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Chapter 1811

Once Wood Zhengjie steps out of the base, he will be lawless!

He will be a disaster for Morendam!

No one can stop him!

He can do whatever he wants!

It is even exaggerated to say that Wood Zhengjie is the end!

Wood Zhengjie roared wildly: “I am invincible in the world! Who can stop me? Hahaha! Levi, you are only worthy to crawl under my feet!”

Wood Zhengjie holds the power of destruction, and his energy is world-destroying!

He really wants to be invincible!


Endless regrets!

Why did you bring the traitor Wood Zhengjie back?

Instead of letting Levi kill him directly?

Levi still dissuaded them in that way, and had warned them that something would happen.

But no one will listen!

No one would listen to Levi’s suggestion of supervising Wood Zhengjie and restraining Wood Zhengjie!

They are all saying that Wood Zhengjie has changed his mind and repented.

In the base, he was given too many and too high rights.

Even if Wen Lei made many suggestions, she was rejected and scolded.

Sure enough, something happened now!

If I had listened to Levi’s advice!

Will this happen?

Will such a proud person repent?

will not!

To let Wood Zhengjie admit his mistake is to deny himself.

How can it be?

Wen Lei slowly looked at Xie Zhengfeng, her team leader was still saying yesterday-something happened, he will take care of everything!

Now that something has happened, you have to bear it!

Can you afford it?

At this moment, Wood Zhengjie has already put on a mech that is as thin as a cicada’s wings.

This is the mecha suit he specially made in advance to control energy.


He stepped away.

Appeared a thousand meters away in an instant, and came to Wen Lei’s several people.

He is now a pure energy body, just release a little energy, let him walk like flying, even take off.

So one step kilometer is normal.

Seeing Wood Zhengjie who appeared suddenly, like a god.

The personnel on the outer floor of the experiment room were so frightened that they fled around and began to scream.


Wood Zhengjie gave a cold voice and blasted his right fist.

The invisible energy leaked out, pulling out a wave of air in the air, instantly piercing the escaped person.


Wood Zhengjie slapped another shot, and wiped the body of a person who had fled 100 meters away…

The release of long-distance energy causes this invisible killing effect from a kilometer away.

Make everyone really think Wood Zhengjie is a devil!

Immediately, Wood Zhengjie began to kill indiscriminately.

Anyone who ran away was obliterated by Wood Zhengjie.

“From now on, if anyone dares to escape from the base, I will kill!”

Wood Zhengjue’s voice.

His voice was transmitted to every corner of the experimental base through energy, which was comparable to broadcasting.

Everyone was scared.

Curled up and shivered.

Soon, the entire Shenlong Technology Base was under the control of Wood Zhengjie alone.

The senior leaders of the Dragon Technology Alliance want to cry!

Regret it!

Such people should have been killed long ago!

They blended hammers!

It’s all right now, everyone has become a prisoner of Wood Zhengjie.

He kills if he wants!

Control the entire base.

Wood Zhengjie returned to Laboratory One.

He appeared directly in front of Wen Lei.

Wen Lei withdrew two steps subconsciously.

Before Wood Zhengjie’s temperament was moody, just like a lunatic.

Now that he has become an energy body, he is probably even more annihilated.

Will kill her casually!

Who is not afraid of death?

“Don’t you always like to stare at me? As a result, what’s the use? These idiots don’t listen to you!”

“Levi is right! There are too few smart people here!”

Wood Zhengjie smiled sarcastically.

In the base, the intelligence quotient is high, but the emotional quotient is not necessarily high.

“From now on, all of you will give in to me!”

Wood Zhengjie shouted.

Wen Lei was the first to stand up: “Although I am afraid of death, it is impossible to give in to you! You killed me, right?”

“Do you really think I dare not kill you?”

Wood Zhengjie slowly raised his right hand.

Chapter 1812

Wen Lei closed her eyes and waited for death to come.

But her body was trembling constantly.

Wood Zhengjie sneered: “Want to die? I won’t give you this chance! Kill you directly, it’s too cheap for you!”

“Didn’t you have contact with Levi? Why didn’t you call him to stop me?”

“Hahaha, I forgot, the current Levi is Morendam’s number one public enemy! He is the demon that everyone can kill! He is hard to protect himself!”

Wen Lei stared at him tightly: “Compared with Levi, you are the demon!”

At this time, she understood a truth!

Good or evil!

Still have to look at this person’s heart!

It has nothing to do with the specific exercises he uses!

Levi and Wood Zhengjie in front of them are examples!

After Wood Zhengjie got the terrible ability, how many people did he kill right away?

Levi is definitely not like that!

At least to check Levi’s resume, they are all contributing to Morendam and willing to sacrifice for the people!

Xie Zhengfeng next to him quickly said, “Wen Lei, what are you doing? How dare you compare Levi with Mr. Wood?”

“Today’s Mr. Wood is wise and brave, and it is Morendam’s future! It is definitely not comparable to a devil!

Yesterday he was still vowing to take responsibility for something that happened.

Now, like a wall of grass, he began to kneel and lick Wood Zhengjie.


Wood Zhengjie smiled suddenly.

Xie Zhengfeng panicked with a smile.

Like a devil.

“Do you know what the person I hate the most is like?”

Wood Zhengjie asked suddenly.

“I… I… I don’t know!”

Xie Zhengfeng’s brain was blank.

“The first type of person I hate is Levi, he is the only one; the second type is people like you!”

As soon as the voice fell, Wood Zhengjie’s big hand suddenly covered Xie Zhengfeng’s Tianling cover.


A gas of energy turned out from his palm and intruded into Xie Zhengfeng’s head.


Xie Zhengfeng screamed.

His whole person is being dissolved…

In the end all disappeared.

Not even a scum is left!

The others who witnessed all this were frightened.


Too ruthless!

“Keep you, I will let you see the way of my overlord!”

“Isn’t Levi a demon? I will also join the ranks of the demon! As long as I kill Levi, I will be Morendam’s superhero at that time! The top ranking is also mine!”

Wood Zhengjie laughed wildly.

“Lord, if you go to fight against Levi, Tiance Mansion and the like will definitely be very popular!”

Several people appeared from the dark, who turned out to be Wood Zhengjie’s old ministry.

Wen Lei was trembling with anger.

The true hero is regarded as the demon, but the true demon is going to conquer the hero on behalf of justice.

The world is unfair!

“What’s the situation now?”

Wood Zhengjie asked.

“Levi’s daughter and mother were taken away, and Sarah is now protected by Tiance Mansion!”

Listening to the report at hand, Wood Zhengjie raised a smile at the corner of his mouth: “Sarah, I find that I don’t feel anymore for you? But don’t worry, you will be my person soon, and all your thoughts belong to me!”

Although Wood Zhengjie is conscious, he can reshape his body.

Basically all the emotions and desires have been worn away.

Wood Zhengjie has a plan for the next road.

“You control the Shenlong Science and Technology Base first, and let it run for my use! Especially the No. 1 Laboratory, deal with it as soon as possible, and I will use it soon!”

With the addition of the old department, Wood Zhengjie truly controlled the Shenlong Science and Technology Base.

The outside world doesn’t know the situation at all, and they don’t know that the most advanced technology base has fallen into the hands of the devil.

“Next, I will leave! Go to Levi and Sarah!”

Wen Lei knew that if the demon departed, there would be a disaster.

But she was locked up.

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