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Chapter 1825

Since the Warhawk Nation issued this initiative, it has received support from many forces!

The international momentum is growing.

Many people have long regarded Levi as a thorn in the flesh.

In particular, Levi, as the one-word king of Morendam, puts great pressure on other countries and regions.

With Levi here, they can’t eat well and sleep well.

I wanted to kill it a long time ago!

But there is no chance at all!

Now that Levi had something to do, they knew that the opportunity was coming.

As for what Tiance Mansion thought, it would be impossible for the major foreign forces to recruit Levi!

Tiance Mansion did not understand Levi at all.

On the contrary, it was Levi’s enemy, Richard, who knew Levi best!

They firmly believe that Levi was framed!

This person will not do anything harmful to Morendam anyway!

So it’s impossible to recruit him and let him join another country!

The best way is to kill him!

How could Richard let go of this opportunity?

It is impossible for Colin to stop them!

Their reasons are unassailable!

You can’t refuse at all!

In Tiance Mansion’s view, this is a good thing.

First, they will not recruit Levi.

Second, the power to encircle Levi has increased.

After getting permission, Richard actively recruited troops, calling as many Lords as he could.

One day later, he will lead all the Lords into Morendam to encircle and suppress Levi.

The situation is grim.

All forces joined the team to encircle and suppress Levi.

Levi’s old department was completely controlled.

Hearing that Richard and the others had formed an international encirclement and suppression team, even the East Island forces were stunned.

Although this is a good thing!

The bigger the trouble, the better.

But something is wrong with them…

Before, they suspected that Richard and others had captured Junjun and them.

But now they came to encircle Levi.

So who was the one who captured Junjun?

This is puzzling!

But what they have to do now is to intensify the conflict.

Jun Jun, this child is not important.

On the other side, Wood Zhengjie brought Sarah and the others back to the Shenlong Science and Technology Base.

“Sarah I will conduct experiments soon. Do you expect to have a strong power and be used by me alone?”

Wood Zhengjie laughed.

“You devil! You are not human!”

Sarah scolded angrily.

“Yes! Strictly speaking, I am indeed not a human being!”

Wood Zhengjie laughed.

He is now composed of pure energy, so he doesn’t need to be a human being.


“Come on, shut them up with Wen Lei!”

“I’ll go and clean up Levi!”

Seeing Wood Zhengjie’s invincible appearance, the elites of the Shenlong Science and Technology Alliance are all regretful.

Why didn’t Levi kill him with a single knife?

Why bring him back?

How did they persuade you?

It was they who insisted on taking Wood Zhengjie back by force.

Raising tigers is now in trouble.

Can’t control it at all.

They have seen how strong Wood Zhengjie is!

Who can stop him?

This guy is now an energy body, he can’t kill him!

Wen Lei asked Sarah quietly: “Do you know that Levi is there?”

“I do not know!”

Sarah shook his head.

“Now he is the only one who stops Wood Zhengjie! Wood Zhengjie is more threatening than anyone!”

Sarah looked helpless: “But after the accident, he never contacted me again!”


Wen Lei was holding her hair, thinking about countermeasures.

After Wood Zhengjie left the base, he joined the team searching for Levi.

At this time, after Levi discussed with everyone, he was about to make a decision.

“In any case, we can’t hide from it! Let’s face them head-on!”

“Give my order-I, Levi, will be waiting for fellow fellows at Tiandang Mountain in the south!”

Levi issued a convening order.

Suddenly the summer is boiling.

Chapter 1826

Fu Jia, Lin Tianlong and their eyes were silent.

Once the summoning order is issued, they know best what it means.

It will be an unprecedented battle!

No matter who it is, it will be a great loss.

Especially the entire Morendam martial arts world will be greatly injured!

They couldn’t stop them, they could only watch.

As soon as the summoning order from Levi, the descendant of the Heretic God was issued, the whole Morendam exploded.

Those followers of Cthulhu, who always seemed to be headless flies, were completely excited.

In the past two days, in addition to the forces such as the Celestial Strategy Mansion who are looking for Levi, they are also actively looking for it.

But there is no clue at all.

Now Levi directly issued a convening order.

The followers of Cthulhu were so excited that they rushed to Tiandang Mountain from all directions!

They are crazy, going to Tiandang Mountain at all costs.

When they encounter an attack or obstruction on the way, they can dodge as long as they can, and they don’t like war at all.

Just to see the descendants of the Heretic God for the first time!

“At all costs, converge at the fastest speed!”

“Those who block the way, kill without mercy!”

After receiving the summoning order, the followers of Cthulhu went crazy.

Since the summoning order is for all the followers of Cthulhu, it is impossible to secretly issue the summoning order.

Cause everyone will know this summoning order.

The East Island forces were dumbfounded when they knew the summoning order.

Their original plan-to use the followers of the Heretic God to cause contradictions on a large scale in Morendam, and to weaken Morendam’s martial arts strength little by little.

Levi came along with a summoning order to completely shatter their plan.

Let them not use the followers of Cthulhu at all.

“This is not a good thing for us!”

However, after hearing the summoning order, the Tiance Mansion and other forces all laughed.

Levi issued a summoning order, which indeed can summon the followers of Cthulhu.

But on the other hand, he also exposed his whereabouts, completely exposed where he was.

There is another point-gather all the followers of Cthulhu.

Isn’t this just waiting to be exhausted?

I don’t have to go to find out these evil demons.

It’s so easy!

Tiance Mansion immediately issued an order-let the Morendam martial arts world stand still, and let it go directly when it encounters followers of the evil god.

They want the followers of Cthulhu to gather with Levi.

“Another order-let all the people with lofty ideals who encircle and suppress Levi immediately go to Tiandang Mountain to meet! Obey the unified command of Tiance Mansion!”

“In addition, we have to send the strongest lineup! Levi and all the evil gods’ remnants are not easy to deal with!”

“In addition, let the Baolong clan also send strong people to join us to encircle and suppress Levi!”

“Also contact all the strong from the sky list and the strong from the list! Let them also contribute to the encirclement and suppression of Levi!”

After knowing the exact location, Tiance Mansion made a detailed layout.

Send out all the strong ones that can be sent out!

In addition, “Lords” like Wood Zhengjie are also invited.

And the team formed by Richard and the others also joined the ranks of encirclement and suppression.

All forces set off towards Tiandang Mountain.

An unprecedented battle is about to take place!

A few hours after the summoning order was issued, many followers of Cthulhu had already arrived.

Seeing the growing team around him, Levi couldn’t get happy anyhow.

Your team is stronger, which means that the opponent’s team is stronger.

They all want to catch it all in one go.

“Little Cthulhu, it is estimated that in another half a day, all of our colleagues will gather!”

“We are also ready to fight! What are you afraid of? Under your leadership, come and kill as many as you want!”…

A group of Lords expressed their opinions one after another.

Levi nodded: “Well, I see.”

“Levi is actually a stupid decision! You have exposed your position and will be subjected to all-round encirclement and suppression!”

Lin Tianlong laughed.

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