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Chapter 1835

This was also what Levi didn’t expect.

After the army from Tiance Mansion arrived, he has been searching for Wood Zhengjie’s traces.

It turned out that Wood Zhengjie saw through his intentions and left.

Tianlong received the news that Wood Zhengjie had left.

“It’s okay, we are enough to deal with Levi alone!”

“In addition, give orders from the Tiance Mansion! Half of the people immediately went to find the whereabouts of the evil gods! We must not let them go! This opportunity is too rare!”

Soon, the Lords of Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan left one after another, and they all went to hunt down the evil gods.

In an instant, Tiandang Mountain lost half of its people.

However, all the major forces in the Morendam martial arts world are there, as are the international forces controlled by Richard.

The international forces are here for Levi.

The lives and deaths of other people have little to do with them.

They want to watch Levi die.

In their opinion, the remaining people could kill Levi no matter what.

After all, almost all of the top ten strongest in the sky list are in.

It’s hard for Levi to escape!

Now he is just fighting against the trapped beasts alone!

Far beyond Tiandang Mountain.

Three of the seven evil gods looked at Tiandang Mountain and sighed.

“Can the little evil god alone handle so many people?”

“This is also a good thing for him! It is the strongest experience! If he succeeds, he is in the top three of the rankings!”

The top of Tiandang Mountain.

“Levi, you must also understand that it is inevitable to die today! So you have chosen the place of burial in advance?”

“Don’t worry, Morendam will take care of your family after you die! After all, your daughter’s talent is rare in the world!”

“Everyone, let me come first!”

Xuan Lang stood up.

He has always wanted to fight Levi for a long time.

Finally there is a chance.

“Let’s go together! Don’t waste time!”

Hearing this, Xuan Lang was going to explode.

“Levi, you are crazy! I can deal with you alone!”


Xuan Lang roared wildly.

All his clothes burst to pieces.

His body expanded for no reason…

The muscles of the body expanded, and there was a totem of a black wolf on his body, faintly transmitting light.

It was as if this wolf was about to jump out of his body.

Xuan Lang’s entire popularity changed drastically.

The wolf totem gives him endless power and lightning-fast speed.


Xuan Lang appeared in front of Levi instantly, this speed broke the limit.


He slapped it.

The power given by the wolf totem is enough to smash everything.

Xuan Lang was very confident, even if he was lost, he could still tie Levi for hundreds of rounds.


But he never expected that Levi slapped it out.

Faster than him!

Stronger than him!


Under the slap of destroying the sky and the earth, Xuan Lang couldn’t stop it at all, and the whole person flew out.

Blood was scattered all over the ground.

“Next person!”

The corners of Levi’s mouth were cold.


As the Tianlong four members of Tiance Mansion who often deal with things outside, Xuan Lang is the strongest.

In the end, even Levi couldn’t stop him from slap!

Levi swept across everyone’s faces: “Let’s go together!”

“Let’s come! Let us understand how powerful the descendants of the evil gods are!”

Several people stood up.

They are the tenth god of war in the sky!

The ninth king of the Western Regions!

The eighth spear of Hades!

Qingcheng Dao Sword Logan Daotian, seventh in the sky list!

The four will join forces to prove whether Levi’s sixth place on the Tianan list is true…

These people are one level higher than Wulong Taoist!

Especially the four people teamed up!

It will be earth-shattering!

Levi smiled helplessly.

Is this decent?

It’s not teaming up yet!

It’s not that the four of them didn’t have this courage, but that they didn’t believe in Levi’s strength, but on the other hand they believed in the authority of Tianji Pavilion.

Since Levi can be ranked sixth, it shows that Levi is better than them.


“Take it down!”

Chapter 1836

When these four people join forces, it seems to everyone that it is about to come to an end.

Especially the Qingcheng Dao Sword Logan Daotian who is seventh in the sky list!

He is not only a martial artist, he is also a Lord of Taoist magic arts.

Combining martial arts and magic techniques together, one can imagine how terrifying it is!

What’s more, he also teamed up with three super powers!


The strongest rushed out is the tenth god of war Thunder.

He was not in control of Thunder, but he was once named after the heavenly thunder to temper his body without dying.

He is a Lord of horizontal training!

The body is so tyrannical that it can even hold the thunder and lightning!

It shows how powerful he is!

Immediately, the Western Region Sword King shot a scimitar like lightning.

A scimitar revolved, causing a sensation of wind and thunder.

He is called the best knife in the world!

There are few people in the world to stop it!

The Hades shot out like lightning across the night, tearing the world apart, and ghosts and gods trembled!

Logan Daotian pinched his fingers, and the two Dao Swords he was carrying unsheathed.

Carrying the thunder power, fell from the sky and slashed towards Levi.

The terrifying power spread and shattered everything around him.

Everyone hurriedly avoided.

For fear of hurting yourself!

For the first time in many years, the four strongest players have joined forces.

It is rare!

However, it was the descendant of the Heretic God to deal with it!

There will be no remarks about bullying the less by more and bullying the smaller!

In the minds of the public, the evil spirits must die, no matter what methods are used!

“Good job!!!”

Levi roared wildly.





Facing the four people teaming up, Levi instantly blasted four punches!

The speed is so fast that it is unimaginable!

The shots of the four major top players are already the limit!

Don’t let Levi have a chance!

But under this limit, Levi hit four punches instantly!



There is no god and demon under a punch, and the Thunder God of War can’t hold Levi’s punch.

His clothes burst to pieces, and blood stains appeared on his body.

What could hold the body of Thunder and Lightning, still could not stop Levi’s punch.


The scimitar that looked like a lightning-like silver snake and dragon dance was blasted back by Levi with a punch.


The moment the Western Region Knife King caught the knife, his heart was sweet, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.


The Hades spear that pierced the night encountered Levi with a punch.

He was beaten back abruptly.


The moment the Lord of the Hades spear caught it, it seemed as if he had picked up a large mountain, and the terrible weight instantly pressed on him.

His feet were torn apart in an instant, and the earth was shaking.

“Da da da da…”

The Lord of the Hades spear withdrew more than a dozen steps in a row to stabilize his figure.


As for Logan Daotian’s double swords, they stubbornly held Levi’s punch, and they were not beaten into the air!

But Logan Daotian’s eyes were full of shock!

Is this young man terrible?

After repulsing the three of them, his dual swords did not hurt him!

“It’s me!”

The voice fell.

Levi disappeared.

“Boom boom boom…”

He already appeared in front of the Thunder God of War, three punches.

God of Thunder cannot avoid it at all!

His body was cracked open, and finally flew out.

Did not wait for everyone to react!

Levi killed Xiangxiyu King Sword and Hades Spear again!

These two are obviously stronger.

Levi solved the opponent with five punches and eight punches respectively.

In the end, only Logan Daotian was left.

Levi didn’t give him the opportunity to use spells at all.

Just about to pinch the finger, Levi’s fist arrived, like a gust of wind and rain.

Logan Daotian immediately tried his best to resist.

“Da da da…”

Levi’s fists swept like a machine gun, and hundreds of punches blasted out in an instant.

Logan Daotian used martial arts and martial arts together to resist.


But after a long time, Logan Daotian was obviously lost, and he flew out after being hit by a punch.

“Next person!”

Levi shouted.

Next, it’s time to come out fifth on the top list.

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