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Chapter 1805

“I definitely can’t show up now, the only thing I worry about is the safety of my family!”

“In this way, you send Junjun to my mother first! Others, listen to my news!”

Levi still separated from Junjun first.

After all, Junjun is in great danger following himself.

This is something he doesn’t want to see.

In the base of Shenlong Science and Technology Alliance.

Wood Zhengjie laughed wildly after hearing all the news.

“God helped me too!!!”

“Levi, you didn’t expect that there will be this day, right? The enemy of Morendam! Hahaha, God has eyes!”

Wood Zhengjie was extremely excited.

He clenched his fist tightly, and his eyes flew out.

The grudge between him and Levi was deep.

He would love to see Levi like this.

In addition, Levi was in this situation, and no one cared about him anymore.

A Wen Lei has no threat at all!

“I have obtained the qualification for use in Lab One! I am about to carry out my great plan in Lab One! No one can stop me!”

Wood Zhengjie’s face was crazy.

These days, he is thinking of finding an opportunity to start planning.

Although Levi no longer pays attention to him.

But Wenlei is always a hidden danger in the science and technology base.

It happened that Levi had something to do, and his opportunity came.

Now he doesn’t care about Wen Lei.

Even if Wen Lei sees his conspiracy, what about?

Without Levi, she couldn’t stop it at all.

The people in the entire base believed in themselves, Wen Lei used the lead to stop it?

Soon, Wood Zhengjie set a specific time.

Even arrange everything related to the experiment.

Immediately, the whole base was boiling.

Laboratory No. 1 is the largest laboratory. Every time it is opened, it will surely host a super large experimental project.

The main reason is that the instruments in Laboratory No. 1 and others are burning money once they are activated.

It is difficult for general experiments to afford such large expenses.

The frequency of use in Lab One is very low.

It may not be used once a year.

This time Wood Zhengjie was granted permission to use Laboratory One, which caused a sensation in the entire base.

The experiment is scheduled for tomorrow.

After Wen Lei got the news for the first time, her face changed drastically.

Her right eyelid jumped wildly.

Something will happen!

Her first instinct!

She has been observing Wood Zhengjie.

Although he has made a lot of outstanding contributions in previous experiments.

But his subsequent experiments have not yet reached the point of using Lab One.

This is obviously a problem!

His action is about to begin!

But the leaders of the base and everyone trust him!

He even thinks that he can lead the Shenlong Technology Alliance to a higher level!

“No, I have to stop him!”

Wen Lei knew that she was not strong enough by herself.

She immediately thought of Levi.

She quickly dialed Levi’s contact information.

It’s just that no one answered at all.

Only then did she browse the news on the computer that Levi became the descendant of the Heretic God.

During this time, she has been in the laboratory.

I don’t know anything about what’s happening outside.

Now that she saw the news, she was also amazed.

“It’s over, it’s over!”

Levi couldn’t count on it.

He cannot protect himself.

Now, no one can stop Wood Zhengjie.

“do my best!”

Wen Lei plucked up the courage and told her direct leader-Team Leader Xie Zhengfeng.

As a result, Xie Zhengfeng yelled at him.

“When is it, still doubting his comrades? Wood Zhengjie has changed his mind and he cannot do anything that threatens Morendam!”

“I don’t want to hear similar words again in the future!”

Xie Zhengfeng was very angry.

“But he…”

What else does Wen Lei want to say.

Xie Zhengfeng cursed: “You go quickly! Well, once Wood Zhengjie does anything, I will bear the consequences!”

Wen Lei was turned away.

She looked depressed.

“It’s going to happen!”

Chapter 1806

“What’s the matter?”

A voice sounded.

Wen Lei turned around to take a look, not knowing when Wood Zhengjie was already standing next to her.


For some reason, Wood Zhengjie smiled like a demon at this moment.

Wen Lei felt terrified.

Wood Zhengjie kept staring at her: “By the way, Miss Wen, my great experiment will start tomorrow. Would you like to witness?”

“No, I still have things to do!”

Wen Lei quickly refused.

She felt that Wood Zhengjie was going to have something big.

“That’s a shame!”

Wood Zhengjie smiled.

Seeing Wen Lei hurriedly leaving from the back, Wood Zhengjie revealed a bloodthirsty murderous intent: “I will be the first to have you at the operation tomorrow!”

On this day, the entire Shenlong Science and Technology Base is preparing for Wood Zhengjie’s experiment.

I have to say that Laboratory One is the strongest laboratory.

Even Wood Zhengjie has calculated that if the experiment fails and a super explosion occurs, other laboratories are afraid that they will fall apart.

But Lab One can be completely blocked!

This is Wood Zhengjie’s ideal laboratory.

His previous laboratory didn’t have this intensity, which is what he dreamed of.

The other side.

Jun Jun was sent to Jiang Hai Porter’s house.

The Porter family naturally also knew about this.

Jun Jun was sent here suddenly, and everyone was frightened.

“Junjun, where did your father go?”

Ollie asked.

The sensible Junjun shook his head: “Grandma, Junjun doesn’t know where Dad is.”

“What should I do next?”

Ollie knew that many people would come to her next door.

It is difficult for the Porter family to protect Junjun.

What’s more, now everyone wants to catch Levi.

Levi couldn’t catch it, or couldn’t find it.

Naturally, they would come to Levi’s family.

Such as Junjun and myself.

If you catch them, threaten Levi to show up.

Levi was the demon in their mouth again, and he had to show up when facing his mother and daughter.

“Then Junjun and I have to hide quickly?”

After Ollie thought about the stakes, she wanted to hide her right away.

“Auntie is late! I just received the news that Junjun’s appearance at Porter’s house is already known to everyone! Now a large number of Lords are coming to Porter’s house!”

Regina exclaimed.

“How can that be good?”

Ollie was anxious like an ant on a hot pot.

“Da da da…”

At this moment, black figures appeared in Porter’s manor.

They came directly to Junjun and Ollie.

Regina, the most powerful of the Porter family, stopped in front, but couldn’t even stop the opponent with a finger.

“Take people away!”

These mysterious Lords took Ollie, Regina and Jun Jun away.

It disappeared instantly without a trace.

Just the moment they left.

One after another, the Lords came.

“where is the guy?”

“What? The person has been taken away?”

“Who is it! Go, catch up!”

Batch after batch of Lords chased up.

Soon, news spread that the three of Junjun were taken away.

It even reached the ears of Tiance Mansion.

“What? People have been arrested? Could it be that some overseas forces have arrested people during the chaos?”

“Absolutely! This is a good opportunity for them! The talent of this kid is the best to take away. If it is killed, it will be Morendam’s loss!”

“Look, quickly send someone out to find, and you must find the child back! This order is no less than catching Levi!”

The news that Junjun was taken away quickly reached the ears of Logan and Mann’s family.

Sarah is going to explode.

“Garrison…what are you going to do with Levi?”

“You must send your child to mom. It’s fine now. I’ve been arrested. I won’t forgive you for the rest of my life!”

Plum dye is crying.

In times of crisis, bad luck happens one after another.

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  1. Cry your heart out plum dye. Can’t stand your dim wittedness. It would be nice if in the end Levi takes a new wife and leave you regretting.

  2. Cry your heart out plum dye. Can’t stand your dim wittedness. It would be nice if in the end Levi takes a new wife and leave you regretting.


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