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Chapter 1841

Wood Zhengjie laughed.

He immediately went to prepare for the experiment.

The experiment will start in three hours…

“I will let everyone witness another miracle!”

Wood Zhengjie’s eyes were full of madness.

Tiandang Mountain.

Tens of thousands of people were silent.

The Lord who could really deal with Levi didn’t come.

Just a commoner who wanted to suppress Levi became a big joke.

Looking at the torn commoner, everyone realized that Levi was in trouble.

But at the same time, I also know that their IQ just short-circuited.

Will the descendants of the Heretic God be afraid of a commoner?

What a joke?

The most embarrassing thing is that none of them can deal with Levi now!

Who knew that the top three in the top three were not here by coincidence?

Most of the core powerhouses in Tiance Mansion have also gone to hunt down the heretical forces…

Even the magic Lord Wood Zhengjie left.

The international forces controlled by Richard are also dumbfounded.

Originally wanted to watch a scene and go back.

I didn’t expect Levi to be so strong!

They have to do it themselves!

The spies of the East Island forces mixed in it are even more stunned.

Is Levi’s posture to be invincible?

Their plans have repeatedly failed.

“Anything else? Let’s go together!”

Levi was eager and couldn’t wait.

“Yes! Even though we haven’t come second and third in the top ranking! But we have so many Lords working together, I don’t believe that he can’t be killed!”

Tianlong shouted.

“Yes! So many of us can’t kill him? We are the backbone of the Morendam martial arts world!”

The Lords began to clamor one by one.

They are not cannon fodder.

Most of them are the powerhouses of the sixth heaven and the seventh heaven. Together, they have the power to destroy the heavens and the earth.


Tens of thousands of people all killed Xiang Levi.

Levi had never encountered the number and degree of the strong.

Dealing with it is even more troublesome than dealing with those who are strong in the top rankings.

But Levi decided to block everything alone, so naturally he wanted to fight with them.

What’s more, Levi has a plan…


Levi entered the battle group alone.

The battle was earth-shattering!

There were roars and screams all over the mountains and plains.

The powerhouses of the Morendam Martial Arts Realm and Tiance Mansion are falling one after another…

But they were eager to kill Levi and didn’t notice a detail at all.

As far as Morendam is concerned, Levi just wounded them, causing them to temporarily lose their combat effectiveness.

But for the international forces formed by Richard, Levi didn’t show any mercy when he saw one kill another.

Do you want to weaken Morendam’s power?


Instead, I will make you pay the price!

Levi has become more and more courageous in the war!

Too many people have fallen around, and the wailing is constant, like tearing the sky.

The blood of blood will stain Tiandang Mountain red.

This battle is too miserable!

Tens of thousands of powerful people were beaten by Levi alone!


Is this the descendant of Cthulhu?

Too strong, too strong!

Time slowly passed, and eventually the army led by Tiance Mansion was wiped out and all fell to the ground.

Of course, Morendam’s Lords are only injured.

None of the teams organized by Richard survived.

Fortunately, Richard did not come here, and went to other places in Morendam, otherwise he would not escape.


Everyone’s eyes were filled with shock!

Levi is too strong, right?

Who can resist this?

One person breaks the army!

Can’t stop it!

Some people even have a terrible idea in their minds-are they not his opponents in the top three of the top three?

Levi left.

But it brought the greatest shame to the Morendam martial arts world!

At least in their opinion!

But Levi didn’t leave completely, he just found a place to hide.

Not surprisingly, the forces that framed him will definitely appear and slaughter all these people clean.

Sure enough, after Levi waited for a while, someone appeared…

Chapter 1842

Not alone.

It’s ten people!

Perhaps considering that there were more people this time, it would be more troublesome to solve it by one person, so we sent out ten Lords.

“Hey, what are you doing? Nowhere!”

Levi stood up.

Ten people were taken aback.

They just watched Levi leave, why did he still show up?


Ten people were obviously panicked.


In a hurry, ten people were about to evacuate.

“Want to escape? No way!”

Levi came forward suddenly and grabbed one person.


At this time, one person took the initiative to attack and met Levi.


The land is cracked, the sun and the moon are reversed.

“It’s you!!!”

There was a burst of anger in Levi’s eyes.

He recognized it!

This person is who framed him!

It’s almost exactly the same as his practice!

In a short time, Levi couldn’t see any difference!

“Let me see your true colors!”

Levi immediately caught him.

“Stop him! Stop him!”

The man panicked.

The other nine Lords all killed Levi.

As for him, he just flees on the spot.

Although the nine Lords could not stop him for a long time, a gap was enough for him to slip away.



You want to stop me too?

Levi had a murderous heart, and a mighty force of five horses blasted out from all over his body.


The nine were instantly lost and flew out.



It’s just that these nine people pierced the short blade into their chest in an instant.

They would rather die than let Levi know any news.

Levi was one step too late.

But picking up the short blade, it is unique to Toshima!

“This is from Dongdao!”

Levi’s eyes flickered. At this moment, he thought of several people.

The few Dongdao people I met in Fengtian City were mixed in Anjia.

Although he let the Western Heavenly King stare, but now it seems that he may not be able to stare.

It seems that my hunch is right!

This is a professional habit for many years!

It is easy to see some anomalies.

“It should start with Anjia again! Check back when Anjia left Morendam and went to East Island to contact those people specifically!”

Now Levi had a direction.

And there is a very important clue-Anjia.

In addition, letting the secret team and the seven evil gods check the surrounding abnormalities, it is estimated that there will be clues.

You can definitely find it in the end!

Levi’s frowned brows stretched out.

Good things happen one after another!

What if someone like his own martial arts ran away?

I will find it on your head in the end!

“Let’s go, see if Sarah is saved!”

Levi left Tiandang Mountain.

In the battle of Tiandang Mountain, he achieved a complete victory.

The Tianlong and others on Tiandang Mountain all looked incredulous.

“Impossible, Levi, a descendant of the Heretic God, just let us go?”

“Yes, shouldn’t he kill us all? How can he only wound us and not kill us?”

Everyone was puzzled.

“He is insulting us! Laughing at how many of us are helpless to him! He is trampling on our dignity!”

Xuan Lang suddenly shouted loudly.

“Yes, that’s right! Levi is just insulting us! This is more painful than killing us! I must avenge this grudge!”

“Does Levi really think that no one has taken you? The Lords of the Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan have not yet appeared! The top three in the top three have not come yet!”

A group of people completely misunderstood what Levi meant.

Not killing them is actually an insult to them.

Levi, who had left, met the three evil gods shortly afterwards.

“What? The man was not saved?”

Levi panicked.

No wonder he hasn’t seen Wood Zhengjie, it turns out that this kid actually returned.

It should have guessed his intention.

“Hurry up to the Shenlong Technology Base!!!”

Levi immediately set off.

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