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Chapter 1803

Now every message comes out.

It’s all against Levi!

Will intensify the contradiction step by step!

This is the result the East Island forces want!

It was to push Levi into a desperate situation.

Let him fight back.

Great collision with Tiance Mansion and Morendam Martial Arts World.

No matter who wins, they are all reaping the benefits.

What everyone did not expect was that it was even out of the East Island forces and Tiance Mansion.

Followers of those evil gods.

They are also the evil demon outsiders in the eyes of the decent, they actually appeared one by one at this moment.

Once in the era of Cthulhu.

They follow Huoyun Cthulhu, so decent that they can’t lift their heads, what a beauty.

But since Cthulhu ended.

They were purged by decent and the Baolong clan of Tiance Mansion.

The major forces that survived were also forced to the corners of Morendam, hidden, and lived an extremely dark life.

If it weren’t for the news from the evil gods, I’m afraid they would be born, old, sick, and die in the dark for the rest of their lives.

How dare to come out for half a minute!

But now it’s different…

“Heir to the Heretic God? Doesn’t it mean that we will have a leader in the future?”

“We have been waiting for this day for a long time. We can’t wait for the evil god, and we can also wait for the descendants of the evil god!”

“I hope that the descendants of the Heretic God can lead us to reshape the glory of the Huoyun Heretic God!”

The followers of the Heretic God who have the backbone of the Lord’s heart are now present.

They want to follow Levi!!!

No one thought of this!

These ancient Cthulhu forces actually appeared one by one!

Their strength is stronger than those evil ways that follow Levi.

Back then, under the leadership of the Huoyun Evil God, they could compete with the entire Morendam martial arts.

Hidden so deep now is to avoid Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan.

“Hurry up and release the news! If anyone dares to move the Heretic God, whoever is going to do it right with us!”

“All of us will follow the descendants of the Heretic God!”

As soon as the news came out, Morendam boiled again.

Even Levi was dumbfounded.

What’s this?

A group of evil spirits outsiders are coming to follow themselves?

Do you think you have not enough trouble?

It was a lot of trouble.

Now they are glued up one by one.

The big moves of the followers of Cthulhu have further confirmed Levi’s identity as the devil.

I really can’t clean it anymore now.

However, the appearance of the followers of Cthulhu makes the East Island forces who plan everything more excited.

What I really want to come.

Before, I was thinking that Levi was fighting alone, and facing the entire Great Xia, he might be alone.

Unexpectedly, these evil Lords all appeared.

This greatly enhanced Levi’s strength!

This way, it is more advantageous to fight against the Morendam martial arts world.

Everything develops according to their plan.

The confrontation between the two powers is bound to hurt both sides.

Morendam martial arts world only needs to suffer a lot of vitality.

The Higashishima Budo World will be the time to rise.

“In a few days, we will start the second plan! The future of the Morendam martial arts world will be completely destroyed in one breath!”

The appearance of the followers of Cthulhu has caused chaos on all sides.

Tiance Mansion and Morendam Martial Arts Realm take this to play.

Especially they began to have reasons to blame Colin.

“Do you see the impact? Do you still dare to say that there is no impact?”

Colin was speechless.

The followers of Cthulhu are not Levi.

They could not decide what to do.

It happened that they appeared because of Levi.

These disasters can be attributed to Levi!

“Levi’s threat is now reaching the Huoyun evil god back then!”

“Huoyun Cthulhu was at level 8 in danger back then! Levi is now at level 7!”

This level is the level of Tiance Mansion.

It was enough for the fundamentalists of Tiance Mansion and Baolong Clan to take action.

“Send an order, no matter what, you must capture Levi before Levi and the Cthulhu follow army converge!”

For a time, the Lords of the Morendam martial arts world are all out…

Chapter 1804

Although it is said that these martial arts forces are their own kings, they are used to freedom and never want to be restrained.

But that’s because the restraints are not in place!

Under the strong intervention of Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan, many ancient martial arts forces had to listen to them.

It’s just that there is less control and less intervention.

However, once something happened, Tiance Mansion and the others ordered them, and these martial arts forces had to act obediently.

The voice of crusade against Levi resounded all over Morendam.

In addition.

The ancient forces of several countries adjacent to Morendam also began to fight against Levi.

After all, in the Battle of Kojima, their power also lost a lot.

Everything is to blame on Levi’s head.

There were big movements everywhere.

Immediately, the East Island forces began to refuel.

They set off disputes all over Morendam.

They pretended to follow Levi’s evil ways, and started a battle with the martial arts forces.

There are battles everywhere.

Both sides suffered heavy casualties.

In the beginning, their people pretended to sow discord.

In the end, the true followers of the evil god also began to fight with the Morendam martial arts world.

There are “good and evil” contests everywhere.

The East Island forces who had done all this quietly exited, and no one noticed their existence at all.

This matter gets worse and worse!

One by one super ancient forces slowly surfaced.

One by one the demon powers that were not ashamed of the Morendam martial arts world also came out.

The two sides fought hard…

Morendam martial arts world is in chaos.

Completely messed up!

A catastrophe is coming!

The East Island forces sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight!

At this moment, the public already knows–

The former one-by-one Wang Levi has become a demon!

The existence of everyone crusade!

The Logan and Mann family also knew about this.

“I understand! Why Levi, an ordinary person, can become the god of war in a country, and even the king of one word! It turns out that he is the descendant of the demon! The exercises he practiced are all eager for success, and in a short time The most extreme way to reach the best level!”

“Yes, that’s right! Why does he grow so fast? Isn’t that the reason? He chose the evil way!”

After the analysis, everyone was dumbfounded.

In the eyes of ordinary people.

Levi’s growth is cheating.

Don’t go the right way!

From the point of view of the warrior, he is the descendant of the Heretic God, the great demon of the future!

“Now, it’s not just his problem! All the people involved with us will suffer unwarranted disaster!”

“Heavenly slain Levi, now we have to become the enemy of Morendam!”

Everyone was in a hurry to cry.

Especially Sarah, his body was shaking with fright.

In just one day, there will be such a big change.

She always felt that Levi had a secret.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be this!

The descendant of Cthulhu!

Guai had to be willing to give Junjun to others as apprentices, because he was afraid that his secret would leak out.

Even Sarah understood why Levi has been so low-key?

Never reveal your identity or exercises in front of your family.

It was not clear before.

Everything is clear now!

I was afraid that my identity as a descendant of the evil god would be exposed…

It’s not that they are thinking.

It is everything exposed now that makes them think so.

They became more and more sure that Jun Jun hadn’t lost it, it was Levi who hid it.

I was afraid that Tiance Mansion would discover something.

The situation is dangerous now.

Not only Levi became the target of public criticism.

All of them are ruined!

Jun Jun’s future is basically ruined!

“Levi, I hate you to death!!!”

Sarah roared.

“What we are most worried about right now is Jun Jun, he and Levi are too dangerous!”

At this moment, Levi and his party have returned to Jiangbei.

“Wang, what shall we do next?”

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  1. Author, pls eliminate the existence of the overwhelmingly idiotic sarah. Of all people! She ez the exemplar of dim wittedness.

  2. Author, pls eliminate the existence of the overwhelmingly idiotic sarah. Of all people! She ez the exemplar of dim wittedness.


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