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Chapter 1873

In fact, Levi had guessed it early on.

They just want to trap themselves, and then put out everything about him from their mouths.

But he was betting that he could see his mother and children.

Wrong bet now!

Something happened!

He must resist.

Can’t listen to them anymore.

Chain dragon chain, right?

Then I will open it and have a look!

Levi tried his best to break the chain of the dragon.

“Clang Clang…”

But the result was unexpected. The chain dragon chain only made the sound of metal clashing, and the nine iron chains vibrated greatly.

But there was no trace of cracks at all.

On the contrary, the chains that penetrated Levi’s bones and flesh became tighter.

Levi’s bones were squeezed, and his flesh and blood were squeezed, dripping with blood, and quickly stained his body.


Levi’s face changed.

This is really invincible!

“Levi, don’t waste your effort! No one has ever been able to open the Dragon Chain of Tiance Mansion! Once locked, it will never be opened until you die!”

“What’s more, the more you struggle with the lock dragon chain, the tighter it will become! It can even crush your bones!”

Tianlong and the others laughed when they saw Levi breaking free from the chain of dragons.

Levi is wishful thinking, right?

How can it be!

“Levi is struggling slowly! I like to see you struggling!”

Xuan Lang laughed.

After Levi struggled a few times, the chain of the dragon became tighter and tighter.

The blood of Levi’s wound kept flowing, and a large pool was soaked under his feet.

But Levi didn’t hum.

“No! I have to calm down!”

Levi no longer moves.

He was thinking about how to open it.

He must not be trapped here!

He cares about too many people or things…

I can’t get stuck here!

Seeing Levi no longer struggling, Tianlong and them all smiled.

“Struggle? Is it useful? No one can escape from the chain so far?”

With that, a few people left.

They no longer looked at Levi.

Let me put it this way.

With the dragon and chain, they don’t need to send someone to guard it.

Levi couldn’t escape by himself.

Even if someone came to rescue, they couldn’t break the dragon chain.

This is a dead end!

On the other side, the top three Tianjiao were hunted down and eventually they were trapped in a deep mountain.

Under persecution and helplessness, I was driven into the cliff and deep valley, and I couldn’t find it at all. I don’t know if I was alive or dead…

The Lords of the East Island forces searched for a circle, but they didn’t find anyone before they left.

They can’t find it, so others don’t want to find it either.

The chance of survival of the top three Tianjiao is almost zero.

Even if he survived by chance, he would have been seriously injured long ago and would still die if he didn’t get timely medical treatment.

The result of nine deaths is enough for them.

They all destroyed Morendam’s Tianjiao.

Tiance Mansion and the major forces searched for a circle, but still did not find the top three traces.

This shocked and sorrowed the Morendam martial arts world.

This is hope!

It took great effort to cultivate!

That’s it!

Genius can be cultivated again!

Sufficient resources!

But there are no seedlings!

The best seedlings have been destroyed.

There are no more seedlings better than this, at least ten or twenty years have to be waited.

Can’t wait!

“I blame Levi! I blame the seven evil gods! If it weren’t for their revenge, could there be this situation?”

“I suggest that Tiance Mansion punish Levi and have a death sentence! Let all those outsiders who write about demons have a look!”

“The other seven evil gods and others are all dying!”

Badly hurt!

The vitality of the entire Morendam martial arts world is greatly injured!

Especially the younger generation!

After moving to a safe place, Wen Lei found that there was something wrong with Sarah’s face.

“Sarah, what’s the matter?”

“I just heard the enemy’s name!”

Sarah’s eyes were full of killing intent.

“Who is your enemy?”

Chapter 1874


Sarah gritted his teeth, and the breath on his body gradually became terrifying.

This stunned everyone.

Isn’t Levi her husband?

How did she become her enemy?

This makes the seven evil gods very puzzled.

“No, Miss Logan, isn’t your husband…”

They were just about to speak, but Wen Lei stopped them.

“Do you remember Levi?”

Wen Lei asked tentatively.

“I remember he was my enemy! I must kill him when I see him!”

Sarah’s eyes were breathing fire.

“I heard that he has been arrested and will be executed another day! What a delightful feeling!”

Sarah was very refreshed when he heard the news.

Wen Lei’s observations during this period and the remarks made by Sarah just now.

She has figured out what’s going on.

It must be Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness that hit Sarah’s mind and was merged.

Because of Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness, Sarah suffered from memory loss.

He also regards Levi as the ultimate enemy, this is Wood Zhengjie’s consciousness at work.

His enemy is determined to be Levi.

This situation is very difficult!

Rao Wen Lei couldn’t think of how to do it for a moment.

Especially Sarah is still a superpower now, which is even more difficult.

Tiance Mansion.

The high-level thunder is furious!

The Lord of the dark pavilion knelt on the ground.

The Cefu and Baolong clan will be dispatched tomorrow.

Why can this happen.

Who is not angry?

“Now Da Xia Xia arrogance has been abolished! Lin Tianlong and Fu Jia are also in the hands of the evil gods! It is no different from the abolition! Now it seems that only Junjun is left?”

“Pass on my orders from now on! No one can make any idea about Junjun and Regina! Tiance Mansion will gather resources to cultivate them! This is the only hope left in the Morendam martial arts world!”

“No one can touch this child without our orders!”

“And the geniuses who have been abolished should try their best to remedy them. If they can be rescued, one can count one!”

The senior officials of Tiance Mansion made such a decision.

Let the dark pavilion’s plan shattered.

Originally, they wanted to use Jun Jun and others to threaten Levi and tell the secret of Huoyun Cthulhu.

If Levi knew, he would surely solve his worries.

At this moment, Levi had been thinking about it for a long time.

There are two reasons why the lock dragon chain cannot be opened.

First: the device of the lock dragon chain. The nine chains are all complementary to each other, and there are exquisite organs designed inside. If you move one chain, the other chains will be punished accordingly, making it tighter and harder to open.

Second: The material of the chain dragon chain is made of rare meteorite iron from the outside world, coupled with the methods of Lords of magic and experts, make the chain dragon chain indestructible! It can’t be opened at all! Whether it is a powerful person, or various artifacts, or modern weapons, they cannot be opened.

That’s why they have such confidence that no one is watching Levi.

Because they knew that they couldn’t escape at all.

Levi took a deep breath.

“Lord is planning for the present! I can’t help it! I can only use taboo techniques!”

Levi muttered to himself.

In fact, the taboo technique was not directly passed on to him by the cheap Lord.

It was left in that ancient book.

It cannot be used despite warnings.

But at this moment, Levi couldn’t help it.

Can only be used!

His strength can’t shake the chain of the dragon.

The taboo technique should work!

He must try it!

“I don’t believe that the dragon chain can’t be opened!”

It’s a moment of jeopardy.

Outside, explosive news came out.

Commoner Killing God, who is second in the rankings, has come forward.

He made a statement-claiming that Levi was not defeated by him, and he had never encountered Levi.

When the news came out, Quan Morendam was shocked.

It was not Levi who was defeated by Commoner Killing God.

Who defeated him?

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