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Chapter 1833

It’s impossible to disappear out of thin air, right?

This is impossible!

How could tens of thousands of people disappear under the nose of Tiance Mansion?

There is another explanation, that is, like the shadow man of the war eagle country and the shadow warrior of the East Island, they hide their figure and integrate with the environment.

This is possible.

But only some people, or a few people can do it.

Tens of thousands of people can’t do it!

Where are people?

What is the conspiracy?

“Levi, what tricks are you playing? What about people? What about others?”

Earth Tiger couldn’t help asking.

“Yes! Levi, don’t be foolish! In the face of absolute strength, your conspiracy and tricks are useless!”

“Yes, Levi hurriedly grabbed it! Then hand over all your subordinates! Maybe I will leave you a whole body!”

This group of people watched their surroundings vigilantly as they spoke cruelly.

No one wants to be sneered!

Even those who are strong in the sky list!

Levi was happy.

To put it bluntly, these people are still afraid!

He smiled: “Don’t worry, I am the only one in Tiandang Mountain!”

“F*rt! Ghosts will believe you! We watched so many evil gods enter Tiandang Mountain! How come there is only one person!”

“Levi, don’t lie! If you have any conspiracy, just show it!”

When Levi spoke, he was immediately rebutted by a large group of people.

Levi smiled.

It seems that Cthulhu has caused a great shadow on this group of people.

“I am enough to deal with you! I don’t need them!”

“You don’t need to look for it, they have already left!”

Levi smiled.

“Leave? Who did you miss? Where did so many people leave? Why didn’t we see it?”

“Yeah! Even if the sky above Tiandang Mountain is within our control, it is impossible for them to fly away! Tell me they left? Who did you lie to?”

Everyone roared one after another.

But Levi was right!

The seven evil gods led everyone away!

This is the reason why the seven evil gods strongly opposed when Levi proposed the plan.

They never thought that Levi’s plan was to ask them to lead everyone to retreat.

The seven evil gods naturally did not agree to this.

But this is Levi’s order, they can only execute it.

So they took everyone, including Fu Jia and others, and left Tiandang Mountain.

As for where did they leave Tiandang Mountain?

Not under the eyes of Tiance Mansion, or flying away, let alone disappearing out of thin air.

In fact, Levi was making this decision after determining the location of Tiandang Mountain.

He asked the secret team to dig a tunnel in the Tiandang Mountain.

Morendam was originally called an infrastructure madman.

What’s more, a group of top Lords are digging in person.

They dug out this secret passage in just one day.

That’s why the seven evil gods disappear without even knowing it with tens of thousands of gods.

Leave in the passage in the mountain.

This is how Tiance Mansion would not have thought of it.

Even the sky is blocked.

But there are mountains!

Now, Levi is indeed the only one in Tiandang Mountain!

In order to prevent the other party’s conspiracy from succeeding.

He just used this strategy.

Let the seven evil gods lead people to leave quietly, and prevent them from encountering the army of Tiance Mansion.

Directly shattered the plans of the East Island forces!

They wanted a frontal collision between the Morendam Martial Dao Realm and the Heretic God’s forces, greatly weakening the Da Xia Martial Dao forces.

But Levi didn’t let them succeed!

“It’s not good! We found a secret passage in Beishan! Go straight to the mountain, and the exit is in another place!”

“We suspect that the seven evil gods led people away from the mountain passage!”

At this time, the Lord of Tiance Mansion discovered this secret passage.

“Levi, what are you going to do?”

Chapter 1834

Now, all of them in Tiance Mansion knew why people disappeared out of thin air!

It is impossible to imagine.

Levi went out of the mountain through a tunnel!

I can’t believe it if I’m killed!

This explains why so many people disappeared out of thin air!

Faced with this situation, Tiance Mansion is also helpless!

If the above blame comes down, it is a major negligence!

The responsibility will be on them!

If Levi walked away quietly with all the heretical forces, then they would be crazy!

It’s all their responsibility!

Fortunately, Levi is here!

Otherwise it will be too much trouble!

But another question came to my mind.

No, there should be several questions.

Why did Levi let the seven evil gods lead people away?

Just leave him here?

Isn’t this going to die?

With this opportunity to escape, why not escape?

If you don’t want to escape, you should keep everyone around!

The Cthulhu forces are a very strong team!

Why let them go?

Can’t figure it out!

Thinking about this matter from that angle, I can’t figure it out!

Even at the beginning, why Levi rashly summoned all the forces of the evil gods was an incredible decision!

This is not to let everyone catch it all in one go!

Everyone can’t figure it out after tearing their scalp.

But how did they know that Levi was dedicated to Morendam.

Do all kinds of unthinkable things, just to reduce Morendam’s loss and prevent the enemy’s conspiracy from succeeding!

He will always be the God of War, and he will always be the king of the word side by side!

At any time, you must trust him unconditionally.

Leave everything to him!

Tiance Mansion did not expect it, nor did the forces of the East Island.

Just when they wanted to sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight, they found that the tigers were all over.

Everything they expected could not be achieved.

Only Levi!

If they wanted to pretend to be Levi and kill everyone as they did the first two times, it would not be possible to achieve it.

Not to mention that the eyes of the whole world are gathered here.

What’s more, all the top powerhouses present!

“It seems something is wrong!”

The group of East Island forces not far from Tiandang Mountain began to frown.

Because the leaders of Tiance Mansion have their spies.

When the spies passed the news, they were also dumbfounded.

Everyone disappeared?

“Hurry up and send someone to see what’s going on!”

They immediately sent Lords to Tiandang Mountain to inquire about the situation in person.

Little did they know that in this way, they exposed their feet.

The people arranged by Levi watched them thoroughly.

Especially the seven evil gods who left they also took action.

Part to rescue Sarah, part to investigate clues.

Tiandang Mountain.

Tianlong stared at Levi: “What are you going to do Levi?”

Levi smiled: “Don’t do anything, don’t you want to kill me? Come on, deal with you, I am enough!”

“You…you are too arrogant! Do you really think that the world is invincible? Your ranking is only sixth! There are many who are stronger than you!”

“Levi is your death date today!”

Levi’s words aroused many people’s dissatisfaction.

But the strong are thinking about why Levi is like this?

At this time, Wood Zhengjie’s expression in the crowd became weird.

He hasn’t shown up just now.

Levi had just searched for him a few times but couldn’t find him.

This guy hides deeply.

“Not good! Adjust the tiger away from the mountain!”

Wood Zhengjie said suddenly.

He couldn’t understand all the reasons why Levi withdrew the seven evil gods, but he guessed one of the reasons.

Levi must have sent someone to rescue Sarah.


“I still have something to do temporarily, I will leave it to you to clean up Levi! I will leave immediately!”

Before Wood Zhengjie showed up, he left Tiandang Mountain and went straight to the Shenlong Science and Technology Base.

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