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Chapter 1827

At the beginning, Levi issued a convening order, and they felt that the crisis had come.

But I figured it out later, Levi was self-inflicted.

Obviously hiding, it is difficult to find him.

He wanted to take the initiative to expose his traces.

Isn’t this seeking a dead end?

Levi glanced at Lin Tianlong.

The person next to him immediately understood, and slapped Lin Tianlong’s face with a slap.

“Just talk nonsense, just kill you!”

Levi smiled: “You still care about your situation first, right?”

With that, Levi’s eyes fell on Fu Jia and Ning still.

“Bring them to my room!”

Levi left a word.


But Fu Jia and Ning still had their heads exploded.

He… what is he going to do?

Take it to his room? ? ?

A bad premonition flooded my mind.

Fu Jia and Ning were still shaking.

Isn’t he going to…

Thinking of that situation, the two immediately broke into cold sweats.

Together with Lin Tianlong were shocked.

“What are you going to do? What are you going to do? Let people go!”

Lin Tianlong has always been secretly in love with Fu Jia.

I heard that the two of Fu Jia were about to be taken to Levi’s room.

How could he not panic?

Once Levi did something to the two of them, he was crazy!

For a moment, Lin Tianlong blushed and shouted, struggling hard.

“Be quiet!”


He was knocked out directly.

Ning still and Fu Jia were finally taken away.

Brought to Levi’s room.

In the room, Levi was lying in a recliner.

Fu Jia and Ning still looked at Levi warily.

Fu Jia clenched her fist tightly. She wanted to slam the killer, but she understood that it was impossible to succeed.

With Levi’s strength, she had no chance at all.

She and Ning still looked at each other.

Both of them are determined to die.

If Levi had any ideas, they would commit suicide and would never let Levi succeed.

“You… what did you bring us to your room for?”

Fu Jia asked nervously.

“You two come here!”

Levi’s cold voice sounded, and the two trembled at the same time.

Under Levi’s coercion, the two still walked over obediently.

Can’t hide it!

Not the same as Fu Jia.

Ning is still more afraid of death!

She was thinking about what Levi would do to her later, she might compromise and let Levi do the tricks obediently.

It seems that Levi is not bad either.

Except for her status as a demon, she is the best young man she has ever met in all aspects.

Lin Tianlong and the like are even more incomparable with him.

He seems to be very good.

Thinking of this, Ning still felt much better.

The two walked up to Levi anxiously, not knowing what he was going to do…

“One shoulder press, one leg press! Hurry up!”

The language is not surprising and endless.

When Levi said these words, Fu Jia and Ning were still directly dumbfounded.

That’s it?

Was it for this to capture the two of them?


Ning still had to vomit blood.

I wanted everything just now, and I was mentally prepared.

What is the result?

Fu Jia was also speechless.

“Hurry up, what are you doing? Forcing me to do it myself?”

Levi urged impatiently.

Fu Jia had to press his shoulders and beat his legs.

It’s just that the two of them felt a little lost inexplicably, empty.

Levi didn’t do anything to them, but made them unwilling.

Isn’t he attractive?

Young, beautiful, high-status, and strong.

Shouldn’t men like it all?

Especially a big monster like Levi!

But Levi didn’t even look at them at all.

To catch them is just to do this!

The evil spirits outside the room smiled.

“It seems that the little evil god is really a born demon! The man is killed, the woman will not let it go!”

“Under his leadership, I believe we will return to the era of evil gods!”

Everyone laughed.

Chapter 1828

Everyone looked at Levi’s room, and they all smiled.

Lonely men and widows live in the same room.

What is Levi going to do, who doesn’t understand?


If Levi knew the thoughts of these people, he would be furious.

He was thinking about countermeasures while punishing the two women a little.

These young people are too crazy one by one.

Levi must rub their spirits.

Think about it, let Fu Jia, who is called a fairy, be treated as a maid to press his legs.

This is a blow to her at all.

But I didn’t expect to understand it!

I have to say that the martial artist’s hand strength is really good.

It is suitable for pressing the shoulders and beating the legs.

Levi closed his eyes and meditated, thinking.

Two hours passed gradually.

Lin Tianlong, who had been locked up, had already woke up.

The person was not released for two hours, which meant that the two women had fallen into Levi’s magical hands.

What should have happened has already happened.


Lin Tianlong looked up to the sky and howled.

The fist was clenched tightly, and a majestic force gushed out.

Almost broke free of the rope.

“Levi, I don’t share the same spirit with you! Don’t let me go out! Otherwise, I will let you die!!!”

For Lin Tianlong.

Wife-robbing hate is not shared!

Not long after, Fu Jia and Ning were still sent back.

The two were still blushing, and their clothes were a little messy.

After all, it has just been three hours since Levi beating his leg and pressing his shoulder…

But their appearance changed in the eyes of others.

“Haha, you deserve to be a little evil god!”

“This is the descendant of the Heretic God! Since the outside world says that we are all evil, then we simply do what we want!”

Everyone laughed.

But after Lin Tianlong saw the two, his eyes were about to fly out.

Levi, I want you to die!!!

His heart is bleeding!

“Fu Jia, you guys… are you okay?”

Other colleagues asked.

“We…we are fine…”

Fu Jia and Ning still saw the strange look in everyone’s eyes, and gradually understood something.

“Levi will take you there. Didn’t he do anything to you? This damn devil!”

Someone asked.

“No, he made us…”

Ning still looked at Fu Jia, and neither of them could say anything.

Can’t you say that they beat the demon’s legs and shoulders, right?

If this spreads out, how will they mix up in the future?

Together with their family will also be humiliated!

So I must not say it!

“Actually nothing… nothing…”

The two of them froze, but they made everyone more sure that Levi must have committed a murder to the two of them.

What else can make girls difficult to talk about?


Lin Tianlong fainted directly with anger.

Fu Jia and Ning were still confused.

I don’t even know what happened.

Soon the story of Levi and Fu Jia spread out.

The followers of Cthulhu who were rushing to various places were overjoyed when they heard this news.

“The little evil god demon hand picks flowers! It’s really good!”

“Hahaha, little evil god go on! Picked all these righteous flowers!”

But when other people heard the news, they were really furious.

“What? Fu Xianzi and Tianjiao Ning, who is seventh on the ground list, are still being attacked by Levi?”

“Sure enough, the devil is the devil! No evil is done! Killing without blinking! Women don’t let it go!”

“Such demons must be killed!”

In particular, Fu Jia and Ning are still the top arrogances.

Levi’s attack on these two women caused a great sensation.

The forces behind the two are going crazy!

“Levi, have you really released your nature? I thought you wouldn’t touch other women except Sarah?”

Wood Zhengjie not only smiled when he heard the news.

“Come on, send this news to Sarah, let her see what her husband is doing? Hahaha…”

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