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Chapter 1813

She is usually addicted to research and has few friends.

Except for Levi, she really couldn’t think of anyone else.

What made her even more frightened was that Wood Zhengjie’s superpowers did not stop at killing people.

He can also manipulate people’s minds.

When he just left, Wood Zhengjie controlled a principal of the Shenlong Science and Technology Base.

This will be a terrible thing.

At this moment, Levi is avoiding the pursuit of various forces while investigating the black hand behind the scenes.

Levi knew the people behind him, and he certainly wouldn’t let it go.

Take the opportunity to discredit him and intensify the conflict between him and Da Xia.

The method of discrediting is very simple. On the one hand, pretending to be the power of the evil god, and starting a dispute with the Morendam martial arts world.

On the one hand, directly pretending to be Levi and slaughtered.

In this way, the other party will more or less leave clues.

Levi followed this path to find, there must be something to gain.

Levi first came to the outskirts of Yangcheng in the south.

According to the news, a battle has just been fought here.

A lot of people came here, and Levi was among them.

Levi had already changed his appearance at this time.

In the ancient books left to him by Lord Lloyd, there is a part of Da Xia’s oldest disfigurement technique.

Levi had already practiced.

Now if he doesn’t say it, no one can recognize it.

“Da da da…”

A rush of footsteps sounded, and several young men and women appeared.

Each is the strength of six or seven heavens.

It looks like he is in his twenties.

The geniuses of Morendam martial arts world.

Not only that, but Levi secretly sensed a stronger energy fluctuation.

Someone is still protecting them in secret.

Levi didn’t need to think about it, these young girls definitely came from super ancient martial arts forces.

I’m afraid I’m here to deal with myself.

This time, I am afraid that all these super ancient forces have been blown out.

Soon everyone came to the battlefield.

There was a mess here, blood dripping, and bones piled up.

“We are still a step late!”

Said the young people.

One of the men in black smiled disdainfully: “What’s the point of killing a few evil ways? If you want to kill, just kill Levi!”

He is the genius Monsoon dust ranked sixteenth on the Morendam Di Ranking!

“Killing Levi? How could it be possible? He is the sixth strongest in the top ranking! We killed him, it was too wishful thinking!”

A beautiful female voice sounded.

A young girl in a yellow dress, with an arrogant face.

She is Ning West who ranked 13th on the Morendam Di Ranking.


“Unless the top five strongest!”

Another female voice sounded.

This woman, wearing a white dress, looks like a fairy who does not eat fireworks in the world.

Tianjiao Fu Jia, seventh in the ranking!

Only eighteen years old, it is much stronger than the average Seventh Heaven.

This is Morendam’s Tianjiao, the future of the martial arts world!

Hearing that, everyone looked at a young man in front of him.

He was wearing a cyan gown with his hands on his back, with a calm air.

Everyone looked at him with awe and envy.

Lin Tianlong, the fifth Tianjiao on the Daxiadi Ranking!

In fact, the top few Tianjiao in the local rankings are comparable in strength to the rankings.

The Lin Tianlong in front of him was very close to the Eight Heavens.

“Brother Tianlong, he is only nineteen years old this year! Give him another ten years, and there is absolutely no problem with overtaking Levi!”

“Yeah, when Levi was on his nineteenth, he was definitely inferior to Brother Tianlong!”

“I think Brother Tianlong is the best in the top rankings now!”

Everyone tweeted.

At this time, Lin Tianlong suddenly said: “I can’t compare the strong in the sky list at the moment!”

Immediately, he changed his words: “But the first three perverts are not necessarily anymore!”


Hearing this, everyone gasped.

Since the Tianji Pavilion announced the world list, it claims to be the strongest in the history of the world list.

Especially Junjun joined.

Especially Tianjiao, the top three in the local rankings, is perverted to the point of heinous.

Chapter 1814

The appraisal given by Tianji Pavilion-this time the ranking is the best in ancient and modern times.

Especially the first three talents are rare!

In addition to Junjun, the degree of perversion of these four people has not been recorded in the Tianji Pavilion.

To what extent Morendam’s Tianjiao group could reach in the future, even Tianji Pavilion couldn’t predict.

In short, the Morendam martial arts world is prosperous.

With a high probability of overwhelming hundreds of countries!

Those present heard that Lin Tianlong, who was fifth in the rankings, and Fu Jia, who was seventh, gathered around.

After all, Tianjiao is not easy to meet!

Especially the ranking is so high!

Fu Jia, nicknamed Fu Xianzi, was shocked in both strength and appearance.

Lin Tianlong is even more unparalleled!

When these people appear, they must be the focus of the audience.

Levi didn’t have time to play with these kids, he was here to find clues.

When all the warriors on the scene showed their courtesy to Lin Tianlong, Levi alone was observing the battlefield, which seemed extremely abrupt.

This made Fu Jianing still focus on him.

“Sister Fu is so strange! Only this person doesn’t seem to know us! He didn’t even look at us at all!”

Tianjiao who has attracted much attention since childhood.

If you are very courteous to them, they will ignore you.

On the contrary, if you ignore them, you will attract their attention and make them feel unbalanced.

“It is indeed! If most people want to know that Tianjiao is here, at least take a few more glances! He is not normal!”

“But judging by his average strength! He must be an unknown person, I have never heard of us at all!”

Several people regarded Levi as an unknown person, and they were not at ease at all.


In a small town not far from this place.

A group of people are plotting plans.

“Just got the news that the four Tianjiao from the top rankings have appeared here! This is a good opportunity!”

“Then what to do?”

“It just so happens that a group of Cthulhu followers are about to come here! We will lead the Cthulhu followers over! Use their hands to get rid of the Heavenly Pride!”

“Hahaha, what a good strategy! If Dibang Tianjiao is killed! Then the Morendam martial arts world will be even more chaotic! This is hope for the future!”

Lin Tianlong, Fu Jia, they wouldn’t know how.

It was calculated.

A few dozen miles away, a group of ancient evil forces appeared.

The Lord is like a cloud, and the number is large.

After being deliberately guided, a group of people rushed past without stopping.

After Levi explored, there was no gain.

He sighed and shook his head.

But the next moment, a gleam of light flashed in his eyes.

someone is coming!

A powerful and evil aura surged.

Cthulhu’s army of followers is here!

These are seventeen ancient evil forces hidden in the deep forests of the Shifang Mountains of Miao.

He used to be a loyal follower of the evil god Huoyun.

Since Huoyun Cthulhu disappeared, they were hidden in the Shifang Mountain for the first time.

“Lord Lin, Fairy Fu, I will follow you to hunt Levi!”

The warriors on the scene wanted to follow Lin Tianlong one after another.

Monsoon West and Ning are still about to agree.

Lin Tianlong and Fu Jia’s face changed.

“No, someone is coming!”


Fu Jia asked.

“I’m afraid it’s too late! Ready to fight!”

Lin Tianlong’s body shook, exuding a breath of stormy waves!

Da da da…

Soon, there were waves of footsteps.

Cthulhu followed the army and came from all directions.

In an instant, Lin Tianlong and the others were surrounded.

Everyone was nervous and looked around warily.

“Unexpectedly, there is really a group of big fish here!”

The followers of Cthulhu showed their hideous fangs.

Looking at Lin Tianlong and them, it was like looking at prey.

“Be careful, the opponent is very strong, super strong!”

Lin Tianlong looked alert.

He has already sensed the strength of the opponent, and there are probably dozens of powerhouses close to the eighth heaven.

They are definitely not comparable to them.

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