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Chapter 186

Levi just heard about the eldest sister and the eldest brother-in-law.

Mann Junfei, the daughter of Mann Xuelong, the eldest of the Mann family, is currently the deputy governor of the provincial capital Heiqi Bank.

Her husband, Cross Wentao, is even more terrifying. His grandfather used to be the front line of the provincial capital, but now he has retreated.

His father is the deputy director of the Municipal Finance Department, and he serves as a director of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

Concubine Mann Jun and Xiao Qin are the granddaughters that the old lady loves most.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long.

Concubine Mann Jun and Cross Wentao came together, along with Cross Wentao’s grandfather Cross Guolong and his father Cross Fuqian.

Cross Guolong once sat in the position of the deputy mayor of Jinling, with numerous disciples, retreated behind the scenes, and was also a bigwig.

Cross Fuqian was in a high position when he was in his prime.

When these two came, the Mann family’s arrangement reached its peak.

“Happy birthday in-law!”

Cross Guolong and Cross Fuqian congratulated successively.

The old lady even held the hands of Concubine Mann Jun and Wentao Cross, smiling from ear to ear, her eyes narrowed.


Very envious!

Dale and Edith dreamed that their son-in-law was a blockbuster.

Keep your waist straight.

It’s a pity that it was just a dream.

A good son-in-law always belongs to others!

This is my life in my life, I can only meet such a son-in-law!

“Haha, there are too many geniuses in the younger generation of my Mann family! Let alone my grandchildren! Just because of the talent and ability of this grandson-in-law, you can’t find a few in the entire province, right?”

In front of hundreds of people, the old lady said proudly.

Mann and several people agreed: “Isn’t it? The provincial capital, like the big brother-in-law, can count with one hand!”

Cross Wentao straightened his tie and said with a smile: “Grandpa and grandma, you have a good reputation! The sons-in-law of the Mann family are very good! I heard that there is a grandson-in-law of Case and Hang, isn’t he particularly good? Is this son-in-law here?”

With that said, Cross Wentao looked around.

When I heard that Cross Wentao was referring to Levi.

Dale and Edith suddenly felt dull on their faces. They lowered their heads and pulled Levi aside, trying to avoid them.

“Aunt, uncle, what are you hiding? Cox Hang’s son-in-law Levi is here!”

Someone ruthlessly pointed out that Levi was coming to a few people.

The surrounding people retreated one after another, revealing a large area, only Levi four.

In an instant, hundreds of eyes in the field focused on Levi.

Cross Wentao smiled when he saw it, “This is the son-in-law Levi of the city? Brother-in-law, I heard that you were worth billions of dollars before, but now? You are worth more than our entire Mann family, right?”

Concubine Mann Jun also smiled and said, “Yes, according to your brother-in-law’s potential, 10 billion is simply too fast!”


Being watched by hundreds of noble relatives, Dale and Edith kept sweating.

They are too nervous.

What a shame at this moment!

Sarah could see that they were deliberately embarrassing Levi.

When he was about to give Levi a head start, he didn’t expect Levi to say: “Answer the question of eldest sister, eldest brother-in-law, indeed, it was already over!”

For Levi, money is numbers.

How much, he said in one sentence.

The tens of billions of Xiao family is not in the eyes, let alone the small Mann family.


As soon as these words came out, everyone took a breath.

Levi’s big talk is really cruel!

It’s too bragging!

Chapter 187

Cross Wentao and Mann Junfei were not angry.

Instead, he smiled and asked, “Brother-in-law is terrible! Can you give me an exact figure for your worth?”

“Yes, it makes us envious to say it, grandparents must be proud of you too!”

“Levi, don’t talk nonsense!”

Sarah and Dale almost covered Levi’s mouth in a hurry.

But Levi slowly raised a finger: “At least this number!”

“At least ten billion?”

Cross Wentao asked.


Levi shook his head.

“Could it be 100 billion?”

Cross Wentao breathed a sigh of relief when he said this number.

Levi smiled: “The eldest brother-in-law is not right, it is at least one trillion!”



When Levi said this, the audience burst into laughter.

The reason everyone was quiet just now was to wonder how far Levi could blow…

In the end, Levi’s cowhide was blown to the ground!

At least one trillion!

What is this concept?

The scale of a hundred Mann family…

Cross Wentao and his grandfather and father laughed.

I have seen young people bragging, but I have never seen such a braggart.

Not to mention personal ownership, even the Ministry of Finance does not have that much!

Others laughed presumptuously.

The unsmiling people like Mann laughed out loud.

As for Melina and Mann Jianguo, their faces are going black!

This is an insult to them!

Levi’s action is to provoke their majesty!

Melina said angrily: “They are both sons-in-law, why is the gap so big?”

Melina even said directly to Dale and Edith: “Take care of your son-in-law, knowing that you shouldn’t say anything on this occasion!”

Dale and Edith were so scared that they shivered and dared not raise their heads when they lowered their heads.

Edith’s tears flowed out even more desperately.


Never been so wronged!

Even before because of the Logan family, I have never been so wronged.

Edith has been thinking about the matter of returning to her natal family for almost 30 years.

Now there is finally a chance.

But when I faced all my relatives for the first time, I lost such a big person!

Edith wants to stop herself!

Forget it!

Blame Levi!

Everything is Levi’s fault!

Dale clenched his fist tightly.

He swears that when the birthday banquet is over, he will definitely hit Levi a few punches!

What a fucking shame!!!

Sarah was also disappointed with Levi.

He always likes to speak big words so much, it has become a habit.

In Logan’s family, he casually paid 10 billion.

Now in Mann’s family, he has turned one trillion directly.

Does he have no idea about money?

Can this kind of big talk be said?

Sarah regrets it very much.

You should listen to your parents’ opinions at the beginning and not bring Levi here.

Sure enough, as soon as I came here, my parents were lost.

Unfortunately, there is no regret medicine!

“They are both sons-in-law, the gap is too big! One is a golden turtle son-in-law, the other is a trash son-in-law!”

“I heard that Levi had a bad character and was malicious to his sister-in-law. He almost killed his adoptive father and adoptive mother!”

“Their family is very poor, otherwise the old lady will not miss this daughter in 30 years!”

Hearing all kinds of discussions around, Edith’s tears burst out.


This is definitely the most humiliating moment in her life!

Dale is almost the same!

I wanted to show off in the Mann family, but I was ashamed.

“Hurry in! What style is it to stand at the door?”

Chapter 188

“You are ashamed, don’t the old man and the old lady be ashamed? In front of so many people!”

Mann Xuecheng hates the way that iron cannot be made of steel.

Dale and Edith reluctantly entered the villa.

Edith said angrily at Levi: “Don’t follow me!!!”

After finally entering the lobby of the villa, take a seat.

Dale’s family was sitting on the edge, far away from the old lady.

The heavier the weight, the more important the old lady can sit in the front.

“My wife will now be in the gift-giving link. As soon as we give out the gift, the old lady will be happy!”

Dale said.

Edith wiped away her tears and waited silently.

After the guests are full.

The host began to announce the beginning.

Each item of the ceremony is carried out.

“Next is the part of giving gifts!”

After the host has finished speaking.

Everyone started to give gifts.

There were hundreds of relatives and friends who attended the birthday banquet, and the gifts were varied but very valuable.

I heard the congratulations from everyone.

Dale and Edith’s confidence immediately gained.

Because of the gifts sent out, no one can compare to them.

It’s even far worse!

Faced with these gifts, the old lady just nodded, showing little interest.

“Go, let’s hurry to give gifts! The old lady will definitely be very happy!”

Dale and Edith hurriedly took Sarah to the front to give gifts.

“Sister Edith, are you quite prepared?”

In front of Edith are her cousin Mann Xiumei and cousin-in-law Shizhao.

“Haha, cousin and cousin husband, you are also well prepared!”

Dale and Edith smiled.

They had already imagined in their minds the scene of the old lady closing her mouth after hearing the gift.

“Next is the congratulatory gift from niece Mann Xiumei and her niece and son-in-law-an authentic calligraphy and painting of Tang Bohu, worth 700,000! There is also a 500-year-old wild ginseng! Finally, the jade Buddha niece Mann Xiumei specially asked for from Mount Emei. , Bless the old lady in good health!”

The host read the congratulatory gift from Mann Xiumei’s family.

The audience was full of applause.

Everyone is very satisfied with this gift!

Especially the Jade Buddha invited, this gift is too deliberate.

After hearing this, the old lady finally smiled, obviously very fond of these gifts.

“Xiu Mei, Xiao Mann, I like your gifts very much!”

The old lady said in person.

Only Dale, Edith and Sarah were dumbfounded.

Because it is almost the same as their gift!!!

The most important thing is that gifts are generally several times more expensive than Dale and his family.

It just so happens that the two are in front and back positions!

If the old lady knew the same and cheap gift, she didn’t know what kind of face it was.

Dale and Edith couldn’t breathe nervously, and the cold sweat quickly wetted their clothes.

“Next are gifts from daughter Edith and son-in-law Dale! Huh?”

When seeing the gift, even the host himself was stunned.

“Such a coincidence?”

“What’s wrong? Is there a problem with their gift?”

Someone asked.

The host read out after finishing his emotions: “The gift from Edith’s family is a calligraphy and painting worth 300,000; a centuries-old wild ginseng; and the jade Buddha invited from the the city Dawen Temple…”

“Well, it’s also intentional. The gift prepared by Ms. Mann Xiumei’s is exactly the same! It’s just double the value!”

When the host finished the reading, Dale and Edith had only one idea: they wanted to find a place to sew in.

Shame and shame!

Even more embarrassing than just now!

Chapter 189

At this time, Dale and Edith both sighed-why is destiny so unfair to them?

Why do you encounter such a shameful thing?

The exact same gift, but the price is twice as low as others, but also behind them!

Even Sarah felt dull on his face and couldn’t stay here for a moment.

Mann Xiumei and Moran Mann looked at Dale’s family helplessly.

They didn’t expect to prepare similar gifts!

“What is Youxin? A copy of the gift, right?”

“You have to prepare similar gifts at the same price. Who are you fooling around like this?”

“Does this look down on the old lady? Is the old lady bad for the hundreds of thousands?”

“Sincerely making jokes?”

Everyone angered.

The old lady snorted in anger when she saw this gift from Edith’s family.

“If you don’t want to prepare a gift, don’t prepare it! Always do these shameful things!!!”

Mann Jianguo also sighed again and again.

It was obvious that Edith had humiliated them.

Edith really wanted to hit her to death.

She was completely ashamed in her natal family, without any face or dignity.

From now on, only shameful things will be remembered by her parents!

I knew I wouldn’t be here!

Blame Levi!!!

If Levi is strong, can he fall to this point?

If Levi is worth billions, he doesn’t need to prepare gifts, the old lady will be very happy just standing here.

Cross Wentao’s family followed closely behind.

Cross Guolong and Cross Fuqian gave some symbolic gifts at random.

In their capacity, being here is the biggest gift.

The old lady is very happy.

“Grandma, grandson-in-law Cross Wentao presented a pair of South Velador Sea Night Pearls! Worth tens of millions! It was only when I moved to ten foreign cities to auction it!”

Cross Wentao sent a pair of Garrison Mingzhu.

Suddenly the audience boiled over.

Compared with the hundreds of thousands of gifts from Dale’s family before, this is completely a spike, and the contrast is too obvious.

The old lady came to pick up the two night pearls herself, but she couldn’t like it.

She looked at Dale’s family: “Did you see it? This is a gift! I would like Wen Tao’s gift even if it is worth a dime, because it was deliberately prepared!”

Dale and Edith hid in the corner, not even daring to lift their heads.

They only hope that the birthday banquet can end early and leave the provincial capital as soon as possible.

Levi suddenly dyed Sarah: “Where is me, go out first!”

What else did Sarah want to ask, Levi disappeared.

In the hall, gifts continued to be given.

The emergence of increasing value!

Mann Xuelong finally presented a contract for a 3 billion project, which surprised the audience!

Mann and others also gave gifts. Compared with other gifts worth tens of millions, Mann gave a rare special saber.

“Grandma knows you like this thing, I got it specially!”


“I’m interested, I like it!”

Melina used to be a ruthless character on the battlefield, and she also liked this kind of saber very much.

In the end, several grandson-in-laws of the Mann family also gave gifts, making the old lady happy from ear to ear.

At this time, Cross Wentao suddenly smiled and said: “Let me say a few words for the son-in-laws of the Mann family…It seems that all the sons-in-laws have given gifts individually. Aunt Edith’s son-in-law Levi hasn’t sent it yet, right?”

“Yes, Levi didn’t send it!”

Everyone looked at the table of Dale.

Focus on them again.

“By the way, where is Levi? Shouldn’t you run away?”

Chapter 190

“Isn’t it? Just didn’t prepare the gift? As for running?”

“Yes, the old lady still looks down on his gift?”

Everyone sneered.

“Who said I didn’t prepare a gift?”

At this time, a voice came, resounding the audience like thunder.

Following the sound, everyone looked over.

I saw Levi standing at the entrance of the hall.

With a cigarette in his mouth and two black plastic bags in his hands, he looked lazy.

The old lady and the old man showed disgust on their faces when they saw them.

Their style is very hard.

It was very annoying to look like Levi didn’t have a proper shape.

Look at the two black plastic bags in his hand. They are used for vegetables in the vegetable market. What good gifts can be in this kind of bag?

“Hahaha, these two broken bags really laugh at me!”

“Will it contain a bunch of vegetables or steamed buns?”

Seeing the two plastic bags, everyone laughed so much that their stomachs hurt.

On this occasion, use this kind of packaging as a gift.

This is definitely an insult to the old lady!!!

“Levi, what are you doing? Don’t you want to give gifts!”

For fear of something wrong with Levi, Edith and Dale wanted to run out to stop Levi.

It was shameful enough.

Levi was embarrassed again.

They have only a dead end.

“Sit down!”

Suddenly, the old lady became angry.

Edith and Dale could only obey.

Cross Wentao asked, “Grandma, what kind of gift can he hold in a bag like this? You don’t need him to give it, right?”

The old lady was stubborn: “No! Let him come, I want to see what gifts he can give?”

“Yes, let’s see what gift this son-in-law gave?”

Everyone became curious.

“Come here, brother-in-law!”

Cross Wentao smiled.

He would love to see Levi make a fool of himself.

After all, this is the son-in-law of the Mann family who was comparable to him back then!

In this way, Levi came to the front step by step, smoking a cigarette.

Seeing the heavy plastic bag, everyone was wondering what it was inside.

As Levi got closer and closer.

Rafael and others sitting at the front table suddenly recognized Levi, and they were frightened.

Rafael stood up subconsciously, and when he was about to come out to say hello, he stopped abruptly when he saw Levi’s eyes.

Everyone looked at Rafael curiously.

Mann next to him looked puzzled: “What’s the matter with you, Team Stone?”

Rafael sat down silently: “It’s okay, my leg cramps!”

Finally, Levi came to the old lady and old man.

“Dare to smoke at grandpa and grandma, you are looking for death!”

Cross Wentao was very upset that Levi smoked.

However, Mann Jianguo and Melina discovered an anomaly.

The cigarette in Levi’s mouth seemed to be a special cigarette for the military area.

In particular, this choking smell of smoke is only present in the special cigarettes provided by the military region!

Mann Jianguo and Melina are quite sure.

At this moment, Levi had a sense of mystery.

“Then I opened it?”

Levi asked.

“Open it!”

For some reason, Mann Jianguo and Melina began to look forward to it.

It seems that there are good things in this broken plastic bag.

Levi took out two boxes of cigarettes and two bottles of wine from the plastic bag and placed them in front of Mann Jianguo and Melina.

“Grandson-in-law Levi sent two boxes of tobacco and alcohol each!”

Levi said.

The outer packaging of cigarettes and wine is very simple, military-green appearance, and the workmanship is also very rough.

Upon seeing this, Cross Wentao laughed and said, “Levi, are you crazy? Can such inferior cigarettes and inferior wine be a gift?”

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