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Chapter 1839

On the other side, the three evil gods among the seven evil gods——

The evil spirits, the evil spirits of blood, and the evil spirits have quietly touched the periphery of the Shenlong science and technology base.

They paid enough attention to the task arranged by Levi and sent three evil gods to rescue Sarah.

The evil god of poison is naturally good at using poison and killing the gods invisible.

The blood evil god uses blood to practice kung fu, powerful and terrifying.

The evil spirit refers to his evil charm like a demon, and he has reached the pinnacle of illusion.

With these three people taking action, Levi was naturally relieved.

“Let’s go, save people!”

The three swaggered in.

With the strength of the three of them, there is no need to be sneaky.

Just go in and take people away.


As soon as the three of them stepped into the Shenlong Technology Base, the entire base sirens loudly.


At the same time, a light curtain rose behind the three of them, cutting off their retreat.

“How do I feel an ambush?”

The demon evil god wary way.

“Yes! I have been waiting for you for a long time!”

Accompanied by the voice, Wood Zhengjie led someone to appear slowly.

The Shenlong Science and Technology Base has advanced technology, not to mention an aircraft at several times the speed of sound.

Therefore, Wood Zhengjie came to the Shenlong base before the three evil gods.

“You arrested someone?”

The Blood Cthulhu asked sharply.

Wood Zhengjie smiled abnormally: “Yes, yes, people are inside! Go and save!”

“court death!”

The blood evil god was angry.

The eyes turned blood red, and bloody traces appeared on his face, like symbols.

It just so happened that he didn’t use blood today, so he took Wood Zhengjie’s operation.

As soon as the blood evil god took action, the whole world turned into blood, desolate and murderous.

He wants to tear Wood Zhengjie apart!

It’s just that Wood Zhengjie’s mouth has a weird smile.

The Blood Evil God instantly appeared in front of Wood Zhengjie, grabbing his shoulders with both hands, tearing him in half.

The Blood Evil God has the strength of the Eighth Heaven, even if the opponent’s body is as hard as a mountain, it can be torn apart.

But the moment he got started, he was dumbfounded.

Because Wood Zhengjie’s body turned into liquid.

His hands seemed to be in the water.

“not good!”

Blood Cthulhu realized that something was wrong, his face changed drastically, and he wanted to retreat.


But Wood Zhengjie didn’t give him a chance at all, the moment the energy body condensed, super energy blasted from his fist.


The Blood Cthulhu couldn’t hold this punch at all.

I was beaten out!


Blood Cthulhu’s eyes were full of horror.

I have never seen such power…

“Da da da…”

Wood Zhengjie deceived him, and his fist rained down on the blood evil god.

The blood evil god’s physique has long been detached from the world, so powerful that modern weapons can’t bombard it.

But under Wood Zhengjie’s fist, countless blood stains appeared on the body of the blood evil god, and his body would be exploded if it continued like this!

In front of Wood Zhengjie, the blood evil god has no power to fight back!


Seeing that the blood evil spirit was about to explode, suddenly Wood Zhengjie flashed a flower, and the blood evil spirit disappeared from his eyes.

The evil spirits’ illusions saved the blood evil spirits.

If you don’t save it, the blood evil god is really going to die.

“Look at me! He must die! I have used hundreds of poisons that are rare in the world on him just now! No matter how high his cultivation is, no matter how strong he is!”

The evil god of poison sneered.

He is the weakest among the seven evil gods.

Even the seventh heaven.

However, relying on a single-handed poisonous skill, he abruptly tied with the other six.

It shows how good he is.

The most terrifying thing is that the poisonous evil god is among the seven great evil gods, the one who has killed the most powerful people of the seventh heaven and the eighth heaven.

Relying on one-handed poisonous power.

When Wood Zhengjie was fighting with the blood evil god just now, the poison evil god was not idle. He used poison power to inflict hundreds of poisons on Wood Zhengjie.

The three of them looked at Wood Zhengjie as if they were watching a dead person.

“Really? Hundreds of highly poisonous?”

Chapter 1840

Wood Zhengjie smiled at the corner of his mouth and looked at the three of them as if they were prey.

The poisonous power of the evil evil spirit is operating, and Wood Zhengjie will definitely have a poisonous attack in the next moment, bleeding from Lloyd orifices and die.

The evil spirits even counted down three and two in their hearts.

The next moment, the trio’s complexion changed drastically.

Because the poison power was working, hundreds of virulent poisons had occurred at the same time, but Wood Zhengjie had nothing to do.

Still looking at them with a smile.

“Impossible! No one can hold this poisonous!”

The evil god of poison exclaimed.

Even if he planted hundreds of virulent poisons in the top three in the top three, not to mention death on the spot, at least he was poisoned.

But Wood Zhengjie was nothing strange at all.

“Do you poison me? It’s no use!”

Wood Zhengjie smiled, his energy body began to move, and abruptly expelled hundreds of poisons in it.


Hundreds of highly poisonous species fell on the ground, and soon a large area of ​​scorched black and smoke rose.

“Impossible! How could you expel all my poison in an instant?”

The evil god of poison is even more incredible.

Even the Northern Emperor, who is number one in the sky list, can’t do it!

How did Wood Zhengjie do it?

His face is incredible!

It was the evil spirits who understood something.

“It seems to be a problem with his physique!”

The blood evil god also said: “Is he a physique that is not invaded by a hundred poisons in the legend?”

That’s right!

It’s Wood Zhengjie’s physique!

His body is composed of pure energy!

Not flesh and bones!

So this kind of poison is of no use to him!

He can discharge instantly!


Wood Zhengjie’s face changed and he killed a few people.

“Withdraw, we are not his opponents, we will suffer!”

The evil god immediately exclaimed.

If it is someone else, it is impossible to escape in Wood Zhengjie’s hands.

But the evil spirit’s illusion can be done to hide from the sky.

Instantly disappeared from Wood Zhengjie’s eyes…

“I’m furious!!!”

Wood Zhengjie gasped with anger as he looked at the three people who disappeared.

Needless to think about it, these are three of the seven evil gods.

If these three are taken down, then Wood Zhengjie will become famous.

“But Levi, do you want to save Sarah? Impossible!”

“Next, whether you die or not, I will advance the experiment!”

Wood Zhengjie returned to the base.

He also told the Tiance Mansion the news of the appearance of the seven evil gods and asked them to actively search for it.

The three evil gods who escaped were helpless.

Because the blood evil god is about to die…

“Hurry up and find the blood, or the old blood won’t survive tonight!”

The blood evil god is in danger, according to his practice, only fresh blood can save him!

“Where is the blood?”

The evil god of poison was already anxious.

“Kill when you see people! Take human blood!”

The evil god urged.

At this time, the dying blood evil god’s weak voice sounded: “Don’t! Have you forgotten the last little Lord’s instructions?”

“He told me never to kill innocent people indiscriminately! If you want blood, you can use artificial or animal ones! Don’t kill people!”

The evil god of poison nodded: “Okay, I understand, I’ll look for animal blood!”

This is the role of Levi!

Even though he is still forcefully ordering them as a descendant of the evil gods, at least these evil gods will not kill innocent people indiscriminately.

Over time, in a subtle way, they will also change.

Besides, after Wood Zhengjie returned to the base, he looked at Sarah and smiled.

“Levi is under siege right now, he has no way of life! But he just sent someone to rescue you, but I was beaten back!”

“What? He sent someone to save me?”

Plum dyed his face incredibly.

“Don’t worry, no one can save you! You can only follow me obediently! The experiment will start soon! You can’t escape!”

In order to have more dreams at night, Wood Zhengjie decided to experiment as soon as possible.

“You are a demon!”

Sarah cursed.

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