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Chapter 1871

Although many geniuses are super powerful!

But the other party specifically targeted, these geniuses only have to be slaughtered!

Except for Fu Jia who was “locked up” by Levi, and Junjun who was taken away by Tiance Mansion.

All other Morendam’s geniuses have received special care.

Together with the legendary top three places, they all encountered assassinations.

However, the top three in the rankings are obviously not at the same level as other geniuses.

These three abruptly killed them.

Despite being seriously injured, they killed all the assassins and escaped.

But he was also hit hard and paid a great price.

“What’s the matter? You call it ineffective! You let the top three of the most important rankings escape?”

“You all know that the top three places are extremely scary, why don’t you send more people? What if they are exposed?”

The leader of the East Island forces was extremely angry about the escape of the top three on the ground list.

“It’s because the subordinates are not doing things well!”

“However, the top three of the rankings were scattered and disappeared! They can’t return to their respective powers at all now! We still have a chance!”

The leader commanded: “Send someone to destroy them immediately! Find them before others!”

“In addition, news came out immediately! It was said that all this was done by the forces of the evil gods! Levi was defeated and taken away! The seven evil gods were angered! Only then will they retaliate wildly! Abolish the strongest geniuses of Morendam! “


Everyone shouted.

“Now our purpose has been accomplished! Da Xia’s future has been broken! Da Xia’s foundation will also be cut! And now the righteous way and the evil spirit are still in dispute, the Da Xia martial arts world is already badly injured!”

“This is an opportunity for my Higashishima martial arts world to rise! We will surely be above the top of the world!”

There was ecstasy on everyone’s face in the East Island forces.

Hundreds of geniuses were abandoned overnight, and when everyone heard the news, everyone would go crazy.

Morendam boiled the fryer for a while.

This thing is terrible!

This is ruining the future of the Morendam martial arts world!

The ancient forces are extremely angry.

Seeing the heirs lying on the ground and becoming a waste, everyone is heartbroken.

“Who? Who did it? I don’t share the same spirit with them!”

Colin, Tiance Mansion received this news one after another, which was also shocked.

In particular, the responsibility of Tiance Mansion is to protect the Morendam martial arts world and ensure its prosperity.

Mainly to cultivate and guard the younger generation.

But such a sensational event happened all over the world overnight!

“All geniuses have been abolished? If this is going to break the foundation of my Morendam martial arts world! This, this…who did this? Hurry up and investigate!”

At this moment, the news came out: it was made by the seven evil gods!

The descendants of the Heretic God were arrested, angering the Seven Evil Gods.

They abolished the geniuses of the Morendam martial arts world overnight, in order to retaliate!

As soon as the news came out, no one doubted it.

After all, in Morendam, there are not many forces that can do this overnight.

There are only the Tiance Mansion, the Baolong clan, and the power of the evil gods.

No one wants to go overseas at all.

But where do they know.

During this period of time, when the martial arts world in Morendam was in chaos, the gate of the country was wide open.

The influx of international forces.

The East Island forces even arranged a lot of Lords in Morendam, so there will be such a lightning operation.

This was premeditated.

Everything was arranged early!

“The power of the evil gods must be eliminated! The seven evil gods must die! How dare they ruin the future of the Morendam martial arts world!”

Everyone was extremely angry.

“Huh? What? The seven evil gods did it? How is this possible?”

Wen Lei was surprised when she heard the news.

After receiving the order from Levi, the seven evil gods stayed by their side last night.

Chapter 1872

How could they retaliate?

What’s more, Wen Lei asked, Levi’s order to them was to stop.

They will not retaliate.

Wen Lei immediately realized that someone was framing Levi.

it is as expected!

In the Shenlong base, she had said that Levi would never do anything to endanger Morendam.

Hearing the news, Ichiro Ono, who was locked up, smiled and shouted: “Long live Datoshima! We won!”

“I will kill you!”

Blood Cthulhu furiously said.

“Forget it!”

The others stopped him.

Wen Lei discussed with the seven evil gods: “Now we should tell everyone that you have been wronged!”

“Although we have been collecting evidence, the evidence is insufficient, and now the little Lord has been arrested! It is difficult for us to get rid of the charges!”

“Yes, that’s right, we will be surrounded and suppressed like never before!”

Everyone didn’t notice that there was a ghostly shadow that appeared and secretly rescued Ono Ichiro.

The Oni Samurai spoken by the East Island forces appeared.

Originally, he was going to kill Ono Ichiro, but now he can save it.


“Where is Ono Ichiro? Why is it gone?”

Someone quickly discovered that Ono Ichiro disappeared.

The point is that no one is aware of it.

Also, Wen Lei is still not proficient in using her super powers.

Otherwise, Wen Lei could feel the energy fluctuations.

After all, her current perception ability is already at the top level.

“No accident, he was rescued, our place is also exposed, we must change places as soon as possible!”

Sword Evil God said.

“Okay, withdraw immediately!”

The crowd left quickly.

Sure enough, as soon as they left, a Lord came from this place.

Levi, who was locked up in the jail, was very worried about the situation outside.

He often asked, but no one paid any attention to him at all.


At this moment, the door was kicked open.

Tianlong and his party rushed towards Levi.

“Levi is doing a good job of your subordinates!!!”

Xuan Lang roared.

“what’s happenin?”

Levi asked.

“You were locked up by us, and the seven evil gods wanted revenge! All the 576 geniuses of Morendam were abolished overnight, and they could not cultivate martial arts forever! There is also the top three Tianjiao who is currently seriously injured and whose whereabouts are unknown. !”

“They ruined the future of the Morendam martial arts world almost overnight!”

“Damn! You crooked ways are damned!”

The popularity of the crowd was anxious, and they could not wait to kill Levi.


After Levi heard this, his heart sank.

It turns out that this is the second plan of the East Island forces.

Is to ruin the future of the Morendam martial arts world!


Sure enough!

While everyone’s attention is on themselves, the East Island forces can implement their plan…

“I told you about this a long time ago. This is a conspiracy of the East Island forces…This is their second plan…”

Levi slowly raised his head, staring at several people with blood red eyes.

“I thought Tiance Mansion was led by some wise people, and now it seems to be a bunch of idiots! A bunch of big idiots!”

Levi roared.

“Levi, you are presumptuous! How could you insult Tiance Mansion?”

Levi’s words angered everyone.

“Lao Tzu was wronged! Someone instigated discord. How many times do you have to say it before you believe it? A bunch of idiots and idiots!”

Levi simply cursed.

“So good, Levi, let’s tell you! It is the dragon chain of Tiance Mansion that locks you! Once locked, you will never break free! You must be locked here for the rest of your life!”

“As for your family, don’t even want to see it!!! Impossible!”

A few people hurriedly left.

A murderous intent crossed the corner of Levi’s mouth: “Have you finally said your true thoughts?”

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