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Chapter 1855

He found that someone was following him secretly!

At the realm of Levi, he was particularly sensitive to everything.

Even the abnormal movement of flowers, trees, insects and flies can be detected.

As long as there is a slight energy fluctuation, Levi can catch it.

Levi just noticed it.

Even if it was only the same movement as the flickering wings of a flying insect, Levi had discovered it.

This is no one else, but Ichiro Ono, a shadow warrior of the East Island forces.

He also just tracked Levi’s trail, but he didn’t expect to be discovered.


Ono Ichiro immediately evacuated.

This is the first time he has been discovered since he came out of the mountain.

He underestimated Levi.

“Want to go, is it that easy?”

Levi’s voice came from thousands of meters away, but it exploded like thunder in his ears.

Ono Ichiro is full of cold, but his soul is not possessed.

Isn’t it terrible?

No wonder it gets second on the top list!

He is so strong!


The next moment, he seemed to be hit by a plane.

That kind of feeling is as if the vast expanse of mountains are pressing on him.


Ono Ichiro vomited blood and flew out.

His face was incredible.

He is nicknamed the Shadow Warrior.

It means that ghosts and ghosts are like shadows, hiding in the sky and being omnipotent.

There is no trace of his body.

No matter whether he hides or escapes, no one else can do anything about it.

And his speed can be called the limit.

But when I met Levi, he was caught up without telling him!

Ono Ichiro was about to get up to escape, but found that he could not move.

Levi had already locked all the meridians of his body and could only be slaughtered.

Ono Ichiro was very regretful.

There can be no single mistake against a strong player of this level of Shang Levi.

Once there is, it will be fatal!

In this situation, he can’t even commit suicide.

This is specially made by Levi.

To prevent everyone from committing suicide like last time.

He blocked the way of suicide in advance!

“East Islander? Hahaha, dare to follow me?”

Levi smiled.

“But you are not him!”

Ono Ichiro knew who Levi was referring to.

The person who pretended to be him!

“Since I have caught you, then I can know everything I want to know!”

Levi understood that those who possess this level of concealment must not be ordinary pawns.

Later, Levi dragged Ono Ichiro away.

Soon, he was discovered by the guards guarding the base.





They quickly sent out a few signal flares and exploded in the air.

It means they found the trace of Levi.

Nearby Tiance Mansion and other powerhouses came one after another.

Levi doesn’t care about these.

He found Sarah first.

As for Ono Ichiro, he has no right to die.

The other side.

Wushuang city.

Fu Qiufeng stood with several elders.

They are discussing a big matter.

“It’s a big mess! The Heaven Policy Mansion has issued a Heaven Policy Order! You didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter at all!”

Fu Qiufeng’s face was extremely frightened, his face pale.

“Now Levi’s mother and daughter are hidden here! In the end, if Tiance Mansion knows, we are the accomplices of the evil gods! My little Wushuang city will be treated as an evil demon!”

Fu Qiufeng explained.

The others nodded one after another: “Yeah! Are these people hiding in private, aren’t they just Levi’s accomplices?”

“The Tiance order is issued, and Levi will definitely die! When the Tiance Mansion blames us for the crime, we will definitely be annihilated!”

“What should I do then? I don’t want to watch Wushuang City ruined!”

“Keep Wushuang City, originally this matter has nothing to do with us!”

Fu Qiufeng sighed and said, “Isn’t it! I don’t want Wushuang City to be destroyed in my hands, sorry for the ancestors and ancestors!”

“So I decided to hand the man over to Tiance Mansion!”

Chapter 1856

Fu Qiufeng looked at everyone, “Do you have any objections?”

Everyone looked at each other, and finally nodded: “We agree with your decision! This is the only way to keep Wushuang City!”

“Yes! We don’t need to take such a big risk for Levi!”

“What’s more, if you give the child to Tiance Mansion, Tiance Mansion will not hurt her!”

Wushuang City unanimously decided to send Junjun and the others out.

Fu Qiufeng immediately ran to contact Tiance Mansion.

Within a few hours, the army of Tiance Mansion rushed to Wushuang City.

Take the three of Jun Jun away and head straight to Tiance Mansion, without giving Levi any chance.

This was what Levi never expected.

There is a fire in the rear…

“Lords, Levi won’t retaliate against us, right?”

This is what Fu Qiufeng and the others are worried about. What if Levi came back and wiped them out after knowing it.

“Don’t worry! Levi will not survive today! His position has been exposed! The powerhouse of Tiance Mansion has gone after him!”

“If you are worried, I will give you a place to hide!”

“It’s so good!”

Fu Qiufeng took everyone to take refuge.

The Lord of Tiance Mansion took Junjun and the others to leave Wushuang City.

“I thought this kid was kidnapped by overseas forces, but I didn’t expect it to be a play directed and acted by Levi!”

Huang Fox sighed.

“Have you seen? The descendants of the Heretic God not only practice evil arts, they are powerful. They also have many tricks! This is also terrible!”

Tianlong gasped.

Huang Austin smiled: “But now it’s fine, his mother and children are in our hands! Levi is useless no matter how arrogant he is!”

“Let our people go and kill him first. The best we can kill. If we can’t kill him, we will use his mother and daughter to force him to subdue! We are not despicable people, we are just protecting his mother and daughter! He can be kidnapped to blackmail him!”

Everyone smiled like a fox.

At this moment, Levi took Ono Ichiro to a quiet place.

When he was about to ask Ono Ichiro, news came from his subordinates.

“What? Junjun was handed over to Tiance Mansion by Fu Qiufeng?”

Levi’s face changed drastically.

Levi must have arranged for people to be closely guarded around Wushuang City.

It was just that there were so many Lords from Tiance Mansion that the guards did not react.

It is impossible to make another move!

“Fu Qiufeng, you are looking for death!!!”

Levi roared.

Ichiro Ono was taken aback.

Thousands of calculations, I did not expect something will happen in Wushuang City…

Of course, it is mainly related to Tianceling!

The issuance of the Heaven Policy Order directly caused Fu Qiufeng to make such a move.

The three of Jun Jun were taken to Tiance Mansion, he would not be relieved.

He must be rescued!

But he didn’t want to fight Tiance Mansion either!

It’s really bad for others to take advantage of it!

If you rush to the battle with Tiance Mansion, reveal the truth about everything planned by the East Island forces.

Maybe everything can be avoided.

“Tell me who is behind you! Otherwise I will make you suffer!”

Levi began to stare at Ono Ichiro.

Ono Ichiro laughed when he saw Levi so crazy and anxious.

“It’s useless if you know it! What’s more, our second plan has already started! You can’t even take care of yourself, can you take care of others?”

Ono Ichiro laughed.

“What? The second plan?”

Levi raised his brows.

Realize that the big trouble is coming.

“That’s right! We have already started the second plan ahead of schedule due to the issue of the Heaven Policy Order! Hehe… It’s hard for you to protect Levi?”

“Do you want relatives? Or do you want this country?”

Ono Ichiro laughed.

“Tell me what the second plan is?”

Levi shouted madly.

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