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Chapter 1861

Suddenly the ward exploded directly.

Blast the non-urable isolation device directly.

Torn apart!

And the ward also exploded!

Everyone immediately avoided!

Had it not been for Wen Lei to block the fluctuations spreading around, the entire hospital would be razed to the ground.

Richard’s eyes were full of incredible.

Sarah blasted this device that could not be broken by the Seventh Heavenly Powerhouse?

Is she too scary?

This was beyond Richard’s expectation!

What’s going on here?

Success or failure?


Wen Lei shouted.

She forcefully dissipated the dense smoke, and immediately checked the condition of Sarah.


In the next second, Wen Lei stopped abruptly, her face changed drastically.

Because she felt a breath of horror that made her heart palpitating.

She couldn’t help but shudder!


Extreme horror!

It seems to come from hell!

The smoke dissipated, and she vaguely saw a pair of red eyes, like beasts!

It’s not just Wen Lei who feels this terrible breath.

Even Richard and the others felt the breath of horror.

It felt like a horrible creature experimenting in the most mysterious laboratory of Warhawk Nation.

That kind of breath makes people feel desperate!

“This, this…”

Is she a monster?

Before Wen Lei had time to think, she already felt that she was being attacked.


Sarah on the opposite side appeared in front of Wen Lei like a flash of lightning.

Wen Lei tried his best to resist!


Wen Lei only felt the force of a mountain whirring and tsunami pressing up.


Wen Lei was knocked out and plunged into the ground with two feet, making two deep marks.

Wen Lei stopped after a full 100 meters.


Extremely shocked!

Wen Lei is no ordinary person today, she is like a superwoman, possessing terrifying superpowers.

But despite this, Wen Lei was hit and flew!

It shows how terrifying is Sarah?


An unbelievable look crossed Wen Lei’s eyes.

She had evaluated her own strength before, and her strength casually slapped the eighth heaven powerhouse.

Her strength is comparable to the top few in the rankings.

It’s just an estimate!

Even stronger!

But still can’t stop Sarah!

How scary is she?

Richard and the others were even more frightened.

This is also terrible.

Richard wants to know who it is now?

Is Wood Zhengjie leading this body?

Or is plum dye in the lead?

Before he could think about it, Sarah rushed over murderously.



Sarah is like a demon king who kills when he sees people.

Richard’s men don’t know how many people have been torn apart…

Richard put on a special mecha while turning on the button.

While shouting at Sarah, “Who are you? Are you Sarah or Wood Zhengjie?”


Sarah hummed.

“Of course I am Sarah!”

She subconsciously said.

But his voice was cold and unfeeling, like a bloodthirsty demon.

That is not Sarah’s voice at all!

“What the hell is going on? Is it her?”

Wen Lei they feel the horror!

At this time, Levi brought Ono Ichiro to the capital.

He also heard the news that Miss Wen Jia is being invited to the world’s genius doctor.

He checked and found that Miss Wen Jia was Wen Lei.

As for who is sick, it is a female according to the grapevine.

Isn’t that plum dye?

“In what hospital?”

Levi wanted to interrogate Ono Ichiro.

But when he heard the news of Sarah, he didn’t want anything else.

Go straight to the private hospital of Wen’s family.

Ono Ichiro can try again.

But Sarah is sick now, Levi must see her the first time!

Ono Ichiro is not important anymore!

Levi began to rush away!

At the same time, the Lords who chased Levi were gradually closing the encirclement.

And quickly determined where Levi was going!

Chapter 1862

In the private hospital of Wen’s family, Sarah was on the verge of killing off.

Almost all the people around Richard have fallen.

Richard was almost certain.

It was neither Sarah nor Wood Zhengjie in front of him.

Her temperament has changed drastically.

Become a demon, a monster.

Can’t stop her at all!

“Withdraw! Quickly withdraw!”

Richard quickly shouted.

He followed the two cores and activated the mecha to escape at a critical moment.

Regardless of regrets, the goal was achieved for Richard.

Stimulating plum dye into such a monster is a disaster for Levi or Morendam!

Wen Lei can basically see through Richard now.

But she can’t leave.

She wants to stop Sarah!




Sarah was completely crazy and stirred the hospital upside down.

There are ruins everywhere!

Wen Lei tried her best to stop Sarah.

She was covered with blood long ago, and her body had opened numerous wounds.

Fortunately, Wen Lei has the superpower to heal quickly, and the wound heals quickly.

Only in this way, was it reluctant to stalemate with Sarah.

At this moment, Levi brought Ono Ichiro to the hospital.

I was shocked by the scene in front of me.

Levi was even more terrified when he saw the two people fighting hard.

Isn’t this Wen Lei and Sarah?

One of them is an ordinary person, and the other is a slightly stronger warrior.

How come you are so amazing?

This is too terrible…

“what happened?”

Levi shouted.

Wen Lei immediately responded: “Levi quickly stop her! Her temperament has become a monster!”


Levi was shocked.

When the crazy Sarah heard the words “Levi”, his dim eyes suddenly turned into blood, as if dripping blood;

Her body trembled, staring at Levi fiercely, and her body exuded a monstrous hostility.

These three words seemed to have some magical power, and when they were mentioned, they deeply stimulated Sarah’s brain.

Sarah has gone crazy just now.

Unexpectedly, hearing about Levi made him even crazier.

The horror aura on his body soared dozens of times.

Even Wen Lei was stunned!

If she were to face plum dye now, she would be torn apart alive, and there would be no possibility of the wound healed!

She was curious why Sarah fell into the most extreme violent state as soon as he saw Levi?

That feeling is that the enemy meets with extra bonus!

She couldn’t wait to cramp Levi, eat meat and drink blood.

This is her husband!

How could she be like this?

How did she know that there was only one thought in Sarah’s brain at this moment-Kill Levi!!!

This is her subconscious thought!

It seemed that her lifelong goal was to kill Levi.

Therefore, she would have such a big reaction when she heard Levi’s name.

Sarah’s eyes fell on Levi, and he looked carefully, and seemed to lock that this was Levi.

“Levi, die!”

She made an indifferent voice, and directly rushed towards Levi to kill.


Levi was also stunned.

Sarah came to kill herself?

Still such a terrifying breath!

In the end what happened?

Levi was too late to think.

Sarah slammed it down with a punch.

Levi blocked it symbolically.


As a result, he was bombed out.

Destroy a building directly…

Levi was dumbfounded.

So strong?

This this this…

What exactly did Sarah go through?

Will she become like this?

It’s incredible!

“You have to be serious! She just wants to kill you now, she is super strong! You have to control her first!”

Wen Lei’s reminder came from Levi’s ear.

“Levi must die!”

Sarah screamed and killed Levi.

Levi couldn’t accept that, the person he loved the most wanted to kill himself?


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