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Chapter 1815

Fu Jia’s look also changed a lot.

Cthulhu followed the army in large numbers and Lords like a cloud.

You can tell from the breath!

In this group of evil gods, there are also three strong men with the strength of the sky list.

Most of these crooked ways are not listed in the list by Tianji Pavilion.

There are still many who have the strength of the top ranking!

Even though these three are just at the end of the ranking list, that is not Lin Tianlong, Fu Jia and the others can match.

Especially the number of Cthulhu Army is dozens of times more than them.

This is a mortal game for them!

“A group of evil demons dare to come out and go wild?”

Monsoon West shouted.

Each of them has disdain and disgust on their faces.

In their concept, the evil spirits must die!

Not worthy of being alive at all!

Like the maggots in the sewers!

“Yes, a bunch of demons hurry back, or you will all die!”

Lin Tianlong also warned.

One of the Cthulhu army sneered and said: “You keep saying that we are evil spirits! Have you seen us kill people with your own eyes? Have you seen us doing things that hurt God with your own eyes?”

“Yeah, you guys pride themselves on being upright, but do you kill few people? Do you do fewer bad things?”

“Hmph, what else do a group of evil spirits argue about? You have been evil spirits since birth! You are cruel and unfeeling, and you are addicted to murder!”

“You are no different from maggots! You are more disgusting than flies in the pit!”

“Especially Levi, the descendant of the Heretic God, is even more of a scum! If we catch him, we can’t wait for a thousand cuts!”

What Levi didn’t expect was that the battle between these two waves would abruptly involve him.

Ning still stared at the evil god army, and said coldly: “I also said that we haven’t seen you evil spirits kill people outside? Levi, isn’t it? Grand City Mountain Villa’s tens of thousands of warriors have all been slaughtered! There are so many Lords on the island of East Velador Sea and no one is spared!”

“You dare to say that you don’t want to kill innocent people with crooked ways!”

Jifengchen said coldly: “Yes, that’s right! The devil Levi is shameless, scum, like a toilet maggot! This kind of person should be thundered by the sky and five thunders! Not good to die! I curse him for life as good as death!”

These crooked ways all laughed: “But do you know who saved Da Xia before? Who raised Da Xia’s prestige? Why don’t you mention these things at all?”

Lin Tianlong sneered: “The evil spirit is the evil spirit! He must have a purpose in doing good things! I don’t believe he has such a kind heart!”

Ji Fengchen and the others immediately agreed: “Yes! He is a descendant of the Heretic God! He was destined to be not a good thing from the beginning! The good things you do are fake! They are all lie! This kind of dog is not good to die!”

“Yes! Levi can’t die, neither can you people! Curse you to go to hell sooner or later!”

This group of righteous people scolded one after another.

Levi clenched his fists, and he was angry.

What is positive?

What is evil?

On the contrary, this group of decent warriors kept talking about killing and killing.

“You can insult us, but you can’t insult the descendants of the evil god! He is our faith, insult others, and die!”

“Kill without mercy!”

“Kill without mercy!”

The Cthulhu army was murderous, constantly narrowing the encirclement.

The faces of Lin Tianlong and others changed wildly.

Unexpectedly, their pleasant words completely angered them.


At this time, more than a dozen people rushed out around.

It was the guards arranged by the martial family to Lin Tianlong’s side, and they were all super Lords.

“A group of demons dare to be presumptuous?”

“Do you know who they are?”

“Lin Tianlong, fifth in the ranking, this is the heir of the Lin family!”

“this is…”

It’s just that after the Cthulhu army listened, “Who do I care about them? Kill!”

Chapter 1816

The Cthulhu army immediately killed Lin Tianlong and the others.

Lin Tianlong these arrogances have been specially targeted.

Dozens of Lords besieged them!

The remaining decent Lords are even more tragic, fighting with Lords who are ten times more powerful than their own.

In this battle, neither side showed mercy.

It was dark and dark.

Both sides suffered heavy casualties!

Originally, Levi could stop this dispute, but it was not necessary.

Save these people who want to kill themselves, his brain is not sick!

Although Lin Tianlong’s four Tianjiao and their guardians were very strong, they were defeated after only a few minutes.


Lin Tianlong was severely injured under the siege of the two top ranking powerhouses.


Fu Jia fell to the ground and vomited blood after losing to another strong man in the top ranks.



The others fell to the ground one by one.

Facing the menacing army of evil gods, they were invincible at all.

Except for the dead, the rest were seriously injured and all fell to the ground, lingering.

This time, the entire Morendam martial arts circles collectively crusade against Levi.

Many ancient forces took the opportunity to release the genius of the family to experience.

It’s just that Lin Tianlong and the others are miserable.

As soon as he came out, he met such a powerful opponent.

There is not even a chance to send a signal to the family forces for help!

Of course they wouldn’t have encountered it.

It’s just that someone is pushing behind, designing a conspiracy, and letting both sides meet.

“The so-called righteous Lord? That’s it? Don’t you want to kill us? Just this strength?”

“It’s ridiculous, it’s so ridiculous!”

Hearing the insults of these evil spirits, Lin Tianlong and the others couldn’t wait to find a place to sew in.


Fu Jia and the others fell to the ground and began to look around to see how other people were doing.


Everyone was seriously injured and fell to the ground screaming.

None of them stood.


There is someone else!

Suddenly, everyone’s eyes focused on Levi.

He was also discovered by the Cthulhu army.

Thousands of eyes glanced over.

Why didn’t you find this person just now?

It doesn’t seem to exist.

That’s right, Levi just used her body skills to avoid the battle between them.

But in the end, he couldn’t hide.

“It’s him!”

Ning still said immediately, with a glimmer of expectation in her heart.

Hope that Levi is a Lord.

“I hope he is better! I thought he was unusual from the beginning!”

Fu Jia whispered.

As soon as they met, when everyone showed their courtesy, Levi looked nothing.

There are two reasons.

First, he didn’t know them at all, so he pretended to be.

Second, he is an expert from outside the world, so pretentious, they can’t get into his eyes.

Now they desperately hope that Levi is the second kind.

“Hehe, one person is missing? Take him down!”

The leader of the Cthulhu army said coldly.

Several Lords immediately surrounded him.

“This matter has nothing to do with me, you better not disturb me!”

Levi warned.

“court death!”

A total of six Lords killed Levi together.

“Boom boom boom…”

But there was a scene that no one had expected. The six Lords didn’t even touch the corners of Levi’s clothes, and they were all shaken out.

You must know that these six people are almost Lords of the Seventh Heaven!

“I come!”

Among the Cthulhu army, a young man immediately shot.

He is a genius in the evil god army, and his strength is comparable to that of Lin Tianlong and his like.


Levi blasted out with a punch.

This kid flew out directly.

There is nothing to fight back!

At this time, the expressions of everyone present changed drastically.

Isn’t it too strong?

This level of punch flies!

None of the three Lords who can match the top rankings may not be able to do it!

Fu Jia, Lin Tianlong, they saw that Levi was so powerful.

Immediately shouted: “Senior, please strengthen my integrity! Get rid of these evil spirits!”

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