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Chapter 1799

A big hat has been buckled on Levi’s head.

Now his risk index is too high and too high.

A direct threat to Morendam’s safety!

“If Levi doesn’t get rid of it, he will definitely become the most dangerous disaster for Morendam!”

Xuan Lang stared at several people: “You shouldn’t stop me from the beginning! It’s best to let me kill him!”

“But are you sure you can kill him?”

Others questioned.

If it were before this incident, Xuan Lang was full of confidence.

But today he saw a shocking scene!

Half of the big summer list is not his opponent.

What’s more, so many Seventh Heaven’s Lords were dead.

How does he fight?

Levi is too strong, too strong!

To be crowned with the title of Demon Head means very strong!

The reception meeting planned by the forces of the East Island was perfect to the point of perfection.

Collecting so many treasures, he severely damaged the Morendam martial arts world, and made Levi a super monster.

“This matter is of great importance and may cause great turmoil! Need to be reconfirmed!”

After the reinforcements from Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan arrived, they discussed.


Everyone collected evidence again and sorted out clues.

“Hundred percent of the tricks to kill are from the tricks of Huoyun Cthulhu! Nothing wrong!”

“Levi just came here, and there was a big battle, that’s for sure!”

After the evidence and clues are sorted out, they are confirmed to be correct.

It was Levi who killed all the Lords present and severely damaged the Morendam martial arts world!

“Okay, the news can be reported!”

After this news is reported, everyone knows what it means!

Levi will become the enemy of Morendam!!!

Facing the crusade from the Morendam martial arts world, even the martial arts world in the surrounding area will also crusade Levi one after another.

The problem is too big!

Something happened!

On the way back, Levi also realized this.

Something will happen!

Through everything that Junjun described to him.

Levi had guessed that he was framed!

This is a game!

Because of Jun Jun, he must step in!

And the other party designs everything.

Specifically for Levi’s weakness!

The situation was so urgent that he didn’t have any time to think about other things.

But for Levi, as long as Jun Jun is rescued, nothing else is a matter.

Even if he was framed or wronged, he endured it.

“Wang, do you need to go back now?”

Not only asked.

“It’s too late to go back now, the people from Tiance Mansion have arrived!”

Levi took a deep breath: “If nothing happens, everyone on the island will die!”

Suddenly, remembering something, Levi immediately contacted the Western Heavenly King: “Xiaoxi, quickly check the situation of those people in Grand City Villa!”

He realized an extremely serious problem.

A few minutes later, news came from the Western Heavenly King.

“Wang, the tens of thousands of warriors in Grand City Villa have all died, and no one is spared! It’s just that they deliberately suppressed this matter in Tiance Mansion!”

“Wang, it seems that they have put all the charges of Grand City Mountain Villa on you!”

Levi couldn’t listen to what Xitianwang said later.

It turned out that this game had already been designed.

He didn’t even know the key.

He finally understood why Tiance Mansion had targeted him for no reason and had such a bad attitude towards him.

No matter how bad it is, he is also the king of words side by side!

No wonder Tiance Mansion will try to take you away…

Everyone is afraid of this situation.

A demon’s daughter, with the highest level of talent, staying beside the demon, is this still worth it?

Can’t wash it!

At this time, he had a hundred mouths and couldn’t tell.

If it was only Colin, Colin would almost believe it.

But now it is Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan who are dealing with everything.

In the face of ironclad evidence, they will not believe in themselves…

Levi started to have a headache…

Chapter 1800

“Wang, the opponent is clearly set up! They want to make you a big monster!”

“Every time after you leave, the people from Tiance Mansion will arrive immediately, and the time is just right!”

“This obviously makes Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan want to deal with you, and even cause a battle between you and the Morendam martial arts world! This will greatly weaken the strength of the Morendam martial arts world!”

Several colleagues in the industry began to analyze the current situation.

Levi nodded again and again.

They are all right!


have a question!

Suddenly Levi thought about the problem.

Killing tens of thousands of people and getting rid of all the Seventh Heavenly Powers on the island is not a simple matter.

Although they are all injured!

But in this very short time when Tiance Mansion arrived, it was not an easy task to kill so many Lords and then retreat all over.

You don’t want to leave any traces!

It shows that it was not a large number of Lords who shot the massacre, but a few people, or even one person.

In addition, Tiance Mansion is the strongest ancient martial arts institution in Morendam, and the people in it are not ordinary.

They are not fools.

Don’t you see the clue?

Those people died completely from the second injury.

Can’t they tell?

If you really can’t see it, it can only explain one thing-the person who does it uses the same technique as Levi.

Perfect grafting, leaving no clues.

The same technique as yourself?

Thinking of this, Levi was startled in a cold sweat.

In these two massacres, the best way to blame yourself is to use your own practice!

But my own practice was passed on to me by the cheap Lord!

It can’t be the hand of the cheap Lord!

Who can it be?

Still this exercise?

And it seems that the strength of this person is definitely not low.

In this way, I can’t tell even more.

“Wang, what should I do now? It is estimated that you will soon become the public enemy of the Morendam martial arts world! Countless people will attack you in the future!”

Several men asked.

One of them said: “I think you have to hide first to avoid contact with Tiance Mansion and other people! This will minimize the damage and impact!”

“Yes, once you come into contact with them, you will get more and more unclear if you have conflict!”

Levi rubbed his temples and said coldly, “Let me think about what to do. It’s best to get the person behind the scenes out!”

the other side.

The group of forces on the East Island have evacuated.

“Fortunately for you!”

The crowd bowed at the shooter.

“I also made a mistake this time, but fortunately that person didn’t tell the truth just now!”

It turned out that the Dongdao group had left.

But Ono Ichiro was always around.

He saw a picture of someone not dead.

“Be careful next time! Fortunately, God will help us! He still didn’t say it after all!”


“Fortunately for you! But our plan has just begun!”

“We must continue to add fuel and fire! Let the name of Levi’s demon be true!”

“Let him have to fight against the Morendam martial arts world! Against the Baolong clan of Tiance Mansion!”

The plan of the East Island forces has just begun.

Tianlong reported everything truthfully to Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan.

The senior officials of Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan met for the first time to discuss.

“Can’t let him go on like this anymore!”

“First, let Colin cancel his position as king of the word side by side!”

“Secondly, from now on, pursue Levi with all your strength! No matter what, let’s catch someone first!”

“Third, Levi’s daughter must be brought to Tiance Mansion!”

“Special attention is to never let him leave Morendam! Once we leave, it will be difficult for us to catch it!”

This is the decision of Tiance Mansion.

When these three orders were passed out, Morendam was going to make a sensation…

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