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Chapter 1821

Levi asked with a smile.

Jifengchen nodded hurriedly: “Yes, yes, kill them all!”

Monsoon Dust looked at Lin Tianlong with murderous aura.

Only these people knew about his refuge in evil spirits. As long as they were all killed, he would still have a chance to be cleansed in the future.

If this matter were to be known to his clan Lord, it would not be enough for him to die ten times.

So he wanted to use Levi’s hand to kill everyone.

How could Fu Jia and the others understand Jifengchen’s killing intent.

At this moment, Levi smiled suddenly: “All killed, including you?”

A word makes monsoon dust all over the body cold.

“No, no, Lord Cthulhu, I have followed you, and I am on your side!”

Monsoon dust quickly said.


Levi will not give this scum a chance.

Keep him, I don’t know how much trouble it will cause.

“Lord Cthulhu…”

Although the monsoon dust shouted.

Can be powerless to reverse the situation.


In the end, a bloody arrow shot soaring, Monsoon Dust fell powerlessly.

Lin Tianlong and the others were terrified.

Levi is indeed a decisive one!

“Little Cthulhu, what should the rest of the people do? Are they all killed?”

Someone next to him asked.


At this question, Lin Tianlong and others followed up with their throats.

Who is not afraid of death?

Especially such a useless death!

They are still young!

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Levi alone.

Waiting for his decision.

Levi’s eyes drifted away from Fu Jia and Ning still.

With a smile at the corner of his mouth, he has a plan in his mind.

“Take everyone away first! Then let me arrange it!”

But Levi’s appearance fell into their eyes and changed.

Levi seems to be interested in them!

These decent patriots, the thoughts instilled by the elders of the young family-the evil spirits are the evil spirits!

Burning, killing, looting, doing no evil.

Levi is especially the first-class demon, the descendant of Cthulhu.

It’s normal to be interested in them.

This fell into the wolf’s mouth.

How to do?

How to do?

“You kill me! Even if I die, Fu Jia won’t let you do anything!”

Fu Jia regarded death as home.

A posture that would rather die than follow!

Levi was stunned.

What is this going to do?

Who do you consider yourself?

This girl is really confident!

Why do you think you are interested in them?

“Take it away! Get out of here immediately!”

Levi gave an order.

These decency were all taken away one by one.

Levi noticed that someone was approaching.

Obviously a Lord of the Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan.

Soon Levi left here with the Cthulhu Army.

Soon after, Tianlong from Tiance Mansion arrived.

“One step slower!”

Tianlong was very angry.

A corpse was left in the field.

Among them are monsoon dust.

“This is the fifteenth ranked monsoon dust! This group of evil demons! I am at odds with you!”

The ground tiger roared.

“In addition, the fifth and seventh places and many people have disappeared, I am afraid they will be taken away!”

“They shouldn’t go far, search quickly!”

“If the followers of Cthulhu and Levi converge together, it would be unimaginable!”

Subsequently, the situation here was spread out.

The contradiction between good and evil is further intensified.

Levi led the Cthulhu army without fleeing far, but was nearby.

Because these people have outstanding ability to escape and hide.

The other party is hard to find.

“In other words, you just rushed here when you heard the news?”

Levi asked.

“Yes, that’s right, there is news from someone!”

Levi touched his chin: “It seems that someone deliberately caused you to encounter each other and fight!”

Fu Jia and others not far away were confused.

I don’t know what I’m talking about.

“The news came out immediately-I am going to gather all the brothers together!”

In the end, Levi made a decision.

Chapter 1822

They understood Levi’s decision.

He wanted to gather all the followers of the evil god.

That would be unimaginable!

How can Levi bring all the followers of Cthulhu, who can stop it?

Morendam’s disaster!


Fu Jia and the others wanted to stop it, but there was no way.

Once Levi issued this recruitment order.

All Morendam’s followers of Cthulhu will gather here crazy and at all costs.

The end is coming…

“Levi, don’t worry! You can’t gather all the followers of the evil god!”

“Tiance Mansion will not let you go! The strongest people in the sky list will not let you go!”

“The sky list is the most fair list! You are ranked sixth, which means that there are five people in front of you who can crush you!”

Fu Jia and Lin Tianlong started chattering.

At this time, they had no way to do anything to Levi.

It could only be profitable and tried to hit Levi.

Levi sneered: “Come on, I’ll wait for them!”


Fu Jia and the others are going to die of anger.

It’s like a punch on cotton…

“You guys prepare first! Let me think about where the meeting point is!”

Levi touched his chin.

Gather all the followers of Cthulhu, you have to choose a good location.

Once the news is released, Tiance Mansion will also know.

At that time, if a large army of others comes, it is very likely that they will be wiped out in one fell swoop.

So where to choose is very important!

Consider from many aspects!

The Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan, as well as the major forces, frantically searched for Levi’s whereabouts throughout Morendam.

But after searching for a full day and night, there is still no clue.

Levi disappeared out of thin air.

I can’t find the big guy to recognize it, but it’s strange that there is no trace left.

“I don’t think it’s right! I know that Levi’s level Lord is really not easy to find if he hides it!”

“But we have dispatched so many people, and Tiance Mansion has almost dispatched all the tracking Lords! There is still no clue! Then there is a problem!”

“I now suspect that Levi is not alone, someone is secretly helping him! After all, he has many subordinates and apprentices in important positions!”

“I suggest to control his apprentices and subordinates first! Don’t let them participate in anything! Then Levi won’t get any news!”

After the decision of Tiance Mansion, directly let the joint Colin take action.

Colin cooperated unconditionally.


Xiao Feng and all of Levi’s apprentices were found one by one.

First, he stopped everything at hand, and then he was shut down by surveillance.

In addition, Levi’s subordinates, the Five Great War Kings, were also controlled one by one.

This time, almost everything related to Levi was under control.

In the end, even the most powerful intelligence agency, Zhentiandian, Xitianwang, was locked up, and all intelligence teams were separated.

It is really rare for such a big event to happen in one day.

“Now, let me see Levi, how do you escape?”

But what they didn’t expect was that this had no effect on Levi at all.

His secret team is still there.

The information he wants is there, and his combat power is still there.

What’s more, now controlling such a powerful Cthulhu team, intelligence and strength have been greatly enhanced in all aspects.

At this time, Wood Zhengjie came to Jiangbei.

Although he was free in the Shenlong Science and Technology Base before, he was limited to that area after all.

Now is freedom in the true sense.

If he wants to go, go there…

And no one can stop him at all!

“Lord, Sarah and their family are protected by Tiance Mansion! We”

What should I do next? “

The subordinate asked.

Wood Zhengjie raised a sneer at the corner of his mouth: “Of course he went directly in and took the person away!”

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