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Chapter 1819

Everyone’s scalp was numb, blood flowed back, and a chill rushed from the soles of the feet to the sky.

did not expect!

I can’t think of it to death!

This person turned out to be Levi!

The maggots in their mouths, the big demon who can’t die is right in front of them!

The key is all kinds of insults in front of others!

Even stupid enough to tell others to kill themselves!

There are so many bizarre things in the world, but for them, there is nothing more bizarre than this!

No one thought that Levi would appear here.

Also changed.

But they hit the gunpoint.

Levi’s eyes swept away, one by one, his head down, his face burning.

Lin Tianlong lowered his head and dared not look at him.

Fu Jia lowered her head and dared not look at him.

After being swept by Levi’s gaze, everyone bowed their heads one by one, not daring to look at Levi at all.

Especially Monsoon West, Ning still and the person who insulted Levi just now was even more guilty.

Head down, wishing to find a seam to drill in!

Levi’s gaze was like a blazing sun, shining on their faces, burning pain, as if cutting through a knife.

They were so nervous that they trembled, and the sweat made them wet.

“Don’t find me, don’t find me!”

“He didn’t see me! He didn’t see me!”

Monsoon West lowered their heads into the crowd, deliberately hiding, praying that Levi would not find them.

The atmosphere is dull, everyone’s heart is like a big rock,

Especially Levi did not speak for a long time.

Everyone just thinks that the chest is about to explode.

Almost suffocated!


Finally someone couldn’t bear the pressure and knelt in front of Levi.

“I was wrong, Lord Cthulhu! It’s the little one who has eyes and no beads! You shouldn’t insult you! You just put the little one as an ass!


Another man kowtowed on the ground begging for mercy.

“Yes, Lord Cthulhu, forgive me! How dare we have other ideas, just can’t control this broken mouth!”



One by one, everyone knelt down in front of Levi and apologized.


Lin Tianlong and Fu Jia were dumbfounded.

Thousands of people behind Levi were also dumbfounded.

Is this the so-called decency?

Actually kneeled in fear at the evil demon in their mouth! ,


Extremely ridiculous!

Levi was happy.


Thousands of people behind him laughed wildly.

“Hahaha, shouldn’t the decent people swear to the death? Why did you kneel down?”

“This is the biggest joke I have ever seen!”

Faced with all kinds of irony, Lin Tianlong and Fu Jia were ashamed.

Today, everyone is lost!

“Since you kowtow, I will spare you once!”

Levi smiled.

“Thank you, Lord Cthulhu! Thank you…”

Everyone began to kowtow to thank you.

“Ashamed! You are the shame of the right way!”

“I, Fu Jia, disdain to be with you!”

Seeing these people kowtow and thank you, Fu Jia, Lin Tianlong and the others felt as uncomfortable as they had eaten flies.

The reputation of righteousness was lost by this group of people.

Kneeling down to beg for mercy from the evil spirits!

You should rather die than surrender!

Immediately, Fu Jia and Lin Tianlong cast approving glances towards the monsoon dust.

The people who insulted Levi just now basically knelt down.

Only a few people in Monsoon West would rather die than come forward.

“Good job!”

Fu Jia said excitedly.

Thumbs up for them!

Even if you die, you have to show your spine to these crooked ways!

“But the people who yelled at me the most viciously just now didn’t seem to stand up?”

Levi’s voice sounded.

In the monsoon dust, Ning still shivered with a few people like falling into an ice cave.


“Lord Cthulhu, I was wrong, I beg you for forgiveness!”

As soon as the voice fell, Monsoon West knelt on the ground.

Lin Tianlong and Fu Jia were dumbfounded.

Would you rather die than surrender?

Chapter 1820

Everyone looked at Ji Fengchen in amazement…

Don’t you have to struggle a bit?

Monsoon dust, you are the arrogant of the Morendam Di Ranking!

You represent the Morendam martial arts world!

Can’t you be more spine?

Lin Tianlong and Fu Jia waited to go up, slapped Ji Fengchen’s face several times.

Not only them, but the people behind Monsoon Dust are also extremely angry!

“That’s it?”

Even Levi was shocked by the actions of Monsoon West.

This is changing too fast!

The one who clamored the most fiercely before, cursed the most, turned out to be the most persuaded and the easiest to defect.

Often such upright gentlemen who are full of benevolence and morality are all hypocrites.

The catastrophe is imminent, absolutely the first to admit counsel!

This is the so-called decency!

“Anyone else?”

Levi’s cold voice sounded, and Ning still trembled violently with the remaining three or four people.

They really couldn’t bear Levi’s coercion.

“Still you must never kneel to him! Don’t do that shameful thing!”

Fu Jia shouted immediately.

“Yes! I’d rather die than surrender! Even if I die, I can’t kneel down to these evil sects!”

Lin Tianlong also roared.

Ning still looked at Levi stubbornly with a few people, and did not kneel down or be subdued!

“If you have the ability to kill us! We won’t kneel down for you!”

A touch of firmness still flashed in Ning’s eyes.

Others also regarded death as home.

“Aren’t you afraid of death? Good, good!”

Levi’s face suddenly changed, and his body revealed a terrible killing intent.

Killing intent is like a big invisible net, overwhelming the sky, squeezing ten days and nine places!

At this moment, everyone seemed to be strangling their throats by an invisible hand.

Everyone struggled with their necks.

It’s just that the invisible hand is getting tighter and tighter, everyone’s breathing is getting faster and faster, and their complexion is getting redder.

The invisible force that strangled the throat became stronger and stronger, everyone was suffocating, and their complexion gradually turned purple.



Many people make noises at all and can only struggle silently.

Their brains are blank, their consciousness has gradually dissipated, and their souls seem to be extracted.

This is the feeling of death!

When death comes, no one is not afraid.


At this moment of death, someone finally couldn’t stand it.




In the end, only Ning remained one.

Her eyes bulged out and she was about to die.

At this moment, she understood that Levi would really kill her!


With all her strength, she knelt down in front of Levi.

Everyone was subdued.

Xiang Levi knelt down.

Levi completely destroyed their psychological defenses and completely shattered their sense of decent superiority.


Lin Tianlong and Fu Jia had no face to look at.

Today people are completely lost!

They will be a shame!

This is a shame that cannot be washed away in their lives!

“Lord Cthulhu, we were wrong, we apologize to you!”

Ning still they knelt in front of Levi.

This is the power of the evil god!

“Hahaha… but decent! The bones are not as hard as we are!”

Thousands of people laughed refreshingly behind Levi.

They haven’t been so happy in a long time.

“Monsoon West, you guys disappointed me too much!”

“You are not worthy of the ranking! You are a family shame!”

Fu Jia scolded immediately.

Hearing this, Monsoon dust crawled in front of Levi.

“I will respect the Lord Cthulhu from Monsoon West! Lord Cthulhu will dominate the Morendam martial arts world!”

“How can you ignorant people be insulted?”

One hundred and eighty degrees of Monsoon Dust’s attitude changed.

Let everyone present sigh.


“Lord Cthulhu, these decent decents should all be killed! Don’t keep one!”

A vicious flash flashed in Jifengchen’s eyes.

“All killed?”


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