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Chapter 191

Everyone around took a look, and they all had similar ideas.

When I look at the crude packaging, I know that tobacco and alcohol are not good.

Dale and Edith hid their heads under the table after hearing this.

No wonder Levi asked about the old lady’s preferences before.

Having said about alcohol and tobacco, Levi was really ready to smoke and drink.

If the inferior goods are dismantled, they will be finished!

The old lady will definitely cut off relations with them on the spot!

Edith can’t wait to kill Levi!

Others also said: “This is definitely inferior cigarettes and inferior wine!”

Mann, Rafael and others saw the clues.

This seems to be specially provided by the military region!

Especially they saw a dragon logo on the packaging…

Mann Qingfeng and Cross Wentao glanced at each other and laughed: “Grandpa and grandma, shall we throw this inferior gift in the trash can? Don’t be here, it pollutes our eyes!”

“You guys shut up!!!”

Suddenly Mann Jianguo and Melina roared in unison.

The two of them were holding cigarettes and wine, looking up, down, left and right, as if they were admiring a piece of art.

That kind of cautious attitude is more careful than holding the tens of millions of Garrison Mingzhu just now.

Gradually, the two frowned brows stretched out.

There was a smile from the heart at the corner of his mouth.

I am happier than I received any gifts before!

Everyone looked at the two people curiously.

I’m wondering in my heart, is there something famous about this alcohol and tobacco?

After a full minute, Mann Jianguo and Melina looked at each other and said excitedly: “It really is!”

Levi took a sip of his cigarette and smiled: “Don’t you know if the grandson-in-law’s gift is like it?”

“Like! I like it so much!”

Mann Jianguo and Melina nodded busy.

Melina even grabbed the microphone and smiled: “The gift from my grandson-in-law Levi is my most satisfied and favorite today!!!”

As soon as this was said, the audience lost their voices and became deadly silent.

Everyone was stunned.

Dale and Edith, who were waiting for the verdict, were even more stunned.

Plum dyed his face incredible.

Cross Wentao, Mann Qingfeng and others suspected that their ears were wrong, and curiously asked, “Did you make a mistake, grandma? You can tell by looking at the packaging of his gift that it is inferior! How can it be your favorite?”

There was uncontrollable excitement on the old lady’s face. She raised the tobacco and alcohol in her hand: “You are still too short-sighted! You may not see this tobacco and alcohol for a lifetime!”

Mann Jianguo echoed: “Because the tobacco and alcohol are special for the military area!”

“Tobacco and alcohol for the military area are indeed rare, but they are not rare.”

Cross Wentao said.

If he wants it, he can still get it through the relationship.

The old lady glared at him: “Huh! Do you think this is an ordinary military area tobacco and alcohol? This is the special tobacco and alcohol for the Emperor Iron Brigade under General God of War, the God of War of Velador Protector of the Country! There are unique signs on them, such as dragons, For example, the words Emperor God of War at the bottom!”

“Everyone with a little background knows that the special tobacco, alcohol and other items of the Emperor Iron Travel are not leaked at all! Even if you have tens of billions, you can’t buy the Emperor Iron Travel special drink for a glass of wine!”

“That’s right! Even if you have any background, it doesn’t matter, you can’t get the Emperor Iron Brigade special tobacco and alcohol!”

“We once drank it once in the home of a retired soldier of the Emperor Iron Brigade, and now we can’t forget the taste. This is the real Emperor Iron Brigade special tobacco and alcohol!!!”

As soon as this was said, the scene was silent.

Chapter 192

Everyone looked at Levi with incredible eyes.

How did he get special tobacco and alcohol that he couldn’t buy for tens of billions of dollars?

Isn’t this amazing?

The old man and the old lady are holding cigarettes and alcohol, just like holding the most beloved baby.

“My wife, we will only drink a small sip of wine every day and smoke only half a cigarette. This kind of thing is too rare, and it will be gone after drinking.”

The old lady said distressedly.

Levi smiled: “If the two elders want it, I can still get it for you! I promise to have it every day! I’m afraid you don’t like it this time, so I get less!”

Hearing that, the eyes of the old man and the old lady almost flew out.


The two asked incredulously.

Levi smiled: “There are some of this stuff! I promise to get it! When the meeting is over, send a car over!”

There are so many of these things in the Heavenly Dragon Legion.


“We are proud to have a grandson-in-law like you!”

After seeing the tobacco and alcohol, the old lady forgot everything.

Only Levi came in his eyes.

Levi smiled and said: “The second elder is almost enough, so many people watch.”

After being reminded, the two realized that they had lost their stance.


The two smiled embarrassedly.

The old lady even pointed to Dale’s family and said, “Alan, Dale, Sarah, sit next to me!”

A big surprise came.

Edith and Dale are in dreams.

They came to the front in a daze, sitting at the table of the old lady and old man.

The old lady even announced: “I used the birthday banquet to announce one thing-the Mann family agreed to my daughter Edith’s return!”

When Edith heard it, she cried with joy.

She waited for nearly thirty years on this day!

Dale was also extremely excited!

The Mann family finally accepted them.

Parents are happy, and Sarah is also very happy.

“Alan, Dale, you have a good son-in-law!”

The old man and the old lady couldn’t help but praised.

Dale and Edith were very happy: “Levi, you have given us strength! We just blamed you by mistake!”

“Mom and dad, you just have to be happy!”

Levi smiled.

Dale and Edith stopped the waist shot and looked at everyone proudly.

Who dares to laugh at them now?

Is their son-in-law very capable?

Can make the old lady and old man so recognized!

Now everyone shut up obediently, no one mocked them anymore, but looked at them enviously.

Because the people sitting at this table are Cross Guolong, Cross Fuqian, Rafael and others.

In the eyes of the old lady, the Dale family is as important as their status.

At this moment, someone suddenly came in to report.

“Report Lord, there are a few officers outside who claim to be stationed in the Jinling Military Region to come and pay a birthday greeting to the old lady!”

Mann Jianguo was puzzled and asked, “Have you said their identity?”

“Say it! It is said to be Colonel Tatsuno, the head of the Tianlong Legion of the Emperor Iron Brigade, and several colonels!”

The way the next person doubts.

“What? The head of the Heavenly Dragon Legion of the Emperor Iron Brigade?”

The old man and the old lady all jumped up.

Cross Guolong, the former deputy mayor, and Cross Fuqian, the deputy director of the Municipal Finance Department, all stood up.

Many upper echelons know about the Tianlong Legion stationed in the Jinling Military Region.

Mann Qingfeng and Mann Kuofei glanced at each other, thinking of something, and couldn’t help saying: “A, you are so awesome! Even Colonel Longye from the Emperor Iron Brigade is here! You are preparing a big surprise!”

Chapter 193

The other Mann family members looked at Mann excitedly: “Brother, this is a deliberate surprise! They also said that no one from the military area was invited!”

“Yes, yes, yes, Brother must have deliberately told us no! Then people suddenly appeared, this is the biggest surprise!”

Mann’s parents also cast approving glances.

The old man and the old lady were very pleasantly surprised when they heard that officers from the Emperor Iron Brigade came.

The two of them laughed so that their eyes were almost narrowed.

The two looked at Mann and said, “Far, well done! I didn’t expect surprises to come one after another today! It is no exaggeration to say that you are grandma’s greatest pride!”

Under such circumstances, Mann had to admit if he didn’t admit it.

If you don’t admit it, I’m afraid it will disappoint grandma.

Mann bit his head and said: “Yes, that’s right. Grandma, this is a part I specially designed to give you and grandpa a surprise!”

Rafael next to Mann was stunned.

Isn’t it because of General God of War that Colonel Tatsuno came?

Do you have a relationship with Mann?

Rafael asked, “What’s the matter with Mann? Did you really invite it?”

“Yeah, Team Stone, I went to the military area to try it. It really succeeded.”

Speaking of lies, Mann didn’t change his face and his heart beats.

The old man and the old lady stood up and greeted them at the entrance of the hall. The old lady smiled and said, “I knew that’er was not a thing in the pool! He can only show his talent after he is thirty years old!”

The faces of the old lady and the old man were filled with joy, which was pride from the heart.

Edith and Dale saw this situation.

I was jealous.

Originally, their family was the old lady’s favorite.

As a result, all attention shifted to Mann.

The two of them looked at Levi with a bit of complaint…

Bringing Emperor Iron Brigade’s special tobacco and alcohol is not a skill!

Invite the officers of the Emperor Iron Brigade to be considered capable!

Following the old lady and old man, Mann clenched his fists tightly.

He vowed to work hard to make all this real!

At this time, Colonel Tatsuno and several people had already arrived at the entrance of the hall.

Upon seeing the old lady, Colonel Tatsuno stepped forward to congratulate him: “Tatsuno, head of the Tianlong Legion of the Emperor Iron Brigade, and three adjutants congratulate the old lady for being lucky as the East Sea…”

Ding Zhiyuan next to Colonel Longye stepped forward and said: “Ding Zhiyuan, commander of the Special Operations Brigade of the Jinling Military Region, congratulates the old lady…”

Seeing the two colonels, the three colonels all came to congratulate.

The old lady applauded again and again with excitement.

Those who came from the military, regard Longye and others more importantly than those who are in politics like Cross Guolong!

Especially Tatsuno is also from the Emperor Iron Brigade of the Chinese Invincible Division!

This face is even better!

A few people from Longye come to celebrate birthday, the old man and old lady are the most welcome!

It’s just that Mann behind is a little nervous.

For fear of being exposed.

He didn’t dare to say hello at all, because he had never seen people like Longye.

Mann deliberately hid behind, for fear of being discovered.

The old lady drew Mann to the front and asked in anticipation: “I don’t know what Colonel Tatsuno thinks of my grandson Mann?”

Tatsuno was stunned.

Xindao: Is this old lady so strange? I don’t even know who your grandson is, what’s your comment?

But when I thought that this was the general’s wife’s grandmother.

Tatsuno politely said: “Mann saw that he was very sharp, the future must be the pillar of the country!”

“Hahaha, what a pillar of the country!”

Hearing that Colonel Tatsuno had such a high evaluation of his grandson, the old man and the old lady couldn’t help laughing out loud.

Chapter 194

“My Mann family is out of the dragon!”

Mann’s fathers were so excited that they almost burst into tears.

Mann Qingfeng, Mann Kuofei and other juniors have a better relationship with Mann, and they are really excited.

The audience boiled and the atmosphere climaxed.

Because this is the evaluation of Emperor Tielu University!

Very authoritative!

The old man and the old lady became more and more proud, and they all forgot about Levi’s special offer of tobacco and alcohol.

Dale and Edith were uncomfortable.

They were originally the protagonist.

The old lady likes them the most!

But the protagonist was changed before the butt was hot.

Special operations brigade commander Ding Zhiyuan smiled and said: “I have heard of Mann’s name for a long time, and he will be the deputy captain of the special police team when he is less than 30 years old! The future is limitless!”

Mann was also very excited.

Although he made a mistake, it was recognized by Colonel Tatsuno and Colonel Ding Zhiyuan!

“Long Colonel, Ding Colonel, three colonels please!”

The old man and the old lady welcomed them warmly.

It was only rejected by Tatsuno: “Old lady, we are here to congratulate! Now we should go!”

The old lady looked surprised: “Does Colonel Tatsuno have other urgent matters?”

“Yes, that’s right! Later, one of my generals will inspect the Heavenly Dragon Legion I am leading, and I have to go back and prepare.”

Tatsuno Road.

Ding Zhiyuan nodded: “The old lady is right, and my special forces brigade will also be inspected. We have to prepare.”

“What? A general of the Emperor Iron Brigade? That must be a famous general who shines on the battlefield!”

The old lady and old man were in awe.

But thinking of something, the old lady begged: “We don’t have time and qualifications to participate in this kind of inspection. Can Long University allow my grandson Mann to visit and have a long experience?”

Long Garrison thought of the teletransmission, but still agreed: “Okay, yes. The inspection will be carried out in a few hours. Mann will listen to our notice!”

After agreeing, the old lady waited for all Mann family members to be excited.

If Mann visited the Heavenly Dragon Legion, it would be gilded. Since then, his identity has gained a halo.

It is of great help to the future official career.

The Mann family collectively sent a few of Colonel Tatsuno to leave.

After that, the birthday banquet continued.

The old lady was obviously indifferent to Dale’s family, and at most she said a few words to Levi.

The topic of the whole birthday banquet revolved around Mann.

Levi wouldn’t care about this, he stared at the dishes on the table and feasted on them.

It is very disgusting that the food is in the eyes of other people.

It seems that Levi hasn’t eaten for a week.

Especially at this table are Cross Guolong, Cross Fuqian and other big figures.

Levi was embarrassing the old lady by eating like this.

The old lady was unhappy when she saw it.

But in terms of the alcohol and tobacco sent by Levi, she couldn’t say anything.

But everyone’s eyes were focused on Levi.

This kind of occasion is indeed indecent.

Since she is favored by the old lady, she shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

Mann finally couldn’t stand it anymore: “Brother-in-law, come out, I have something to tell you!”

The old lady glanced at Mann approvingly, clever enough.

The crisis is resolved.

Levi followed Mann to the outside.

“What should you tell me?”

Levi picked a toothpick between his teeth.

Facing Levi’s lazy appearance, Mann couldn’t wait to punch him.

But on the surface he smiled and said: “Brother-in-law, I have a question, how did you get the tobacco and alcohol for the Emperor Iron Brigade?”

Chapter 195

Levi smiled and said, “Of course I sent it.”

“Sent it? Could it be someone from the Emperor Iron Brigade?”

Mann was puzzled.

Levi nodded: “Yes, that’s right, didn’t you see it just now?”

“What? You mean Colonel Tatsuno?”

Mann looked at Levi incredulously.

“Yes, it’s him! Otherwise, why did he come here? He’s here to deliver cigarettes and alcohol!”

Levi approached.


Mann laughed directly.

This person is better than him!

“I will also send another car over.”

Levi approached.

“Good good, you are great.”

Mann looked at Levi as if he was watching a clown.

If Colonel Tatsuno will send a special car for cigarettes and alcohol, he will know later.

After all, he is going to the Jinling Military Region.

Levi suddenly smiled and said, “Just now you said that Longye was invited by you?”

When it comes to this issue, Mann is a little panicked.

But even Colonel Tatsuno didn’t pierce him, what was he afraid of?

“Yes, I invited grandma to celebrate birthday!”

Mann bit his head and admitted.

Levi’s smile deepened at the corners of his lips, and his smile was meaningful.

This strange smile made Mann flustered.

As if Levi knew everything.

He didn’t dare to stay too much, turned and entered the hall.

The birthday banquet that lasted several hours was over.

The old lady deliberately left the Dale family behind.

This is regarded as accepting them.

Sarah was very happy, and Levi was naturally happy too.

Mann also left: “Grandpa and grandma just received the news, let me go to the Jinling Military Region as soon as possible!”

“Hurry up! You are the pride of my Mann family! Everyone must learn from Mann!”

The old lady applauded.

Mann Qingfeng said several people: “A will talk about what he has seen and heard later!”

After that, the old lady checked the number of people: “Are everyone here? By the way, where is your son-in-law, Arran?”

“Mom, I don’t know where I went.”

Edith and the others didn’t know where Levi had gone.

“Forget it, let him go.”

The unimportant role, the old lady doesn’t want to mention it a second time.

But Edith and Dale were very angry.

This was obviously a good opportunity, but the ba5tard disappeared.

It is true that success is more than failure.

At this time, Levi called to Xiao Qin and asked her to send herself to the Jinling Military Region, the provincial capital.

Mann was anxious and came to the Tianlong Army resident of Jinling Military Region, the provincial capital, at the fastest speed.

Entering the barracks, he was like a bumpkin who had just entered the city, everything was new to him.

Look east, look west.

I didn’t dare to touch it for fear of damage.

Long Garrison arranged a soldier to greet Mann.

Walking to the front of a warehouse, a car was parked at the door, and several people were moving boxes and boxes into the car.

Seeing the outer packaging, Mann felt a bit like the special tobacco and alcohol that Levi took.

“Comrades, please ask what is this?”

Mann couldn’t help asking.

“Oh, this is our Emperor Iron Brigade’s special tobacco and alcohol! The leader arranged to install a car! Send it to the Mann family later!”

The soldier couldn’t help saying.


After hearing this answer, Mann was struck by lightning.

Are you really sending it in a car?

What Levi said is right!

Does he really have any identity?

It’s not a big deal to get two bottles?

But what about getting a car?

This question is different.

Mann came to the training ground nervously.

Thousands of soldiers from the Heavenly Dragon Legion and the Special Operations Brigade have all assembled, standing in columns, majestic and invincible.

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