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Chapter 1809

The number of super-energy particles discovered by Wood Zhengjie is limited, only eight particles.

In the previous experiment, the super-energy particles used were all imitation particles, not real ones.

The current experiment will use real super-energy particles.

“The collision begins!”

The order was issued, and various instruments in the laboratory were activated one after another.





There was a loud bang, and everyone’s ears rang out, like the end of the world.

Can’t hear anything.



Suddenly good news came out in the laboratory.

When the particles collide successfully, they can control this energy.

“carry on!”

Wood Zhengjie gave the second instruction.

Two more particles began to collide.

The experimenters ignored the surprise and continued to start the instrument!

“The collision begins!”


At the beginning of the countdown, Wood Zhengjie did something no one expected.


He turned on the particle collider.

The consequences of turning on the particle collider will be devastating.

The environment of the particle collider is that when energy is generated, it can be wrapped in it.

But now it is turned on, then the energy generated after the collision will radiate…

It is equivalent to the experiment failed…

“Do not!!!”

There was a crazy look on everyone’s face!

Everyone’s eyes are about to fly out!

But it’s too late to stop!

The most important thing is Wood Zhengjie’s death?

He is right next to the instrument.

He will be the first to tear the energy generated after the collision.

Is he looking for death?


At this moment, Wen Lei and their hearts were in a sudden stop!

But what they didn’t know was that Wood Zhengjie actually had countless chips embedded in his body…



The particles collided!


This sound was much louder than before.

As if two planets collided.



Wen Lei was located on the outer layer of the laboratory. Xie Zhengfeng vomited blood in their mouths, bleeding in their ears and bleeding in their noses.



The special glass in front of them can hold the bombardment of all kinds of weapons.

But at this moment, all burst into pieces.

Can’t bear the energy generated by this collision at all!




The experimenters in the laboratory, the highest-level protective clothing on them, were also torn apart at this moment.

All the experimenters were covered in blood, and there were countless casualties.

Can’t stop it!

This power can’t be blocked at all!

The force of the collision was too great, almost destroying all the instruments in Laboratory One.

Fortunately, the strongest in Lab One still blocked this collision force and did not collapse.

Otherwise, this technology base will be razed to the ground.

Although Wen Lei was bleeding at this moment, her gaze had been fixed on Wood Zhengjie’s body.

Wood Zhengjie is at the center of the collision, and he will be bombarded with the strongest energy.

In Wen Lei’s eyes.

At the moment of the collision, Wood Zhengjie’s clothes disappeared instantly, and his whole body became liquid.

It is so transparent that even the blood vessels and bones can be seen clearly.

Immediately, his flesh and blood disappeared instantly, and even his skeleton burst into pieces.

But before she could react, Wood Zhengjie appeared again in liquid form.

Then, he turned into a transparent red.

I can see that there is energy material flowing fast in his body…

That’s right!

Wood Zhengjie uses the energy generated by the collision of particles to completely transform his physique.

Do not!

Wood Zhengjie’s previous body is gone, and now his body is entirely composed of energy-matter.

It’s just that he retains consciousness.

It turned out that Wood Zhengjie’s real experiment was to transform his body.

Just keep consciousness, the physique is reorganized by energy!

So he is now a pure energy body!

Have super terrifying energy in the body!

The real demon is born!

Chapter 1810

Although Wen Lei had expected Wood Zhengjie to make big moves, she would never have thought of it.

Wood Zhengjie would be crazy enough to experiment with himself as a guinea pig!

Who dares to ask?

Especially the thrilling scene just now, everyone has witnessed it.

The energy after the collision directly destroyed Wood Zhengjie’s body, and there was not even a scum left!

This madness is the only one in the world, right?

Reshape the body with super energy, this is hard to think of!

And the success rate is extremely low!

Failure to succeed is death!

This crazy experiment has existed in Wood Zhengjie’s mind for a long time!

Before, he invented weapons like killing gods.

It controls a lot of powerful energy!

But these ultimately have to rely on foreign objects and others.

He was never strong by himself!

No matter how powerful his weapons and energy are, he is always an ordinary person!

So he wants to change!

He wants to use himself as an experiment and transform himself into a strong one.

He has thought about genetic modification, or drug modification.

Even like Jefferson, he transformed himself into a semi-robotic state.

But these can’t satisfy Wood Zhengjie.

He not only wants to be the strongest, he wants to be the strongest!

So such a crazy experiment was born in his mind.

The first step: the particles collide with energy.

Step 2: Keep your consciousness.

The third step: destroy the body.

Step 4: Energy reshapes the body.

Wood Zhengjie prepared too much for this experiment.

Many of the most advanced technologies in the world today are used!

No matter how complicated the experiment process is, Wood Zhengjie succeeded anyway.

Now he is definitely not a human being, but a pure energy body.

Except for his own consciousness control, all parts of the body are composed of energy!

This is the terrible part of technology!

The most cutting-edge technology can indeed change everything.

Wood Zhengjie is the top group of people!

At this moment, Wood Zhengjie’s body is composed of pure energy!

The whole body is surrounded by electric light, forming a terrible aura.

Most of the energy from the collision of particles was used to form Wood Zhengjie’s body.

It is conceivable that how powerful is Wood Zhengjie’s energy at this moment?

“I made it!!!”

Wood Zhengjie roared wildly.

This voice burst out with unprecedented energy.



All the instruments in Lab One, even indestructible, were all shattered under the bombardment of sound wave energy.

As for the experimenters who survived the sound wave bombardment, they burst into blood mist on the spot.

None of the hundreds of people survived.

It disappeared under everyone’s eyes!

They all admired Wood Zhengjie before, but they all died in Wood Zhengjie’s hands in the end.

Wood Zhengjie looked astonished!

How could this be?

It turned out that Wood Zhengjie couldn’t control energy and body either.

So shouting casually, that’s the power.

However, he set up the chip in advance to control this energy body by controlling consciousness.

After only half a minute, Wood Zhengjie was able to control his body.

I saw a push of his right hand, and terrible energy gushed from his hand.


The energy directly tore the ground apart, pulling out a gully of a hundred meters long, as if it was split into two halves abruptly.

The entire laboratory was shaking vigorously, as if it was about to collapse.

Everyone was stunned!

How terrible is Wood Zhengjie?

Existence like a devil!

This group of scientists all know what a pure energy body means.

Wood Zhengjie can’t be beaten to death!!!

Unless the energy body is exhausted!

But everyone understands that the energy produced by the collision of these two super-energy particles is too majestic and too great, can it be used up?

Absolutely impossible!

In this way, Wood Zhengjie is invincible!

He can’t die!

The energy he possesses can destroy everything!

Even the warriors can’t stop it!

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