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Chapter 1853

Suddenly, Sarah let out a scream.

Wen Lei was taken aback.

“What’s wrong with you Sarah?”

Sarah clutched his head and roared in pain.

The familiar scenes of Shenlong Base when it was originally intact flashed in her mind, including the external buildings and the full picture of the various laboratories…

The more you recall, the more Sarah’s head will explode.

This movement alarmed the guards not far away, they rushed over, Wen Lei immediately took Sarah away.

Wen Lei suspected that Sarah’s brain was traumatized.

Soon after, Wen Lei took Sarah to a private hospital in Beijing for a comprehensive examination.

This is Wen Lei’s own hospital, so no one will doubt it.

The result of the check came out soon.

It’s okay!

There is nothing unusual about plum dyeing!

The brain has not suffered any trauma!

But the brain has been disturbed.

Wen Lei immediately thought of Wood Zhengjie’s experiment!

Although the experiment was interrupted and failed, there were slight sequelae.

The doctor’s advice is that plums can get better if you take more rest.

Upon hearing the result, Wen Lei both felt relieved.

“By the way, I just asked someone to inquire about it! Except for those who hid in the underground base, no one left alive! Wood Zhengjie can’t be alive!”

Wen Lei said.

“That’s great! Wood Zhengjie’s scourge is finally eliminated!”

Sarah smiled.

Immediately, Sarah frowned, “But the Shenlong base was destroyed, and the price was too high. It’s because of me!”

Wen Lei shook her head indifferently: “It doesn’t matter! I will pay the Alliance for my technology base at that time! Although it is not as good as the original base, it can be replaced temporarily!”

Sarah was surprised: “Your home base?”

“Yes, my father and grandfather are the best in science! My family has one world-class base and three national-level bases…”

Wen Lei probably introduced her family background.

Everyone is a science and technology expert, and everybody is a genius.

So Wen Lei became a scientist at a young age!

Have made a lot of achievements in the professional field!

It was nurtured in this environment!

“Miss Wen, thank you! If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid I would have become Wood Zhengjie’s puppet! At that time I was better off than life, and I couldn’t even decide on death!”

Sarah sincerely thanked Wen Lei.

“This is what I should do! You think I was a blessing in disguise! In fact, we should be most grateful to the old man! If it weren’t for him, how could we live?”

“Yes, yes, he is my great benefactor! I thought it would be like this for the rest of my life!”

Somewhere in Morendam.

Richard gathered with a few people.

This time Richard entered Morendam with a mission.

They even said that killing Levi was a pretense, and they were here to do other things.

Of course, in their opinion, Levi was bound to die, but no one thought that Levi would survive.

They no longer pay attention to Levi, but carry out their real mission.

However, during this period they heard what happened in the Shenlong Science and Technology Base and knew that Wood Zhengjie had fallen.

Richard and Wood Zhengjie hurriedly met before.

Richard was in a good mood. Seeing Wood Zhengjie becoming so powerful, he thought that the Eagle Nation would have another big help.

Unexpectedly, in less than a day, there would be bad news about Wood Zhengjie’s death.

“No! Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness is still there. Although it is very weak, it has not died out. He is still alive!”

Richard’s men were surprised. Through detection, they detected that Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness still existed.

That means people are not dead!

Before Wood Zhengjie transformed himself, he asked Richard for help and obtained a set of devices to preserve consciousness and transform it into an energy body.

Now they are detecting that consciousness is still alive through the equipment connected to that device.

Wood Zhengjie is not dead!

Chapter 1854

“What? His consciousness is still there? That means he is alive! That’s great!”

Richard looked excited.

Happy dancing.

Also specially poured a glass of whiskey to celebrate.

With Wood Zhengjie here, the strength of him and the War Eagle Nation will be greatly enhanced!

“Send some people to find Mr. Wood as soon as possible! Determine his condition! If you need help, help immediately!”

Richard arranges.


Immediately, Richard changed his words: “By the way, how are the results of your groups? Find me quickly! Find them quickly when they don’t respond!”

“Once the Levi incident is over, we will definitely be targeted by Tiance Mansion!”

The smile on Richard’s face disappeared.

It seems that the goal of coming to Morendam this time is more important than Wood Zhengjie.

“Mr. Richard, does your brother need us to be rescued?”

Someone asked.

“I don’t need it for the time being! Once rescued, I will startle him! As long as Levi is dying, Jefferson will not be able to take it away at any time?”

Richard has his own plan.

“Well, let’s try to find Mr. Wood’s location first!”

Several technicians used the instrument to find out where Wood Zhengjie was.

A few minutes later.

Several people were surprised: “Huh? Why is the consciousness signal gone? Can’t be found? What’s wrong?”

Even Richard was alarmed.

“What? There are no signs of consciousness? Check it out quickly! You must be sure of Wood Zhengjie’s life or death!

Everyone was shocked by the situation before them.

For a while the consciousness is still there, and for a while the consciousness is gone.

Are you still alive?

At the same time, in a private hospital in Beijing.

Sarah suddenly hugged his head and screamed, if it wasn’t for Wen Lei to help, he would have to fall from the bed.


Wen Lei was dumbfounded.

This happened to Sarah for no reason ten minutes ago.

Just calmed down, it came again.

This time, Sarah was going crazy, comparable to the beginning.

In the end, Sarah fainted abruptly and painfully.

Wen Lei immediately called the doctor to check.

The result of the examination is that the brain is disturbed, but there is nothing abnormal, and I still need a good rest.

If necessary, you need to inject drugs to let Sarah calm down.

This can happen repeatedly in the future.

Wen Lei felt something was wrong.

There is definitely something wrong with Sarah, but I can’t tell.

I need to call a genius doctor to see Sarah!

Wen Lei immediately used her relationship to invite the genius doctor of the ancient forces.

The other side.

The East Island forces that planned everything are also conspiring.

They will also carry on the final madness!

“We have to speed up! Bring the second plan ahead!”

“First of all, Levi already knows that someone is pretending to be him! He has also played against him! He already knows our existence, we may be targeted!”

“Secondly, Tiance Mansion has already issued a Tiance Order, and Levi will soon be punishable! Tiance Mansion will also be eyeing us at that time!”

“So while it’s still messy, we have to speed up a little bit!”

“Understand! Plan ahead!”

That’s right.

As soon as the Heaven Policy Order came out, everyone’s attention was on Levi alone.

No one will care about the others at all!

Next, as long as the position of Levi is determined, there will be a super power to suppress him.

Then there was news-the day before yesterday, the second place on the list, such as today’s third in the list of common killers appeared.

Levi tore one of his commoners that day!

For Commoner Killing God, it is a great insult!

This is not putting him in the eye!

In public and private, Commoner Killing God will come forward for a while and Levi.

The man who suppressed an era is here!

Levi returned to the Shenlong base again.

“Huh? Sarah’s breath?”

Levi was surprised and happy.

He is sure that Sarah has been here.


Suddenly, Levi exclaimed.

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