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Chapter 1823

The voice fell.

Wood Zhengjie moved.

Go straight to the villa.

The experts arranged by Tiance Mansion quickly discovered Wood Zhengjie’s abnormality.

Several people walked up quickly, wanting to question Wood Zhengjie.

Only a weird smile appeared at the corner of Wood Zhengjie’s mouth.

The next second, these Lords fell to the ground one by one.

They didn’t die, one by one just passed out.

This is naturally the ghost of Wood Zhengjie.

The energy he controls can affect the human brain and can be manipulated consciously.

It couldn’t be easier for these people to fall asleep.

Of course, it is not effective for that kind of particularly high-level powerhouse.

They are not only strong, but also strong willpower. Wood Zhengjie’s energy can’t interfere with their brains.

Wood Zhengjie walked all the way, everyone fell under his feet and fell asleep.

If ordinary people see it, I am afraid that Wood Zhengjie is a god.

His supernatural ability is the same as the gods in the phantom movie.

Little did they know that this ability was obtained through experimentation.

Wood Zhengjie ran wild all the way, and soon came to the villa.

Sarah and others were shocked when they saw Wood Zhengjie.

It stands to reason that the guards here are tight, and it is impossible for anyone to break in.

How did Wood Zhengjie get in?

By the way, Wood Zhengjie seems a little different.

Especially his eyes are terrible!

There is a feeling of looking at the world and ignoring sentient beings.

“long time no see!”

Wood Zhengjie smiled.

“You… how did you get in?”

Sarah said in horror.

“Just come in, I want to come in, no one can stop me!”

Wood Zhengjie casually sucked a servant of the Logan family with energy.


Then, under the eyes of everyone, Wood Zhengjie dissolved the man alive.

The terrible scene scared everyone at Sarah!

Isn’t Wood Zhengjie an ordinary person?

How could he?

Especially this method is the same as God.

Even more exaggerated than those warriors!

Even if Sarah is very strong now, he is shivering in the face of Wood Zhengjie.

Wood Zhengjie is truly unstoppable like a god descending from the earth.

“No way, I am so strong now! I forgot to tell you, this is my experiment and transformation!”

“In my heart, those warriors are barbarians with well-developed limbs! Compared with modern technology, they are apes and monkeys!”

Wood Zhengjie laughed.

But he does have this strength to ridicule!

Wood Zhengjie looked at Sarah carefully, and he no longer felt what he had before.

Looking at her, just thinking about how to get revenge.

There is no emotion between men and women!

He has no interest in Sarah anymore.

“You…what are you doing?”

Sarah looked at this demon tremblingly.

“I heard that Levi has become a big demon, I will naturally kill him! Eliminate harm for the people!”

“Of course there is you! You are destined to be mine and can’t run away!”

Sarah immediately refused: “Impossible! I won’t go with you!”

“It’s up to you! You will follow me voluntarily! Hahaha…”

Wood Zhengjie had already prepared an experiment for Sarah.

At that time, it is very likely that Sarah will become his puppet.

Sarah is scared!

Today’s Wood Zhengjie really gives her a devilish feeling.

“Levi, you didn’t expect to have this day, right?”

Wood Zhengjie laughed loudly.

Soon, the Tianlong four came with the Lords of hundreds of Tiance Mansion.

“Who are you? What are you doing?”

Xuan Lang scolded, staring at Wood Zhengjie.

“Everyone, don’t get me wrong! I’m here to fight against Levi!”

“They are not dead either! They just slept over!”

Wood Zhengjie smiled.

He waved his hand.

The Lords of Tiance Mansion who had just fallen asleep on the ground woke up one after another.

“Don’t worry, I just want to join the team that kills Levi!”

Wood Zhengjie smiled.

“Lord of Magic?”

Tianlong looked at Wood Zhengjie in horror.

Chapter 1824

The means he showed was a Lord of magic spells.

Can control people’s thoughts and emotions, can make people fall asleep instantly, and can make people wake up instantly.

It is said that Lords of magic arts can kill people invisibly, and they have magical means.

Can control the mind of people or animals, and can control and kill people thousands of miles away.

Seeing Wood Zhengjie’s performance like this, Tianlong and others were shocked.

Lords of spells are rare and terrifying!

In the sky list, besides the Wulong Taoists, there are three Lords of spells!

There is a Lord of spells in the top three, which is really terrifying!

The world of magic arts is not as prosperous as the world of martial arts, but no one dares to ignore the world of magic arts.

Wood Zhengjie’s hand just now completely convinced Tianlong and the others.

“Sorry, I came in so recklessly just to show you my strength!”

Wood Zhengjie smiled.

“If you can join the crusade against Levi, then we will be even more powerful!”

Tianlong said with a smile.

No one will refuse a Lord of spells!

Especially still so strong!

Sarah was anxious and wanted to expose Wood Zhengjie.

But after another thought, how to expose Wood Zhengjie?

Can’t say that Wood Zhengjie has bad thoughts, he wants to kill Levi, right?

That’s right!

Now they just want to kill Levi!

Upon hearing that Wood Zhengjie was here to kill Levi, Tianlong raised their hands in favor.

The identity of Wood Zhengjie was not even checked.

Now in Morendam, for Tiance Mansion, if you want to deal with Levi, then we are friends.

“Okay, Lord welcomes you to join! We really need your help!”

Tianlong is humane.

“Don’t worry, as long as it is about Levi, I have no shirk!”

“As soon as you have news about Levi, please contact me! I will also actively look for him!”

Wood Zhengjie agreed.

“It’s great! Our team has grown again!”

“With the addition of the Lord, I believe it will be sooner or later to win Levi!”

Several people in Tianlong smiled.

Wood Zhengjie asked about the reasons why Sarah was protected.

Tianlong answered truthfully.

“If you can trust me, you can leave them in my care!”

Wood Zhengjie took the initiative to invite Ying.

Sarah was about to speak, but found that he couldn’t speak at all.

Wood Zhengjie had already moved her hands and feet, and she couldn’t make a sound.

Seeing a few people hesitate, Wood Zhengjie smiled and said, “If I want to do something to her, surely your people can stop me?”

The Tianlong people were relieved.

If Wood Zhengjie sincerely wants to deal with Sarah and them, no one can stop him.

Furthermore, if Sarah is guarded by a Lord, it will reduce their pressure and resources on the one hand, and on the other hand it will be safe.

“No problem! Then there will be Lord Lao!”

After weighing the pros and cons in this way, Tianlong handed over Sarah to Wood Zhengjie.

After successfully taking away Sarah everyone, Wood Zhengjie smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t move you until Levi is not dead!”

The world of Morendam Martial Arts is searching for Levi.

At the same time, other countries have also moved.

First, the long-silent War Eagle Nation jumped out.

Unite many countries and international forces to condemn Levi, the demon.

This is what Colin Tiance Mansion did not expect at all.

These forces of the Eagle Nation will intervene!

The key is that they don’t have any reason to refuse!

The reasons given by the major forces such as the War Eagle Nation are very simple-

If Levi, the big demon grows up, it will be a disaster for Morendam, for other countries and regions, and for the whole world.

Therefore, the appearance of Levi is not only the suffering of Morendam, but also the whole world.

Therefore, everyone is required to unite and slay this demon together.

All of this is naturally led by Richard.

In this way, he has a legitimate reason to get rid of Levi’s shame, and he can also enter Morendam.

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