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Chapter 1857

“Levi died!”

Suddenly, a shout came.

Hundreds of Lords appeared.

Everyone had received an order from Heaven to kill Levi.


Levi shook his head helplessly.

The speed of this group of people is really fast!

“Solve you first!”

Levi dragged Ono Ichiro to mix with the Lords.

The two sides fought hard.

Although there are many Lords on the other side, it is only a part of being crushed against Shang Levi.

Ono Ichiro didn’t even have the idea of ​​taking the opportunity to escape.

Levi is too strong!

But Levi found that the more people in the Vietnam War.

Now his whereabouts are completely exposed, I am afraid that more Lords are on the road.

I’m afraid it will be more difficult to get rid of by then.

“I have to find a way to get rid of it!”

After a scuffle, Levi broke through to the north.

The Lords were chasing after him.

In the end, Levi was forced to the boundary of the capital.

“Forget it, go to the capital first!”

Levi plunged into the boundary of the capital.

At that time, it will be more convenient to hide in the capital.

“Haha, Levi has escaped into the capital! Isn’t this going to die? The capital is our base camp!”

Everyone smiled.

Report the news to Tiance Mansion immediately.

At this moment, almost the whole world knew that Levi was in Beijing.

The Lords who received the order from the sky rushed to the capital like crazy.

During this period of time, Sarah has suffered from headaches many times.

Frequent attacks, more severe than each.

Even if he recovers temporarily, Sarah will often lose consciousness when lying on the hospital bed, like another person.

Give Wen Lei a particularly bad premonition!

She has nothing to do.

Although resources have been used to find a genius doctor, he has not been found yet.

Wen Lei decided to spend huge sums of money to release news: invite the world’s best doctors to treat diseases!

Good compensation: Either money or treasure, in short, to meet everything you want.

For Richard’s subordinates, looking for Wood Zhengjie’s traces was also intermittent.

For a while, Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness information still exists, and for a while, the consciousness information disappears.

However, with time, Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness is getting weaker and weaker.

In the end it was almost gone.

They were also from Man Morendam looking for Wood Zhengjie’s whereabouts.

But Wood Zhengjie really disappeared.

“Mr. Richard, our other tasks have been completed! Only Wood Zhengjie has not found it yet!”

Richard showed a relaxed look, and the task assigned to him this time had been completed.

But Wood Zhengjie didn’t want to give up either.

“Mr. Richard, we found that the Beijing Wenjia is recruiting genius doctors from all over the world! It seems Wen Lei is still alive! You must know that Wen Lei was in the same laboratory with Mr. Wood Zhengjie at that time!”

Hearing this, Wood Zhengjie’s face changed.

“In this way, Wood Zhengjie is not the only one who survives! If Wen Lei can be found, maybe we can know where Wood Zhengjie is?”

Richard said.

“Yes, that’s right!”

“Okay, then we will go to the capital!”

Richard and his party immediately set off for the capital.

On the other side, the East Island forces.

“It’s not good, Ichiro Ono hasn’t come back yet, and no news has been sent back! We suspect that something happened to Ichiro Ono!”

“Report, I just got the news that Ono Ichiro was arrested by Levi! I saw Ono Ichiro just when the Lord of Tiance Mansion was encircling and suppressing Levi!”

The expressions of several high-level members of the East Island forces immediately changed.

“What? Ono Ichiro was arrested? If he tells Levi everything, wouldn’t we be exposed?”

“Yes! Levi found out a lot of clues to us! Ono Ichiro was arrested again, we will be exposed!”

“Send someone to the capital immediately! Kill if you can! Ichiro Ono can’t live!”

“But how can you kill people from Levi’s hands?”

“Then only send him out-Oni Samurai!”

“Hi! Ghost samurai!!!”

Chapter 1858

Hearing this name, everyone’s complexion changed drastically, and they gasped.

As if this title is a taboo!

“Quickly, quickly! Right away, right away!”

“He is the only one!”

Beijing, in the private hospital of Wen’s family.

Sarah just recovered, she looked out the window in a daze.

Wen Lei felt that she was colder than before, even ruthlessly cold-blooded.

But all kinds of experts in the hospital have checked all kinds of instruments, and the plum is fine.

Wen Lei only hopes that the world’s genius doctors will gather as soon as possible to take a good look at what Sarah is all about.

“Miss Wen, a team of medical experts claiming to be from the War Eagle Nation came out! I want to show Miss Logan!”

At this time, someone from the hospital came to inform Wen Lei.

“Hurry up!”

Wen Lei immediately went outside to meet him in person.

This team is led by Richard.

He did not lie. There were medical experts from the famous war Eagle country in the team.

Without any doubt, Wen Lei and others let them enter the hospital.

“Miss Wen, we need to know everything about the patient…”

Richard banged on the side, wanting to know what happened in the laboratory that day.

“This one…”

Wen Lei hesitated.

After all, in the results given by the rescue team, they were dead.

“Miss Wen, please don’t cover up, this is not conducive to our inspection! What’s more, we know the situation of you and Miss Sarah. You should have died in the explosion of the Shenlong Technology Base that day. Why are you still alive?”

Richard laughed.


This surprised Wen Lei, he knew everything.

“Well, I won’t hide it! The thing is probably…”

Wen Lei probably talked about the collision of particles, but also ignored a lot.

Richard didn’t hear what he wanted to hear, so he continued to ask.

“This shouldn’t be! Then, Miss Sarah, did anything happen before the particles collided?”

“This is very important! Miss Wen, please explain truthfully!”

Several other people also emphasized.

The purpose of Richard’s move was to inquire about Wood Zhengjie’s news.

“This one…”

Wen Lei hesitated.

“Well, before the particle collision happened, Sarah was conducting an experiment, which was to transfer the consciousness of others to Sarah’s mind! But it was only a second to fail!”

Wen Lei roughly tells the scene at that time.

“Huh? Is there anything else?”

Richard was shocked.

Know that this is Wood Zhengjie!

“What about the other person? Is it alive?”

Someone asked subconsciously.

Wen Lei shook her head: “No! Only the two of us are alive!”


Richard and the others were extremely surprised.

If Wood Zhengjie really died, how could he still be conscious?

It shouldn’t be!

At this moment, a voice rang in Richard’s ear.

“Mr. Richard, we searched for Mr. Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness! It’s nearby, I suspect it’s in the hospital!”


Richard was shocked.

It turned out that Richard’s team was still testing outside.


At this moment, heart-piercing screams came from the ward.

“Committed again!”

Wen Lei ran to the ward immediately.

Everyone followed.

I saw Sarah rolling on the floor with pain!

Make a devilish roar!


Sarah grabbed the ground with both hands, leaving deep scratches on the ground.

She was maddened by the pain.

Wen Lei was frightened.

She has never seen Sarah so serious!

What’s going on here?

“Mr. Richard, I have basically determined the location of Mr. Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness, very close to you! Or in front of you!”

There was a sound in Richard’s headset.


At this moment, Richard’s brain throbbed.

He looked at Sarah with a look of disbelief.

He seemed to understand all this.

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