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Chapter 1837

In the first battle, Levi showed great strength!

The strength crushes the top four ranking powerhouses behind him!

Once again confirmed that Tianji Pavilion is correct!

Their ranking is based!

“I’m here to you!”

A female voice came.

As if the twelfth lunar month was approaching, everyone couldn’t help but shudder.

Ranked fifth on the list, she is known as Mrs. Cold Bing.

She and her forces have been in the deepest part of the northern border in the ice and snow.

It is said that Mrs. Frost can be frozen for hundreds of miles!

It is equivalent to a means to reach the sky.

She is ranked fifth for a reason!

After Mrs. Han Bing came out.

The audience was silent.

After all, this is the first one who ranks ahead of Levi in real strength!

Everyone firmly believes in the authority of Tianji Pavilion!

There is absolutely nothing wrong!

Mrs. Han Bing’s strength is definitely above Levi!

Mrs. Han Bing did not say a word, and started the fight directly.

As soon as she shot her hand, the cold air burst out.

Coming overwhelmingly.

I want to turn this place into a world of ice and snow.




The entire top of Tiandang Mountain is constantly being frozen by cold air!

There are no dead ends at all.

Both towering ancient trees and rocky peaks are surrounded by ice.

Ice and snow, as if you were in the northernmost part of Morendam.

Everyone present began to evade one after another, for fear that the cold might burn themselves.

This is the coldness of the eighth-layered heavenly powerhouse, which can melt everything in an instant.

Mrs. Han Bing didn’t give Levi any chance to punch, and the instantaneous cold air enveloped Levi.

The next moment, Levi was frozen.


Mrs. Han Bing showed a sneer.


Everyone present smiled.

The fifth on the top list is better than the sixth!


The laughter wasn’t over yet, suddenly the ice cube burst open, and Levi flew out of it.



He shoots out with both palms.

The scorching airflow permeated.




The entire frozen Tiandang Mountain peak began to thaw.

From a distance, the mountain top seemed to be wrapped in a fire.


Even Mrs. Han Bing couldn’t stop the hot air current. At this moment, she felt that she was going to be melted by the high temperature.

Just when she thought she was going to die, the heat disappeared.

Levi stopped.

Even Mrs. Han Bing didn’t believe that Levi would stop.

This Heretic God’s descendant, shouldn’t he kill himself directly?

How can you stop?


Fifth defeat in the summer list!

“Amitabha! Poor monks come to the donor! I hope the donor will put down his butcher knife and become a Buddha!”

A monk appeared in front of Levi.

The fourth monk Tianwu!

King Kong Temple from the West!

It is said that if the golden bell is trained to a very high level, there is no way to kill it!

“Did the Lord ever see me murder?”


“Is it all heard? Seeing is not necessarily true! Lord heed some rumors and decided that I was a Cthulhu?”

“Poor monk…”

Levi’s word forbearance made Monk Tianwu speechless.

“Divine monk, don’t listen to Levi’s words to confuse the crowd! You must take him down as soon as possible!”

“Yes, the monk do it! Let this evil demon die quickly!”

The crowd urged.

“The donor has taught me!”

Monk Tianwu put his hands together.

“bring it on!”

Afterwards, Levi and the monk Tianwu fought against each other.

Both of them are in a big deal.

Fist head-to-head fight!

The world changed its color.

The top of the mountain was razed, and the whole Tiandang Mountain was shaking in the end!

Finally, Monk Tianwu used the golden bell jar!

But Levi used seven punches to blast him abruptly!

Monk Tianwu is defeated!

Levi defeated the fifth and fourth powerhouses successively as the sixth in the ranking!


Where is the limit of Levi?

But then is the real battle…

The top three in the sky list!

Chapter 1838

Tens of thousands of people were frightened.

How could Levi be so strong?

Qingcheng Daojian these people were defeated, and it was understandable that the four of them joined forces as soon as possible.

However, both the fourth and fifth in the rankings were defeated by Levi.

It’s incredible.

For the first time, the authority of the Tianji Pavilion ranking in the world list was questioned.

It turns out that they sometimes missed their eyes.

This Levi is not at the sixth level at all, this is challenging the level of the top three!

Top three in the big summer list!

Outsiders may not know.

But in the mind of the warrior, that is the ceiling!

Like the top three on the earth list, the top three on the sky list is quite different from the rest of the top three on the sky list!

There is a moat between the fourth and the third!

The first three belong to another level of existence!

Third on the list, he is a Lord of magic, said to be from the ancient Taoist school, nicknamed Kyushu Xuanzun.

A surgical procedure can be called a change of fate! It is the supreme in the magic world! A lot of juniors who learned the technique offered him like a god!

It’s a dragon that sees the end but never sees the end!

Ranked second in the rankings, nicknamed the Common Killer God, who used his own power to suppress the Dongfangzhou martial arts world, no one can match it.

Just a piece of commoner can deter millions of people in the Outland!

The Commoner God of War is said to be the suppressor of the era after the era of Cthulhu!

At that time, Tiance Mansion invited him to be named the Dragon of Great Xia, but he refused!

The key is to hear that Commoner Killing God is hidden in the city! He lives in the dunya, maybe someone you meet in the vegetable market.

No. 1 in the sky list, Beidiyan Beitian!

His introduction is very rare.

Can be ranked in front of this level of commoner to kill the gods, enough to show how strong he is!

He is the real ceiling of the ranking list!

These three shots are estimated to be earth-shattering.

Before Levi, he heard from the intelligence that the second and third figures in the top ranking have all come.

So next should be Xuanzun Kyushu, who is third in the sky list, right?

But no one came out…

When they were in doubt, several people from Tianlong shouted: “Please also ask Senior Xuanzun Kyushu and Senior Common Killing God to take action to punish this demon!”


Everyone present shouted.

Because according to the plan of Tiance Mansion, outside of Beidi Bass Beitian, the other two were here.

At this time, several Taoist priests came to the field.

“Sorry everyone! Our Lord is retreating recently! He can’t come here!”

Several people apologized.

Tianlong looked puzzled: “Then why do you say Senior Xuanzun Kyushu is here?”

“We want to release the name of the Lord, to frighten these evil demons! How do you know…”

These Taoist priests were dumbfounded.

No one thought that Levi would be so strong, it really needed their Lord to make a move!


Everyone was disappointed.

Can only count on Commoner to kill God.

“Senior Commoner Killing God, are you here?”

Everyone is searching around.

An old man stood up, holding a commoner in his hand!

This is Commoner’s token of Killing God-Commoner!

There was an era of suppression that year!

Just a piece of cloth hanging on the high wall, so that millions of people dare not take a step!

“Actually, the Lord has long lived a life of idle clouds and wild cranes! Although it is in Morendam, I don’t know where it is! I can only invite the Lord’s token-Commoner, the town hall!”

The Tianlong people immediately took over the cloth in a respectful manner, and scolded Levi: “Seeing the cloth cloth is like seeing the cloth cloth killing the deity! Levi, you won’t be able to catch it?”

According to the rules of the martial arts world, those who see the commoner must kneel!

But Levi sneered: “You have a brain disease, right? I’m not even afraid of the deity! I’m afraid of one of his clothes?”

As soon as the voice fell, Levi blew out a stream of air, tearing the commoner directly.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Levi was crazy.

But everyone is helpless.

Levi didn’t want to fight with these people, he wanted to know how Sarah was going.

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