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Chapter 1869

The deputy chief of the dark pavilion did not bring Levi back to Tiance Mansion at all.

It was taken to a place outside the capital.

It looks like a resort villa, but it is actually one of the secret dark spots of Tiance Mansion.

There is a cave underneath the resort.

There are intelligence agencies, various Lords, and even hellish prisons.

When taking away, Levi was blindfolded.

When he took off the blindfold, Levi found himself in prison.

This prison is well designed!

Basically no entry!

prison Break?


“Don’t you let me see my mother and them? What about people?”

Levi asked.

“Levi, don’t forget your identity, you are now the number one prisoner of Tiance Mansion! How can people be the ones you want to see?”

“Levi is obedient, we can not only let you meet your daughter’s mother! We can also guarantee their future!”

How could Levi not see that they were cheating.

But he can’t help it.

If it is forced out, it is useless.

He didn’t even know where Tiance Mansion was.

Junjun and his mother are still in danger.

For the current plan, I can only listen to them.

As long as you see Junjun and the others, Levi will have a bottom line.

“Okay, I listen to you!”

In this case, Levi could only agree.

“Come on, lock him up!”

The deputy chief of the dark pavilion gave an order.

Soon, hundreds of people came to the court carrying nine iron chains with thick arms.

In the end, the nine chains locked Levi!

Seeing Levi being locked by nine iron chains, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

“Levi would never have thought that this is the dragon chain of Tiance Mansion!”

“It is said that this is the dragon locked! Of course this is a bit exaggerated! Of course, no one can break the dragon chain so far!”

That’s right!

It was the famous Dragon Chain from Tiance Mansion that locked Levi!

Since the records of Tiance Mansion Tianji Pavilion, a total of 78 times have been used.

Every time the trapped is a super big man!

No one broke free!

So there are such rumors in Tiance Mansion!

Chain dragon chains can trap even real dragons, let alone people!

Once you get trapped in the chain of the dragon, you will never get rid of it!

This is the plan of the Dark Pavilion!

They will not kill Levi!

Even if he is the number one demon!

Locking him up is more valuable than killing him.

At least in the plan of Tiance Mansion, it is possible to know the secret of Huoyun Cthulhu through Levi.

Including where the Huoyun Cthulhu went, and the cultivation methods of the Huoyun Cthulhu.

As long as you get these and conduct a reverse research, you can find the weakness of the Huoyun Cthulhu and deal with him.

So Levi can’t kill!

What’s more, the existence of Suolong Chain restrained Levi.

He will no longer be threatening.


Levi soon felt strange.

These nine chains slowly penetrated into his flesh and blood, and it was his bones that were locked.

this is? ? ?

not good!

Levi realized that something was wrong.

But this step he must go!

This is also the beauty of the chain dragon chain, because it is your bones and flesh and blood that are locked.

Moreover, the chain dragon chain is covered with the mark of the Lord of magic and various energy blessings, plus the material of the chain itself, it is constantly hitting.

“Now you can let me see people, right?”

Levi asked.

“Don’t worry, you will see people soon!”

Tianlong they smiled.

Today’s Levi is the meat on their lips, and they can eat whatever they want.

But it cannot break directly.

After all, Huoyun Cthulhu’s secret has not yet been obtained.

You have to hold Levi first.

Let him meet his family!

It’s boiling outside now.

Levi was captured by Tiance Mansion.

It’s dead.

Nothing is more exciting than the East Island forces and Richard.

“Start the second plan now!”

The forces of the East Island are finally about to act.

Chapter 1870

Levi was taken away, which was a great time for them.

A large-scale operation is quietly unfolding.

Levi, who was locked by the dragon chain, naturally knew their intention, that he wanted to trap himself.

But it’s fine to see Jun Jun and the others.

I wonder what happened to Sarah?

This is also what Levi is very worried about!

She is too strong!

You can’t hold it without taboos.

Once she wakes up, there will be no one to stop!

There is also the second plan mentioned by Ono Ichiro.

Everything is pulling his heart.

Can’t drag!

“You said that if you let me see my mother and daughter, Tiance Mansion wouldn’t lose faith in others, right?”

Levi asked.

Tianlong came in and said with a smile: “Levi, people are already on the road! But, before that, you have to answer a few questions carefully!”


“First of all, do you admit that you are a descendant of the Heretic God?”

Huang Fox asked.

Levi said coldly: “I don’t even know who the evil god is! What do I admit?”

“Then where does your strength come from? What’s more, you and Cthulhu’s techniques and skills are exactly the same! How do you explain this?”

Several people Xuanlang scolded.

Levi smiled: “Dreams!”

“You… Levi, be honest with you, you need to know that you are being…”

Earth Tiger almost told the truth about the chain dragon chain, and Tianlong stopped him in time.

“Levi, you will be honest, and you will be able to see your mother and daughter!”

Tianlong Road.

“Let’s go, leave!”

The deputy chief of the dark pavilion appeared and left with a few people.

“Why don’t we let the deputy pavilion Lord tell Levi directly?”

Others are puzzled.

“You don’t understand Levi! If you can’t see anyone, he won’t say anything!”

“If he wants him to speak out, he has to bring people over! If we don’t need to do anything, he will explain it himself!

Levi’s first two worries were all right.

The three of Jun Jun were brought.

Sarah is also stable for the time being.

But the second plan of the East Island forces was launched.

Everywhere in Morendam, many black-clothed powerhouses appeared at the same time.

They have premeditated assassinations.

The target who was assassinated was Morendam’s Tianjiao, the future of Morendam martial arts world.

There are all the Tianjiao on the Daxiadi list, and there are hundreds of Tianjiao who are not ranked but with great potential.

These are the geniuses recorded in Tiance Mansion Tianji Pavilion.

It is no exaggeration to say that with these geniuses, the Morendam martial arts world will prosper in the future!

But the East Island forces took advantage of the great chaos in the Morendam martial arts world and suddenly carried out an assassination.

Countless Lords rushed out to assassinate these geniuses.

Due to the crusade against the evil gods during this period, most of the Tianjiao were all released by the family or forces for experience.

So the whereabouts of these geniuses are easy to lock.

And there are relatively few guardians around.

Far from being safe in the family or sect.




The super Lords arranged by the East Island forces began to assassinate.

One by one, the geniuses fell down.

They were invincible at all when they encountered a special targeted attack.

Can only be slaughtered!

The strong men arranged by the East Island forces will not kill them yet.

They specifically abolished these geniuses, cut off their martial arts, turned them into rubbish, and never practiced…

This is more cruel than killing them!

The last place on the list has been abolished!

The fifteenth place list was also abolished!

Next, it was the turn of Tianjiao.

One by one was abolished!

The ninth place list is abolished!

The eighth place list was abolished!

The night was precarious.

Hundreds of Tianjiao in Morendam were assassinated, and all of them were abolished.

This is something no one expected…

The foundation of Morendam’s future collapsed overnight…



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