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Chapter 1817

Others also shouted: “Senior, please take action to uphold justice! Punish these evil demons!”

“Senior, please be fair!”

Everyone found the backbone at this moment and shouted together.

This time the Cthulhu army panicked.

No one thought that a super strong suddenly appeared!

It looks like it should be on the top list!

In that case, things can be troublesome.

For a time, the Cthulhu army all became vigilant.

Levi was as dazzling as a blazing sun, and dangerous.

Bring them enough threats!

Far away from here.

A group of people gathered together in secret.

“Haha, everything has followed our plan! Now the Cthulhu followers have fought against those tianjiaos! The tianjiaos suffered heavy casualties! It is estimated that they will all be devoured soon!”

“Haha, I hope such a scene can happen in every corner of Morendam!”

“By the way, immediately disseminate the news, it is best to let the people of the surrounding Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan know!”

The East Island forces planned everything.

At the last moment, Tiance Mansion and the others should be attracted to intensify the contradiction.

On the battlefield.

Everyone sees it.

These evil demons are scared!

The punch that Levi just showed was horrible!

The key point is that he looks like an ordinary person, without any True Lloyd fluctuations in his body, nor a trace of energy.

This is the demeanor of a peerless expert!

“He…should he be in the top ten of the top ten?”

Some people have begun to doubt.

The top ten in the top ten will enter another area.

There are three Lords in the Cthulhu Army who are comparable to the top rankings, but they can only be compared with the ones at the end.

It’s incomparable with the previous one.

When I saw them, I was scared.

Fu Jia and Ning were still waiting for someone to show their ecstasy.

“We are saved! I thought they were going to die!”

If it weren’t for serious injuries, I’m afraid that many people would have to dance.

Turn around!

Who ever thought that such a Lord would appear at such a moment?

“Your Excellency must be a Lord of the top rankings, we have no grievances and no grudges! We are dealing with them, it has nothing to do with you! You can leave first!”

Feared by Levi’s strength, the Cthulhu army began to discuss letting Levi leave.

Upon seeing this, Jifengchen and others were all anxious.

Shouted one after another.

“Senior, don’t be fooled by these people the night before! My martial artist must take the responsibility of eliminating demons and defending the way!”

“Senior, please take action to punish these demons!”

“Yeah, if you want these demons to join the maggot Levi, God knows what you will find!”

“Senior, absolutely can’t let these maggots live! It’s better to kill them before killing Levi!”

“Levi should be unloaded and thrown in the toilet! Together with those maggots, let the evil demons and outsiders in the world know that this is the miserable end of the descendants of the Heretic God!”

“Yes, that’s right! Levi is a descendant of the Heretic God! As long as Levi has a miserable end, he will be able to shock other evil spirits outsiders!”

Monsoon dust waited until he talked more and more vigorously.

Especially when Levi was involved, it was even worse.

The Cthulhu army was also angered.

You can insult them.

Insult the heretic god’s descendants can’t do it!

“We don’t care whether you are a Lord of the sky list or the Baolong clan of Tiance Mansion! Dare to insult the descendants of the Heretic God and kill without mercy!”

Although the Cthulhu Army sensed that Levi possessed super terrifying strength.

But they will not back down.

Instead, they all pressed up.

“You are looking for death!”

“Senior, hurry up! Kill this group of maggots first! Then kill the maggot Levi! Promote my righteous reputation!”

“Senior, our hope is all on you, so hurry up!”

Jifengchen and others all urged.

In the eyes of the Cthulhu Army, a great battle is inevitable.

“I’m afraid I can’t make a move!”

At this moment, Levi said suddenly.

“Senior why?”

“Because I am the cotyledon of the maggot head in your mouth!”

Chapter 1818

The language is not surprising and endless.

As soon as Levi’s words came out, the audience was silent.

Deadly still to the point where the needle drop is audible!

This is something that no one here thought of!

Levi, the descendant of the Heretic God, is in the middle?

This, this…Who would believe this!

Thousands of people on the field were stunned, motionless, and even their expressions were frozen.

One by one is like a sculpture.

A full minute.

Only then did someone react.

“You…what did you say? Are you a descendant of the evil god?”

The man asked tremblingly, his mouth trembling fiercely.

His voice drew everyone back from a daze.

Everyone looked at Levi in horror.

Especially the monsoon dust, Fu Jia and the others.

Eyeballs are going to stare out.

“I am Levi!”

The voice fell.

Levi’s face changed.

The last thing that appeared was his true face of Lushan!

“Yes, yes… is a descendant of the Heretic God!!!”

When Levi revealed his true face, the audience went crazy!

Now, no matter who it was, he knew Levi’s appearance by heart.

See his true face!

The followers of Cthulhu were so excited that they were suffocating!


too excited!

There is nowhere to be found after breaking through the iron shoes, and it takes no effort at all.

The descendants of the Heretic God they were actively looking for, unexpectedly met in this way.

“All of them, pay homage to the descendants of the evil god!”



This group of followers of the evil god knelt to the ground one after another.

Lloyd Lloyd shouted: “See the little evil god!”

“From now on, I will all follow the little evil god! Obey your orders!”

Now that the followers of Cthulhu everywhere come out, aren’t they just to follow Levi’s orders?

Seeing the people kneeling on the ground, Levi suddenly had another idea in his mind.

What he thought before was that he could go as far as he could without contact with these evil god followers.

But now it seems that the followers of the Cthulhu are chasing around and are easily exploited, intensifying contradictions, and greatly causing internal fighting in the Morendam martial arts world.

So Levi had a new idea.

Rather than let these dangerous forces run wild, he might as well accept them all.

He commanded uniformly!


First, it will not be used.

Second, there will be no accidents.

Judging from the degree of obedience of this group of people, he basically said one thing, and these people would definitely not dare to do two things.

Just gather all the followers of Cthulhu together.

Levi unified command so that nothing would happen.

The sooner the better, the later, the more things will happen.

On the other hand, it is a super powerful force to gather the followers of Cthulhu.

It is good for Levi!

“Well! You will all follow me from now on!”

Levi said coldly.

“I am waiting to swear to follow the little evil god!”

The crowd was full of excitement and kowtow one after another.

They are keen to be regained by Levi, and everything listens to Levi.

It is enough to explain how powerful the Huoyun Cthulhu was back then, and why that era was called the Cthulhu Age.

It is estimated that Cthulhu has become the belief of this group of people!

That’s why he obeyed Levi so unconditionally!

No one expected this to happen…

It’s right to attract both sides to fight!

But the real protagonist Levi appeared!

Upset everything!

“Little Cthulhu, I also know that there are colleagues around, I immediately sent people to notify them to come and meet!”

Someone said.

Levi nodded: “Well, let everyone come together! It’s best to let everyone come together!”

“Little Cthulhu, this is a bit difficult!”

“It needs a long-term plan!”

Everyone looked embarrassed.

Levi smiled: “Don’t worry, I have my own plan! But before I announce this plan, I will deal with them first!”

Levi looked at Lin Tianlong, Fu Jia and others.


At this moment, they were struck by lightning.

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