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Chapter 1831

Seeing Levi’s anger, the seven evil gods immediately knelt down in front of him.

“Little Lord, we were wrong! We shouldn’t have any complaints, I should obey your orders unconditionally!”

The seven bowed their heads and dared not get up.

They all know the fate of violating the evil god.

Although they are the seven evil gods, the one in front of them is the true descendant of the evil gods.

The only one worthy of the title of Cthulhu.

They are all fictitious names!

“It’s okay, get up, just listen to me, go and prepare!”

Levi came to order.

The seven evil gods quickly dispersed.

Levi stood on the top of the mountain with his hands on his back and looked into the distance.

A big battle is coming.

The whole Tiandang Mountain seemed very peaceful this night!

There is no sound of birds and beasts, not even the wind blows.

But the surrounding area of ​​Tiandang Mountain is fierce as fire!

The Lords of Tiance Mansion, Baolong Clan, and the major decent forces are all in place.

The international forces led by Wood Zhengjie and Richard are also in place.

They surrounded Tiandang Mountain to a halt.

Including the sky above Tiandang Mountain, it was also tightly sealed off.

In the hands of these powerful people, it is no exaggeration to say that a fly can’t fly past.

What’s more, there are so many big living people, don’t even think about leaving!

“Should I say that Levi is really stupid! Not only does he gather everyone together, he also exposes the location! Isn’t this just waiting for us to catch it all?”


Everyone laughed.

“Don’t despise Levi, everyone! He dared to expose the location and gather everyone, for fear that he wants to fight us to the death! This group of demons is hard to deal with!”

“Everyone is ready to prepare! Heed the order, and the general attack will be launched in one hour!”


Everyone’s face is filled with excitement and expectation.

Not far from Tiandang Mountain.

The East Island forces gathered here.


“The day we waited is finally here! Things are developing better than we thought!”

“According to our plan, it was all small-scale weakening, but Levi would have gathered everyone together! This battle will weaken the strength of the Morendam martial arts world to the greatest extent!”

“Yes! Tiance Mansion is powerful, but the followers of Cthulhu are not weak! It is said that the seven Cthulhus are all the cultivation bases of the Eighth Heaven!”

“What kind of concept is the Eighth Heaven? In order not to reveal the cards, the War Eagle Nation would rather let Levi leave than send out the powerhouses of the Eighth Heaven!”

“We just wait and see a good show!”

But what they didn’t know was that someone had followed the trail and came to the door.

After all, they still left clues.

Before, Levi was not easy to find by himself.

But now Levi can use too many resources.

In addition to his secret team, there are seven evil gods.

The atmosphere of the war is getting stronger and stronger.

Levi was still standing on the top of the mountain. He had been standing for several hours.

He just got news that Sarah was fine.

He just breathed a sigh of relief.

Can concentrate on the next battle.

First solve all the troubles in front of you!

After that, Sarah was rescued.

Tiandang Mountain, the focal point of the world.

This battle has epoch-making significance.

It may affect the direction of the Morendam martial arts world in the future, and even the direction of the whole world.

“Countdown! Three, two, one, start a total attack!”


Suddenly a signal flare rose up and exploded over Tiandang Mountain!

“Boom boom boom…”

Suddenly a flash of flares lifted into the sky, dense enough to illuminate the entire Tiandang Mountain like daylight.


“Kill Levi!”


Tens of thousands of Lords launched a general attack on Tiandang Mountain from all directions.

“Levi is coming to your end!”

Wood Zhengjie and Richard also joined them one by one.

Chapter 1832


Countless Lords climbed Tiandang Mountain from all directions.

Everyone was murderous.

Once you see anyone, you will be killed!

They will not allow any evil spirits to live tonight!

It’s going to die!

But a few minutes later, everyone was stunned.

Because along the way, there was no evil demon outside.

It shouldn’t be!

According to the number of Cthulhu forces, it should be everywhere.

A place as small as the top of the mountain can’t hold so many people.

So where did the people go?

“Be careful, these demons are very cunning. Most of them are lying in ambush, waiting to attack us!”

“Be careful!”

Immediately, the Lords of all parties became vigilant, slowed down, and climbed slowly.

But the more you go, the more panic!

No one at all!

The entire Tiandang Mountain is quiet and terrifying!

There is no sound at all.

No one can see it.

There is not even a trace of birds or beasts.

“It shouldn’t, why is there no movement at all? It should be attacked early!”

No one was seen, so everyone continued climbing.

Soon, halfway up the mountain, still no one was seen.

This makes everyone’s face full of doubts.

What’s going on

Halfway up the mountain, no one is there!

What are these demons going to do?

What kind of attention did Levi play?

“Too insidious and cunning!”

“Let me see them, absolutely broken into pieces!”

“Keep going!”

Lords from all sides continue to climb the mountain from every direction.

There are experts from the Heavenly Strategy Mansion and the Lords of the Heavenly List, but they are not afraid.

The more you go, the more panic!

Strange, so strange.

No one saw it!

Even if they were about to reach the summit, they still didn’t see anyone.

“What the hell is Levi doing?”

This is the question in everyone’s mind.

“I know Levi! He is resourceful! The more this time, the less he can’t take it lightly!”

Wood Zhengjie reminded.

“Yes, after all, Levi and the Seven Cthulhus are very strong! Once they have some conspiracy, we will suffer heavy losses!”

An atmosphere of terror spread over Tiandang Mountain.

Everyone’s expressions are tense and their expressions are frozen.

After some discussions with the senior officials of Tiance Mansion, they decided to let the strong go ahead and open the way, just in case.

The strong of the Tianban and the strong of Tiance Mansion walked in the forefront to clear the way, and other troops followed behind.

Such step by step pressing towards the top of the mountain.

The situation remains the same.

Along the way, I still didn’t see anyone here.

Even some strong people have no bottom.

After all, in everyone’s concept, these evil demons are inherently cunning, cruel and ruthless.

Once they use any conspiracy, they may not be able to stop it.

After half an hour.

The armies of all parties successfully climbed to the top from four directions.

On the top of the mountain, only a figure stood.

That is Levi!

No one thought of this!

There is only one person in the entire Tiandang Mountain!

Where have the tens of thousands of evil god forces gone?


The Cthulhu forces have all gathered, this is what Tiance Mansion has seen, it is certain.

So many people all went to Tiandang Mountain.

How could it disappear for no reason?

They rummaged almost the entire Tiandang Mountain.

No one saw it!

Where are people?

“How come there is only one person?”


Can’t understand!

The figure slowly turned around.


There is only Levi in Tiandang Mountain.

“I have been waiting for you for a long time!”

Levi smiled at the corner of his mouth.

But this look, in the eyes of others, is almost like a devil.

“Empty city plan?”

Isn’t Levi sing an empty city plan?

There is absolutely fraud!

But if the forces of the evil spirits lie in wait, where can they lie in wait?

Now every corner is their people!

The Cthulhu forces have no place to hide at all!

Where did they go?

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