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Chapter 1849

Also, is Wood Zhengjie dead?

Can his pure energy body be able to withstand the bombardment after particle collision?

Wen Lei is the closest to the particle collider!

Did her ending disappear in an instant?

No one knows yet.

The result given by the rescue team was that the super energy destroyed everyone!

No scum left!

After all, the power of this superparticle collision is enough to destroy a city with a population of tens of millions!

They directly attributed this incident to Levi.

Levi’s fierce name is more prominent than before!

He has grown into a generation of evil gods!

The call of Tiance Mansion and Baolong clan to attack him is very high!

And after the collapse of international forces like Richard, they are also actively attacking Levi, putting pressure on Tiance Mansion.

The stronger Levi is, the greater the threat to them.

At this moment, Levi was walking desperately, and along the way, I don’t know how many people were knocked down by him.

There are even overseas forces who want to win him over and mention Junjun’s name.

It probably meant that Jun Jun was taken away by them and asked Levi to join them.

“Right, Jun Jun!”

Jun Jun came to Levi’s mind.

There was something wrong with Sarah, and he would never allow Jun Jun to do anything.


Where is Junjun, he doesn’t know?

After killing these people, Levi rushed to the place where Junjun was.

After Levi asked his subordinates to deliberately capture the three of Junjun and his mother, they actually took them to Wushuang City.

No one thought of this!

For the current era when the strong are coming together, Wushuang City has no sense of existence.

The strongest is just the five heavenly powerhouse, so small.

So no one will pay attention to a small Wushuang city at all.

But Levi hid people here.

After coming to Wushuang City.

The third elder of the Lord who used to be Sarah asked: “Mr. Garrison, where is Sarah? Why didn’t I see her here?”

Levi was silent for a long time, and said the details: “…Sarah may not be there anymore…”


The three elders immediately said.


Levi was taken aback.

“Mr. Garrison doesn’t know anything about it. We must leave a mark of Wushuang City on the member who is a member of Wushuang City! First, we can distinguish the identity; second, we can judge life and death! If a person dies, the mark will be corresponding. Disappear!”

To put it simply, this imprint is the same as the implanted chip that Levi often uses.

After being implanted in the body, feedback information based on factors such as body heat and heartbeat to determine the location or whether the person is alive.

If the chip does not respond, it means that it was removed or the person died.

This is how the imprint judges life and death.

The words of the three elders made Levi rekindle hope: “But the mark on Sarah’s body has not disappeared!”

“What you said is true?”

Levi shook the three elders vigorously.

“How can Mr. Garrison dare to tell lies to you? The mark does still exist, which means that Sarah is still alive!”

The three elders were shocked.

Fu Qiufeng and others also said: “Yes, that’s right. The mark is on, people are definitely alive!”

“It’s just that the mark of Wushuang City is very crude! It can only judge life and death, not location!”

“Yeah, otherwise you can determine the specific location of Sarah!”

Hearing these words, Levi wept with joy.

Sarah is still alive?

That’s great!

Levi, a big man started to cry!

He is so happy!

Never thought that this incident was discovered in Wushuang City!

Had it not been for Wushuang City, I would have thought that Sarah had died forever.

Even the seven evil gods couldn’t find any clues.

But it was solved by a small Wushuang city.

“In this case, Jun Jun and the others have to stay here! I’ll go find Sarah’s whereabouts first!”

Levi immediately left happily.

Go find where the plum dye is.

Chapter 1850

Sarah had a dream.

No, two to be exact!

The first dream recalled everything from her memorial to the present!

From acquaintance with Levi to marriage, Junjun’s birth…

The past scenes emerge clearly.

The other dream was illusory and vague. It seemed that Wood Zhengjie’s experiment went to the end, and it seemed that something went wrong.

At that moment, her eyes seemed to be full of dazzling light, shining so hard to open her eyes.

When she opened her eyes, she saw an old man vaguely, uncut, and could even be described as sloppy.

However, the front face was blurred, and he couldn’t see clearly.

Only know the outline.

If Levi knew about Sarah’s dream, he would be surprised.

Because the old man is his cheap Lord!

That’s right!

Sarah is still alive!

It was Levi’s Lord who saved her!

The energy bombardment caused by the collision of four super-energy particles could not handle Levi!

Only his Lord’s level can retreat in this kind of energy collision!

And successfully rescued people!

It shows how strong this old man is!

Abruptly can withstand this kind of energy bombardment…


How strong is he?

“Wake up, wake up!”

Sarah was in a daze, feeling that someone was shaking her vigorously.

When she opened her eyes, Wen Lei’s beautiful face caught in her eyes.

She looked around and found that she was in an abandoned factory building.

Wen Lei was wearing worn-out protective clothing, densely packed with small holes.

“what happened?”

Sarah asked.

Wen Lei told Sarah about starting the particle collider after she was unconscious.

“Then why are we still alive? Impossible! We are ordinary people, how can we survive?”

Plum dyed his face puzzled.

Wen Lei also nodded: “Yes, we can’t survive! But I had a dream. I dreamt of an old man…like…”

“What? You dreamed it too? I dreamed it too! It might not be a dream! It happened!”

Sarah exclaimed.

Wen Lei’s expression also changed: “So, we were saved by this old man! We are not dreaming!”

The two of them were confused.

What kind of existence is this in order to save both of them in that situation?



“Miss Wen, are you not hurt? I think you are embarrassed!”

Sarah asked with concern.

After all, Wen Lei’s protective clothing is going to be broken.

Wen Lei began to look at herself carefully, and then turned around.

“I’m okay! Not only is it okay, I also feel full of power in my body! Heh!”

Wen Lei also threw a punch in a decent way.


A terrible force tore the ground directly, and a gully one meter wide and several meters deep appeared, and it continued to spread out, stopping for a full 100 meters.


This abandoned factory building collapsed instantly…

A big crack of a hundred meters long appeared in front of the two of them.

Look silly!

Both of them looked dumbfounded!

Especially Wen Lei looked at her fist incredibly!

It’s the same as before, no difference.

How could it have such power?


She tried another punch in the air.

As a result, there was a thunderbolt, and a long wave of air was clearly seen in the air.

As exaggerated as when the plane took off!


Wen Lei’s face was incredible.

She is an ordinary person.

how come?

Like Wood Zhengjie, particle collisions gave her terrifying superpowers.

She studies science and knows more than ordinary people.

Many superpowers in the West have either awakened their talents from childhood or genetically modified them.

In another case, the experiment failed and the super power was accidentally obtained.

“What about you Sarah? Try it!”

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