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Chapter 1851

Wen Lei urged immediately.

In her analysis, which old man did save them at the critical moment.

But the particle collision still affected her more or less.

Give her terrible superpowers!

Then Sarah may also be affected by particle collisions.


Sarah was confused.

“Try it quickly and see if you have changed?”

Wen Lei said.

“Okay, I will try!”

Sarah is now a warrior, she feels her physical condition carefully.

It seems to be no different from before.

“I’m so lucky to give it a try!”

Plum Ranyun was very angry.

In an instant, she felt an electric current in her brain was awakened, and it rushed to the brain quickly.

At that moment, there was extreme pain in the brain, as if it was about to explode.

In my mind, a blurry picture appeared, and I didn’t know what it was.

As if there were tens of thousands of silver needles tearing her head…

This feeling is terrible!


Sarah fell directly to the ground, holding his head and crying, rolling constantly, making hysterical screams.

Wen Lei was stunned by the scene before her.

What’s wrong with Sarah?

Sarah was like crazy, all over the floor.

The terrible sound was like a hell demon.

Wen Lei got goose bumps all over her body.

Her eyes were blood red, and her eyeballs almost flew out.




Sarah went crazy and hit the ground with his head, making a terrifying sound.

The most frightening thing is that the ground splits, showing dense cracks like a spider web.

Sarah dyed Wen Lei at the moment like a demon!

Wen Lei stepped forward and hugged Sarah, not allowing her to make any movements.

“Sarah, calm down! Calm down!”

It took a full minute before Sarah calmed down a little bit and fell asleep.

The whole person is wet with cold sweat.

“What’s going on here?”

“Does the particle collision affect her brain nerves?”

Wen Lei made a preliminary judgment.

It seems that when this kind of experiment fails, not everyone can acquire superpowers.

It depends on everyone’s physique, luck, etc.

At present, it seems that the collision of particles has brought a bad side to plums.

“Take a rest and wait for her to wake up, and check her body when you go back and you will know what’s going on!”

Wen Lei muttered to herself.

A few hours later, Sarah woke up.

“Sarah, what happened to you just now?”

Wen Lei asked.

Sarah rubbed his swollen head: “When I just got infuriated, I felt a rush of energy in my brain. My head hurts so much that it almost splits…”

“At that moment, I didn’t feel like myself! I didn’t seem to exist anymore…”

Sarah rubbed his head, gasping for breath.

“It’s okay! It should have affected the nerves! Check it when you go back!”

Wen Lei comforted.

“Well, I think it’s fine too! My body hasn’t changed much!”

Sarah didn’t take it seriously.

Wen Lei didn’t take it seriously either.

But when Sarah dyed an accident later, Wen Lei would be scared to death, of course this is something later.

During the period when Sarah was lethargic, Wen Lei checked herself.

She not only possesses the ultimate strength, but also has speed and even intelligence.

She can even heal her body automatically.

She tried to cut herself, and soon her skin recovered…

The benefits brought to her by this particle collision are all-round transformations.

“You really survived a catastrophe, you must be lucky!”

Sarah smiled.

“I’m sorry, Sarah, when I started the particle collider, I just wanted to die together!”

Wen Lei apologized.

Sarah shook his head: “It’s okay! By the way, where is Wood Zhengjie? Is he alive or dead?”

Sarah suddenly remembered.

Chapter 1852

“Yes, is Wood Zhengjie still alive?”

Wen Lei slapped her head and realized this serious problem.

Wood Zhengjie!!!

He is the main target!

If he doesn’t die, what she has done is not in vain?

Sarah frowned: “If there is no old man to save us! No one can survive!”

Wen Lei nodded.

This is true.

She only received a small part of the energy radiation before she gained superpowers.

Otherwise, at the level of the collision of the particles, she would have been crushed.

“But he saved people! It stands to reason that all the survivors were saved! Wood Zhengjie and others were among them!”

Sarah continued his analysis.

Wen Lei echoed: “Yes, that’s right! The only survivors are probably the two of us! Wood Zhengjie and them are all dead!”

“There is another possibility! This old man is here specifically to save us! For example, it has something to do with Levi! He naturally won’t save Wood Zhengjie and the others!”

Sarah nodded: “Well, these two possibilities have a high probability! Wood Zhengjie should be dead!”

“Hmm! We’ll know when we go back to the base and have a look!”

So the question is, is Wood Zhengjie really dead?

Levi was excited and Man Morendam was looking for Sarah.

Tiance Mansion also banned him one after another.

His risk factor is too high!

Reached level eight!

In order to prevent him from becoming a level 9 danger factor!

Tiance Mansion decided to issue-Tiance Order.

What is Tiance Order?

It is the ban issued when Morendam is in danger!

As soon as the Tiance Order is issued, the Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan, as well as any forces and organizations in Morendam, must obey the dispatch!

Even countries and forces that have been blessed by the Great Xia have to participate, and they have to be dispatched!

Violators, kill without mercy!

In layman’s terms, as soon as the Order of Heaven was issued, it was to mobilize all resources to punish someone.

At any cost!

The order of the heavenly policy is issued, it is endless!

If people don’t die, Heaven’s Decision will not take it back!

Now, in order to deal with Levi, Tiance Mansion has even issued a Tiance Order!

No one thought of this!

In Tiance Mansion, Levi must die!

This is an extremely crazy move!

Since the establishment of Tiance Mansion in ancient times, Tiance Order has been issued twice.

The first release was to the Fire Cloud Cthulhu!

It was not revoked until Huoyun Cthulhu disappeared!

The second time it was given to Levi!

Let me put it this way.

There is such a saying in the martial arts world.

As long as the Heaven Policy Order is issued, even death is the most glorious and glorious moment for a warrior.

The release of the Heaven Policy Order caused a sensation throughout the university and a worldwide sensation.

Colin sighed even more, “Have you reached this point? Heaven’s policy orders have all been issued! Don’t you have to be immortal?”

Northern Emperor, Commoner Killing God, Kyushu Xuanzun may be able to fight Levi.

But one person retreats, and the two are nowhere to be seen.

But the sky policy came out!

The real powerhouse of the Baolong clan will go to war!

Even the ultimate powerhouse of Tiance Mansion will take action!

In order to keep secrets and keep the hole cards, the Lords of the Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan will not be ranked on the world rankings.

So how strong the Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan are, has always been an unsolved mystery.

Originally these two big hole cards were to be kept, and generally only people like Tianlong would be sent.

But Levi’s threat was too great, and they were going to send the real core.

The heaven and the earth changed color as soon as the order of the heavens came out.

But Levi didn’t care at all, he was still looking for Sarah.

At this moment, Sarah and Wen Lei secretly came to the Shenlong Science and Technology Base.

When they saw the Shenlong Science and Technology Base turned into a ruin, the two were shocked.

This power is too amazing, right?

By this time the work of the rescue team had been completed, and there was no one at the base.

“Go, let’s go and take a look!”

The two came to the base.


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