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Chapter 1829


After receiving this news.

Sarah was dumbfounded.

Everyone in Logan and Mann’s family was dumbfounded.

Even Wen Lei was dumbfounded.

Will Levi be like this?


But the facts are here!

This matter has spread throughout Morendam!

The matter is still spread by the power of the evil god…

Real hammer!

But Wen Lei didn’t believe it.

She has a somewhat beautiful appearance, comparable to a star.

But when he gets along with Levi, he never looks at himself.

It seems to be commonplace for beauties.

He doesn’t seem to be the one who did this!

Sarah also believed that Levi was fine, but the facts were before him.

What can she do?


Wash your face with tears.

The daughter was arrested and has not been whereabouts so far.

The husband became the devil and did this again.

“Hey, since you were getting married, I have given you a fortune-telling. There have been a lot of ups and downs in your life! I told you that you don’t believe me, now is it all right? His true face is revealed, right?”

Doug shouted with hatred for iron and steel.

Fortune-telling is a real thing.

Sarah could only sob and sob.

Their family was fine.

Why does it become like this?

What if their family were ordinary people?

The two ran the company together, and the daughter went to school well, and the elders in the family enjoyed life.

It is a pity that Levi is in a high position, and he is also a descendant of the Heretic God.

These are destined to be uncommon at all.

Led to the way it is now…

The family is broken and the wives are scattered.

Even the child can’t be found.

“Levi, what are you doing? How can I forgive you if you are like this!”

The news is really hammered.

Levi reveals the nature of the Heretic God!

All parties are insulting Levi.

Can’t wait to cramp him.

At this time, the team led by Richard himself also entered the territory of Morendam.

They rushed straight to Tiandang Mountain.

But on the way, people in the team kept leaving, not knowing where they went.

Hundreds of people left before and after.

I don’t know where it went.

Anyway, this is a good thing for Richard and the others.

They can enter Morendam in an open manner and do what they want to do.

It’s just that even if Colin expected it, he couldn’t call the shots.

Tiance Mansion is now single-minded and only wants to deal with Levi.

They won’t care about these!

Tiandang Mountain.

Became the focus of the world for a while.

Countless forces are gathering here.

People living around Tiandang Mountain evacuated one after another, for fear of affecting themselves.

For most of the day, the followers of Cthulhu had basically gathered together.

Levi looked at the Lords all over the mountains, and the corners of his mouth rose.

What a powerful force!

He subconsciously wanted to incorporate this powerful force into Morendam’s battle sequence.

Enhance Morendam’s power!

But now, he is the enemy of Morendam.

Everyone wants to get rid of it quickly.

But there are still people who believe in themselves.

This is enough!

But when Levi heard these little cubs, he spread the news that he and Fu Jia were in the same room.

He is about to laugh angrily!

Is the pig teammate?

I can’t wash everything now!

“Enlighten the little evil god! According to the gossip we got! The seventh, eighty-nine, and fourth, third, and second Lords of the sky list are all dispatched!”

“And the top three Tianjiao and the core powerhouses of the Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan are all here!”

“Even the major foreign forces are coming one by one! Little Cthulhu, we are inevitable for the next big battle!”

“I also heard that they hired a Lord of magic skills, who is not on the list, but his strength is definitely at the top of the list! It is said to be one of the top three in the list!”

Levi didn’t take it seriously.

But the next sentence cheered him up.

“This magic Lord seemed to be an ordinary person before! What is Wood Zhengjie’s name!”

Chapter 1830

“What? Wood Zhengjie???”

Hearing this name, Levi’s face changed drastically.

It’s him?

It turned out to be Wood Zhengjie!

A thousand precautions still allowed Wood Zhengjie’s disaster to take shape!

Wood Zhengjie had a plan before, but he didn’t take any action because he wanted to guard against himself.

This must have happened while he became the enemy of Morendam!

But shouldn’t he produce weapons?

How did you become a Lord of magic spells?


It must be a powerful weapon that makes him look like a Lord of spells.

In Levi’s understanding, Wood Zhengjie had invented a powerful weapon, but he did not expect that he had transformed himself.

not good!

Plum dye!

Wood Zhengjie will definitely not let Sarah go.

Levi immediately sent someone to search for Sarah’s whereabouts.

Three more hours passed.

The forces of Cthulhu are all assembled!

They lined up in a team, one by one in front of Levi.

Levi was shocked by the battle.

The Cthulhu power is really strong.

No wonder it used to be called the Age of Cthulhu.

Not only is Huoyun Evil God powerful, but also his followers are extremely powerful.

Among the leaders of the Heretic God’s forces, Levi found dozens of powerhouses comparable to those of the Five Dragons and Daoists.

There are even six or seven people who are obviously better than the Wulong Taoist group.

Most likely it is the legendary Eight Heavenly Powerhouse!

No wonder even the Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan are so jealous.

If you add so many powerhouses, it would be enough to pose a big threat to Morendam.

“Well, yes, there is the demeanor of the evil god back then!”

A swordsman in white, with a sword hanging from his waist and a folding fan in his hand, is handsome.

In particular, a handsome face is even more deceptive.

Laughing makes people feel like spring breeze.

Don’t be fooled by his appearance!

This guy is known as the Evil Sword God!

The murderous demon!

“Yes! If you take time to reach the realm of the evil god!”

A person hidden in a black robe had a hoarse voice as if he was scratching his nails across the glass.

The Seven Evil Gods Black Evil God under Huoyun Cthulhu!

The seven evil gods are all the strength of the eighth heaven!

After the Evil God Huoyun disappeared, the seven immediately hid with their subordinates.

In order to retain the strength and look forward to this day.

These seven people appeared together, and few could stop them!

That’s why Tiance Mansion was so jealous of the Heretic God’s forces, and only invited the strongest in the sky list one by one.

On the top of Tiandang Mountain.

Opposite Levi stood seven evil gods.

They all obeyed Levi unconditionally.

At this time, Levi was wondering if the cheap Lord was Huoyun Cthulhu?

How does he feel not!

And who is the person impersonating himself?

Why does he use the same technique as himself?

What’s the secret in this?

Levi didn’t tell the seven evil gods about this, what if he stunned the snake?

He should check it slowly!

“Little Lord, all our forces have now assembled! Similarly, our whereabouts are all exposed to them!”

“Yes, if nothing else, Tiandang Mountain would have been surrounded by hundreds of miles long ago!”

“This is a great opportunity for them, to kill us all!”

“Soon the army of Tiance Mansion will attack! At that time, we will be tough? Or something else?”

The seven evil gods expressed their opinions, but they all looked at Levi and looked forward to Levi’s decision.

This battle is crucial.

If you are not careful, you may be wiped out!

Levi smiled: “Actually I have planned it!”

“Listen to me…”

Levi leaned in front of the seven and whispered his plan.

“What? How can this work?”

“Yes, this is definitely not good!”

The seven evil gods immediately opposed.

“Are you not listening to my orders?”

“Little Lord, I’ll wait for everything to follow your arrangements!”

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