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Chapter 1859

It’s incredible.

this moment.

He understood why Sarah was like this and Wood Zhengjie’s affairs.


Extremely shocked!

But Richard still suppressed his emotions abruptly.

An idea was born in his mind quickly!

“I’ve seen this disease! I can say that it can be cured responsibly!”

Richard shouted suddenly.

This surprised everyone and looked at him.

“Can you cure it?”

Wen Lei looked at him suspiciously.

Richard did not speak, and stepped forward to observe Sarah.

He pretended to give Sarah a shot.

Then secretly told the subordinates in the headset to stop testing Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness.

A strange thing happened, and Sarah was quiet.

This made the audience dumbfounded.

Wen Lei had some doubts about Richard before.

All this time was frightened.

Richard is the only one who can stop plums from dyeing crazy in the middle!

Before, Sarah fainted due to the pain.

Including Richard’s colleagues, they were all stunned by this scene.

“Leave it to me, I have met before…”

It is no problem to fabricate a case based on Richard’s insight and ability.

Moreover, the words are so eloquent that people can’t find the slightest flaw.

With the effect just now, everyone is willing to trust Richard.

“Well, take it back to the best hospital in Warhawk Nation, and I’ll treat it!”

Richard said.

Wen Lei immediately refused: “No! Sarah must be treated here! I will provide the medical facilities! I will go abroad to buy the ones that Morendam doesn’t have!”

“That’s fine, all right!”

Richard could only agree.

“One more thing, no matter how healed! I must be there! Please understand!”

Wen Lei has another additional condition.

Let Richard’s plan be shattered.


Richard then had no choice but to make a desperate move.

It’s the best to succeed anyway, and you can accept it if you can’t succeed.

Currently Wood Zhengjie is dead.

It is impossible to live anymore.

Can only make a fuss on Sarah’s body.

“Without further ado, let’s start! I have another team out there!”

Later, Richard also took the team that tested Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness to the hospital.

Including instruments or something.

Wen Lei was still very careful, inspecting everyone, inspecting the equipment, and confirming that there were no problems before putting it in.

“My treatment is to stimulate her! The greatest level of stimulation! As long as she bears it! I will be immune to nerve stimulation! It will be better!”

Knowing that Wen Lei is cautious, Richard deliberately explained.

“Can you really stimulate her?”

Wen Lei expressed her disbelief.

At first, the doctors under her also wanted to use stimulating methods to check.

But it does not stimulate plum dyeing at all.

“You wait and see!”

Plum dye enters a special isolation device.

everything’s ready!

Just wait for the treatment to begin.

“The instrument starts!”

Richard shouted.

Soon the instrument was activated and began to detect Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness.


Right from the beginning, Sarah screamed hysterically.

“What? Really?”

Everyone in Wen Lei looked stupid.

Richard is like a magician, letting Sarah suffer pain and letting her be quiet.

She felt hope.

“Increase! Speed ​​up!”

Richard shouted.

The detection range is extremely large and the frequency is accelerated.

Sarah is like crazy.

If she hadn’t been controlled in advance, it would be possible to overturn the hospital.


Sarah’s screams became louder and louder, and Wen Lei and the others were shocked.

“This…this will be fine, right?”

She asked hurriedly.

“No, this isolation device can’t be opened even by a powerhouse of Seventh Heaven!”

Richard shook his head.

Seeing Sarah’s movement getting bigger and bigger, Richard’s eyes became crazier.

Everyone present, only he knows what they are doing.

Chapter 1860

In fact, what just happened made Richard understand everything instantly.

Why did Wood Zhengjie disappear and still have consciousness?

Why does Sarah seem to be okay, but this happens frequently?

In fact, there is a close relationship between the two, and even they are closely dependent!

That’s right!

Wood Zhengjie is dead!

Death is thorough!

The former flesh and blood is gone!

Now the pure energy body was defeated in an instant!

There is no possibility of restoration!

As for why consciousness still exists?

That’s because Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness partly exists in Sarah’s mind.

Consciousness can be understood as information and transmitted to Sarah’s mind.

Before the particles collided, Wood Zhengjie’s experiment was to let his consciousness enter Sarah’s mind, thereby controlling her and turning her into a puppet.

But it failed at the last second.

Despite the failure, most of Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness was transferred into Sarah’s mind as a stream of information.

There is more or less the second person’s consciousness in my mind.

This is extremely scary!

This is why Sarah has a splitting headache.

And in the Shenlong Science and Technology Base, why Sarah has images of various laboratories in his mind.

She has never been to other laboratories either!

How come there are records of these laboratories?

This is Wood Zhengjie’s memory at all!

Why did Richard and the others test Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness and Sarah would have a headache?

That’s because Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness is in Sarah’s mind, which stimulates Sarah’s brain.

Therefore, Richard’s men will receive intermittent signals subsequently.

That is when the two consciousnesses of Sarah’s brain stimulate each other, it will be strong and weak.

Sometimes consciousness doesn’t exist, it’s because Sarah fainted.

The onset of Sarah’s symptoms was because Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness squeezed and stimulated her brain nerves.

Two kinds of consciousness exist in the mind, and they collide and stimulate each other, which makes Sarah like this.

Even Sarah would make some strange behaviors from time to time, exaggeratingly saying that Sarah’s temperament changed drastically.

This is why Sarah has changed so much!

Currently, only Richard knows about it.

It was also discovered by chance.

The Wood Zhengjie he was looking for was dead, and only the consciousness was in Sarah’s mind.

The only way to get Wood Zhengjie back is to let Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness occupy Sarah’s brain.

This is easier said than done, but it is more difficult to do than to climb to the sky.

Almost infeasible!

If Richard brought Sarah to the War Eagle Nation, he might be able to study it slowly.

But Wen Lei refused.

Richard’s plan fell through, so he had no choice but to make a desperate move.

Maximize the stimulation of plums to dye the brain!

Or let Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness dominate!

Or let Sarah’s consciousness be completely confused!

Regardless of the result, Richard would like to see it.

The more the stimulation, the greater the pain of plum dyeing.

Sarah is like a beast, going crazy.


At this time, the earth was trembling, and everyone was shaking.

Even Richard had a bad feeling in his heart.

He was scared.

Put on the invisible armor.


Richard ordered.

The instrument is turned on to the maximum state.

The most irritating to plum dyeing.

Wen Lei felt that if this went on, Sarah’s head would explode.

She wanted to stop it.

“Don’t stop, win or lose in one fell swoop!”

Richard shouted.

Everyone can only watch and maximize the stimulation.

A bad premonition flashed in Wen Lei’s heart!

She can’t tell if it’s good or bad now…

“Just look at this moment!”

Richard also shouted.


When the irritation reached its maximum, Sarah’s screams intensified.



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