can consider sparing you!”

Wulong Taoist gave Levi a chance.

In fact, the group of forces on the East Island have been observing here.

No one can find them just by using special methods.

After all, they still have to harvest in a while!

“Horrible! Terrible, isn’t it?”

“We thought that Levi was not an opponent, but we didn’t expect it!”

The East Island samurai were dumbfounded when Levi was so strong.

“But this is better! The stronger Levi is, the better it will be for our plan! The more real this is at the scene!”

The boss smiled.

On the island.

Levi had just punched the entire island devastated.

The entire island is sinking a lot.

The surrounding sea water is bubbling.

It’s like a tsunami is coming…

It was the first time he encountered a Lord of magic arts like Wulong Taoist.

However, Levi had seen all of them in the ancient books left by the cheap Lord and him.

The magic Lord is terrifying!

Any spell can kill people invisibly!

“Get out! You have to lose too!”

Hearing the provocative words of Taoist Wulong, Levi hit it out without saying a word.


The island couldn’t bear the strong pressure, and sank again.

Seeing a punch hit Wulong Taoist.

I saw a spell in the Wulongdao population, and pinched a decision.

A spell is generated.

Turned into a barrier.

He abruptly blocked Levi’s punch!

Upon seeing this, everyone present was overjoyed.

Sure enough, Wulong Taoist is strong enough!

He is the only one in the field who can hold Levi’s punch!

This has never happened before!

“carry on!”


Levi threw another punch.

Wulong Taoist concocted in the same way, and once again generated a spell, which caused the wind to form a barrier, once again blocking the punch.

But his face changed slightly, and his body trembled.

Obviously, playing such a spell is also very costly to him.

“I think when you can carry it?”


The third punch blasted out.

Wulong Taoist’s face was pale, and his figure was shaking.


The fourth punch blasted out.

Blood spilled from the corner of Wulong Taoist’s mouth.


The fifth punch blasted out.

Wulong Taoist vomited blood violently, and the whole person was almost unable to hold it.


The sixth punch blasted out, and the barrier formed by the spell was directly shattered.


Wulong Taoist flew out directly.

Every time a spell is generated, it consumes too much for him.

Especially Levi’s attack at this level!

If it weren’t for Levi, he wanted to see what the spells were like.

Levi can solve it with one punch!

Wulong Taoist can only defend in front of Levi.

Offensive spells cannot be used at all.

At this time, no one was standing.

“Say, who caught my daughter? Stand up!”

Levi looked at everyone and asked.

“No… it’s not us, it has nothing to do with us, we are also framed!”

“Yes, someone planned all this!”

Everyone began to explain.

At this moment, Junjun woke up and she shouted: “Dad, it’s not them! It’s someone else! I know!”

Levi quickly picked up Jun Jun.

“Go, let’s leave!”

Now that Junjun knew who was behind the scenes, Levi didn’t need to check again.

These people will not be killed for the sake of the child’s face.

It can also be considered as Morendam to save a piece of martial arts power.

After Levi took Junjun away in a fighter plane.

One person quietly appeared on the island.

He is like a god of death.

Start to harvest life…

Chapter 1798

Looking at the murderous figure.

Everyone felt a deep chill inexplicably.

They seem to be lambs to be slaughtered!

“Levi, haven’t you all left? Why are you back again?”

Wulong Taoist couldn’t help asking.

“No, he is not Levi!”

Xuan Ming Dao Shane exclaimed.

Immediately, everyone felt that the breath of the incoming person was different from Levi.

“Withdraw, withdraw quickly!”

Everyone reacted and immediately retreated.

It’s just a fight with Levi.

Everyone is seriously injured!

Where can I run away?

“Stay here!”

A murderous intent flashed in the eyes of the visitor.

He began to slaughter everyone on the island indiscriminately.

A few minutes later.

There are corpses all over the island.

None of the top nine Lords and other Lords are spared!

The island sank again.

After a while, it will be completely submerged by the sea.

After doing all this, the person still used to take out a white handkerchief and wipe the blood on his hands.

Then left.

When this person leaves for a minute.

The Lords of Tiance Mansion just arrived.

The time card is just right.

After Tianlong waited for the people from Tiance Mansion to arrive, he was shocked by the scene in front of him.

The island was about to be sunk.

Everyone is dead.

“This, this…”

Everyone was so shocked by the scene before them that they could not speak.

Tianlong sighed with regret: “Hey, we are a step late after all!”

The faces of everyone were full of anger and self-blame.

They clearly knew that Levi came in a hurry, and something big must have happened.

Obviously chasing wildly behind.

But hurry up and hurry, but still failed to prevent the tragedy from happening.

They regret it.

Why can’t it be faster?

How good is it to stop Levi earlier?

But something happened.

Can’t tolerate them taking regret medicine!

“This is the eleventh Five Dragon Taoist in the Heaven List!”

“This is the twelfth on the list…”

They counted the identities of the dead one by one.

The more you count, the more fear!

Half of the big summer list is here!

Half of it!

There are also major ancient forces, and even ancient forces in adjacent areas.

This time the strength of the Morendam martial arts world was greatly weakened.

It is much more serious than Grand City Mountain Villa.

After all, the participants this time are basically the Seventh Heaven, or the powerhouses close to the Seventh Heaven.

It was all killed.

This loss is too great!

Morendam martial arts world may be greatly injured!

This is a situation that has never happened before!

“Come on, there is still someone alive here!”

Soon the yellow fox found that someone was alive.

Everyone leaned forward immediately.

Xuan Lang asked coldly: “Is it Levi’s killer?”

“Yes Yes Yes…”

The population was vomiting blood, trembling all over, trying to tell the truth.

He wanted to say it was someone else.

But when the words came to my lips, I didn’t say it for a long time.


In the end, he didn’t change it in one breath, and he died!

“Levi really is you!!!”

Xuan Lang roared.

Before he died, what this man could say has always been-yes yes yes!

Plus the yellow fox, they checked it again.

This is indeed the Cthulhu’s technique!

Only Levi was here just now, besides him, who else?

Even if things are unreasonable, seeing is believing.

Those details will be ignored!

unambiguous evidence!

Real Hammer Garrison King’s Landing!

Earth Tiger said angrily: “Levi is too ruthless, right? Will everyone be slaughtered at every turn?”

“Yes, the devil is the devil! The life of the man is regarded as a must! Killing innocent people!”

Huang Austin also took a breath: “In fact, none of these people did anything wrong, at most they wanted to accept his daughter as an apprentice! Is there anything wrong with this? As for this kind of killer?”

“Levi, you are crazy! You are going to follow the path of the Huoyun evil god, are you going to overthrow the entire Morendam martial arts world?”

Tianlong roared.

“No, I think he will target the entire Morendam!”

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