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Chapter 1807

Levi becomes a public enemy first!

Wood Zhengjie’s terrible experiment is about to be completed!

The daughter and mother were even arrested!

When people are going downhill, all the troubles will follow.

The situation is worse than expected.

Soon, a group of black-clothed and masked Lords appeared outside Sarah’s residence.

However, there has long been a Lord of Tiance Mansion guarding it.

“who are you?”

Both sides encountered.

The Lords in black ran away immediately.

The Tiance Mansion that received the news is more and more sure that there are overseas forces taking advantage of the chaos and wanting to attack Levi’s family.

Levi is now the enemy of Morendam.

If overseas forces seize Levi’s weakness, they can use it to coerce Levi into overseas.

This is terrible for Morendam.

Levi is already sixth in the summer list.

What’s more, he is a descendant of the Heretic God, this threat is too great.

Once joining overseas, that is the real disaster for Morendam.

What’s more, a large group of Cthulhu followers are gathering towards him.

If this force overlaps, it would be terrible!

“First, immediately find Levi’s daughter and mother!”

“Second, you must protect Levi’s other family members! No one can approach it!”

Tiance Mansion immediately ordered.

Sarah and others were well protected, let alone captured, it was impossible to get close.

But they never expected that this was Levi’s strategy at all.

Because the person who took the three of Junjun was not someone else but Levi’s dispatch.

This was exactly what Levi had planned at the beginning.

Now Levi is targeted by Morendam and even several neighboring countries.

For a long time to come, Levi will be in the stage of fleeing.

Daughters, mothers and wives, he can’t bring them with him.

But their daughter was not around, and Levi was worried again.

After all, his absence, the safety of relatives cannot be guaranteed.

The other party will even use these relatives to force him to show up and force him to submit.

Levi didn’t want to be passive.

So he came up with a perfect solution.

He deliberately sent Jun Jun back to Porter’s house, and also let out the news, which caused concern.

I asked the secret team to arrest Mother and Jun Jun again, and he still arrested them in a fair manner.

This is seamless.

First, all Morendam knew that Junjun and his mother were arrested, but there was still no trace.

Secondly, Tiance Mansion and the others would suspect that it was the hands of overseas forces, and then they would protect the remaining Sarah and others.

In this way, the few people Levi cared about were all safe.

Levi solved the safety of his relatives with a small strategy.

Next, he can do his thing wholeheartedly.

Levi came out with this scheme.

The chain reaction caused is also big.

The followers of Cthulhu all recognized Levi as the Lord.

Now the Lord’s mother and the young Lord have been arrested.

One by one was frustrated.

These evil demons began to search for the whereabouts of Jun Jun and Ollie all over Morendam.

Tiance Mansion and Morendam Martial Arts World are also actively looking for…

Also, the East Island forces are also confused.

“The person was taken away? Who is so fast? Even us didn’t react?”

They still want to catch Junjun.

“You said it shouldn’t be the war eagle country, right?”

Someone mentioned.

Who is Levi’s number one enemy?

That is the war eagle country!

A few days ago, Levi’s strength caused the war Eagle Nation to lose all of its people.

The Eagle Nation has been forbearing!

Now that this kind of opportunity appears, it is normal for them to take action.

The leaders of the East Island forces began to be dumbfounded.

“If the forces of the Eagle Nation intervene, it will be troublesome for us! I don’t want to cooperate with them!”

There are many chain reactions of this kind.

It seems that the whole world is going to be chaotic.

But another big event is about to happen…

Chapter 1808

That is Wood Zhengjie’s experiment.

The entire Shenlong Technology Base is looking forward to it.

Wen Lei thought about it all night, but couldn’t stop him.

You can only take one step and look one step at a time.

What if you guessed wrong?

Wood Zhengjie is fine…

Soon, the next day came.

Laboratory No. 1 was opened for the first time this year.

Xie Zhengfeng and other team leaders arranged everything Wood Zhengjie needed.

Especially the staffing, they all worship Wood Zhengjie without a brain.

When Wood Zhengjie entered the No. 1 laboratory, he specifically urged people to look after Wen Lei.

Wen Lei also has permission to enter Lab One, but it is on the outermost layer, and everything inside can be seen through the special glass.

Wen Lei was in a very complicated mood at this time.

Once Wood Zhengjie’s experiment is harmful.

Then, she could only watch, but couldn’t stop it.

Within an hour, Wood Zhengjie and the team members made all the preparations before the experiment.

This experiment is to generate super energy by the collision of super energy particles.

This kind of super-energy particle has not appeared in the world so far!

It was discovered by Wood Zhengjie during the experiment!

Once this energy is controlled, it will be great progress!

So the entire science and technology base is looking forward to it.

This is why everyone value Wood Zhengjie!

But another point is that the experiment will fail!

Once it fails, the power of this energy is too exaggerated.

If it spreads out, it can definitely destroy the entire base.

Only Lab One can stop it!

Although Wood Zhengjie’s experiment has a high success rate, everyone still wears the highest level of protective clothing.

The experiment is carried out.

Super particles keep colliding and experimenting…

Time flies by minute by minute.

Seven or eight hours passed.

The experiment has been carried out thousands of times.

In fact, the previous ten experiments are laying the groundwork, and Wood Zhengjie already has a lot of data.

However, in order to improve the success rate of the experiment, Wood Zhengjie conducted more than 8,000 experiments in the first laboratory.

Now he has a bottom in his heart!

Next, the most critical time for the experiment has arrived.

I don’t know why, Wen Lei’s right eyelid jumped so hard.

Her heart started beating wildly, as if to fly out of her throat.

Something is going to happen!

The experiment is carried out.

Super-energy particles are about to collide.

This collision, if it fails, the power will be unimaginable.

Everyone is very nervous.

Although wearing protective clothing, it may still be unstoppable.

But when everyone was considering whether the protective clothing could block the collision of super-energy particles, Wood Zhengjie did a crazy thing.

He took off his protective clothing!

This scene caused chaos in the laboratory.

Everyone was stunned.

“He… what is he going to do???”

“Wood Wood, are you crazy? What are you doing?”

“Hurry up and put on protective clothing! You are in danger like this!”

Everyone shouted.

This level of particle collision, although a little energy is released, is enough to obliterate people.

So Wood Zhengjie is crazy!

“No, I know what I’m doing!”

No matter what, Wood Zhengjie walked towards the particle collider step by step.

His face was full of madness and inexplicable smile.

Although it has not officially collided, a powerful energy field has been formed.

Wood Zhengjie quickly walked into the energy field.

In an instant, the hair on his body was erected, and his hair was erected, like steel needles.

Everyone was terrified.

It is likely to be unable to withstand the energy of the energy field and be exploded into blood mist.

But Wood Zhengjie didn’t care at all!

He is like a lunatic!!!

“Did you see it? This is a genius! Crazy genius! Do the others dare?”


Xie Zhengfeng, who saw this scene through the special glass, began to applaud.

Others also applauded.

Looking at Wood Zhengjie admiringly.

Only Wen Lei’s eyelids jumped wildly…

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