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Chapter 1801

Colin was dumbfounded after receiving the news from Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan.

Especially seeing the iron evidence, each is even more embarrassed.

“Anyway, I believe in one word side by side! Just seeing him practice the demon head’s exercises, it is said that he is evil? Who believes it?”

“Yeah, even though the practice of saying one word side by side king is really extreme. But has he done anything that is not good for Da Xia?”

After experiencing the first few things, Colin had a strange trust in Levi.

Even in the face of ironclad evidence, I didn’t believe it.

“Let us cancel the identity of the king of the word side by side? Impossible!”

“Hurry up and reply to Tiance Mansion, let’s not do it!”

“We can’t order them, and they don’t want to order us!”

Colin was still unwilling to punish Levi.

At this moment, Colin received a satellite call from Levi.

“What?? You said, you want to cancel the identity and all the privileges of one word side by side?”

The person who answered the phone looked incredible.

Levi took the initiative to revoke the identity and privileges of the one-word side by side king!

“It’s too late for nonsense! Implement it! Also listen to me! Listen carefully…”

Later, Levi exhorted a few more words.

“Understood, we will do it right away! Absolutely confidential!”

In the end, Colin passed the plan sent by Tiance Mansion.

Three orders will be issued soon!

But just before the three bans were issued, a piece of news caused a sensation throughout Morendam and the whole world.

Tianji Pavilion suddenly updated the Great Summer Land List!

The list of places, that is, the list of Tianjiao almost does not move.

But only one person’s ranking has changed.

Jun Jun, who was originally ranked 20th at the end, suddenly soared to sixth!

Tianji Pavilion explained this with only eight words—the talent is the first, and there is no one forever!

The meaning is obvious!

Jun Jun’s talent is the best in the past and present!

Others are on the list with real power, but Junjun is on the list with talent!

But this is not compelling!

The most eye-catching thing is the change of the top list!

The eleventh to nineteenth strong players on the top list are all removed from the list!

Immediately there are new strong players to add up.

The news of the death of the Ninth Heavenly Ranking Lord of Wulong Taoist also spread out for the first time!

All dead.

So get off the list!

But the most important thing is the change in the ranking of the twentieth Zhentianwang.

Soared directly from the twentieth to the sixth!

The reason given by Tianji Pavilion-Zhentianwang is one of the nine Lords in the consecutive killing list, as well as eighty-seven Seventh Heavens and 193 nearly seven-fold powerhouses!

Below the eighth heaven, he is invincible!

This ranking is obvious!

Starting from the fifth place, it is the realm of the eighth heavenly powerhouse.

That’s another level.

But at this level, Zhentianwang is invincible.

So he ranked sixth!

But the heaviest news is yet to come!

Tianji Pavilion subsequently announced the true identity of Zhentianwang!

The King of Heaven is the first strong man in the last big summer list-the ultimate evil god, the descendant of the super demon, the fire cloud evil god!

Once one person beat all the strong on the top list, no one is his opponent at all!

It can be said that it was the Evil God Era!

The last time Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan were born, it was also in the Evil God era!

These ancient forces, when it comes to the evil god of Fire Cloud, they all have a broken heart!

At that time, they were all in fear of being dominated by evil gods.

Originally thought Huo Yun Cthulhu had completely disappeared.

As soon as this news came out, the Morendam martial arts world was about to explode.

Even those ancient forces who have not yet come out of the hidden world are going crazy!

The descendant of the ultimate evil god?

This is also terrible!

And looking at this trend, the descendants of the Fire Cloud Cthulhu are likely to top the top of the list again!

That will be the end of Morendam!

Morendam martial arts world doesn’t want a second evil god to appear!

Must get rid of before he grows up!

King Zhentian must die…

Chapter 1802


All Morendam was shocked!

Those ancient forces that are deeply hidden can’t sit still!

Even ordinary people can’t sit still!

If such a demon appears, it will be a disaster for everyone!

In this way, King Zhentian will become the enemy of Great Xia!

Everyone gets punishable!

Soon the story of the King of Zhentian slaughtering thousands of warriors at Grand City Mountain Villa and the killing of Lords of the top ranks on the small island of the East Velador Sea spread!

The news that the King of Heaven was Levi was also made public.

One piece of evidence after another was also posted.

And the fact that evil men follow Levi in a crooked way has also been made public.

Even more realizing the identity of Levi!

Soon, Colin released the news.

Levi’s identity as the king of the word side by side was revoked.

Quan Morendam made a sensation again!

Now everyone did not dare to do anything because of Levi’s identity.

Now Levi has no identity, everyone can kill him!

The news spread out like a tide.

After the announcement of Tianji Pavilion.

Levi also received it immediately!

“Heir of the Huoyun Cthulhu? Could it be said that the cheap Lord was the number one Huoyun Cthulhu in the sky?”

Levi was very shocked.

Perhaps Lord left the prison because he knew that sooner or later he would be exposed?

But the Lord said it was a demon?


So how can a kind old man be a demon?

That’s right.

Many of the exercises that the cheap Lord passed to him were extreme and eager for success.

It can indeed be classified into evil ways.

But how to use the exercises still depends on whether your mind is upright.

For example, he passed the exercises to Xiao Feng and others.

Are these people the devil?


On the contrary, Xiao Feng and the others are also actively contributing to Morendam!

In addition, Levi read countless people.

The old man is not only not the devil, but on the contrary, he is still a good man.

But when the Western Heavenly King passed him the top-secret information of the Huoyun Cthulhu, Levi began to doubt again.

Because in the data, the evil god of fire cloud is a cruel and terrifying evil god!

Killing is as commonplace.

There are only cruel methods you can’t think of, nothing he can’t do.

Look at the dozens of pages of atrocities listed!




It’s no different from a beast!

This is your impression of the Huoyun Cthulhu!

His crimes are endless!

The Huoyun Cthulhu is a great demon that everyone gets and punishes!

Even Levi couldn’t help but get rid of the Huoyun Cthulhu!

Is this a cheap Lord?

Isn’t it?

How does this make Levi believe?

Perhaps there is a hidden secret that he doesn’t know!

Now unless he asks the cheap Lord in person, Levi doesn’t believe it.

But in any case, Levi always felt that the legendary Fire Cloud Evil God and the cheap Lord were different.

But he happened to be the heir of the Huoyun Cthulhu!

There is no doubt about this!

“Wang, from now on, Morendam will have no place for you for the time being!”

“The Morendam Martial Arts Realm and Tiance Mansion will not let you go! But if they come to deal with you, you can’t kill you. The situation is so difficult!”

Levi was lost in thought.

He was thinking about what to do next…

Subsequently, Tiance Mansion once again released the news through Colin.

Directly point out Levi’s daughter Junjun…

Why doesn’t Levi want others to accept his daughter as his apprentice?

Now the reason is clear!

It was Levi’s fear that others would know that he was the descendant of the Huoyun Cthulhu!

After all, this child is now a descendant of the Heretic God.

The body is more or less breathable.

If others can see it, his identity will definitely be exposed.

That’s why this child is hidden.

For the present.

On the one hand, Tiance Mansion pursued Levi, and on the other hand, he brought Junjun to Tiance Mansion to purify her inheritance of the evil spirits and cultivate her into a decent figure.

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