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Chapter 1894

Before Common Killer god said, he is 50% sure if there is no magic sword in the sky!

Looking at the situation now, it really is so!

He is half sure that he will win!

But half will lose!

Now he really is going to lose!

Only take out the magic sword sky!

However, if you take out the sword of the sky, Commoner is sure to k!ll the gods in 100%!

He will win anyway!

“Teacher takes the sword!”

The students behind him threw the Excalibur Blade high, and the common k!ller took the Excalibur Blade in his hands.

The eyes of hundreds of thousands of people in the field were all focused on the sky of Excalibur Blade.

Countless strong men couldn’t help showing a look of admiration.

Don’t know how many people overseas want this magic sword!

Finally, see the true face!

The seven evil gods were too late to applaud Levi, their expressions changed immediately.

After all, with the Excalibur Blade, Common k!ller’s strength will be raised to a level.

Excalibur Blade owner had even mentioned Cthulrun evil god, and when he met someone who could use this divine tool, even he would be timid.

One can imagine how strong the Excalibur Sky is!

The most important thing is that the Common k!ller can pull out the sky of the Excalibur!

Others may not be able to use it.

But he can!

“Levi, you are the strongest I have ever encountered, and the only one who forced me to use the Excalibur Blade in the sky!”


Accompanied by the sound of unsheathing adrenaline soaring.

The sky Excalibur Blade was drawn out.


A dazzling light shot from the sword, shining so that everyone couldn’t open their eyes.

At the same time, a fierce murderous aura flooded the world.

All feel that the cold is invading body, can’t help but shiver away!

This is the terrible place of the Excalibur Sky!

Legend has it that the Heavenly Sword Sky is cast with meteoric iron from the outside world and poured with blood to cultivate such a terrifying k!lling intent!

Rumor has it that the moment when the casting of the Excalibur Blade in the sky was completed, Heaven General Thunder, tempered with thunder and lightning, completed the final step!

If you want to pull out the sky of the Excalibur Blade, you have to withstand this terrifying k!lling intent and the thunder power contained in it!

This is the reason why Excalibur cannot be used by everyone!

Common Killer god is the son of heaven!

He raised the blade of the Excalibur high, and shouted: “Today, I use the sky of the Excalibur Blade to k!ll the first demon!!!”

The Common k!ller holds the Excalibur in the sky, as if he had changed a person.

The momentum is soaring!

He is just like the god who is in charge of k!lling!


The Common K!ller god with a sword, and the world changed color.

This sword contains the k!lling intent poured by blood, the power tempered by thunder, and the commoner swordsmanship combat skills!

Powerful to be invincible!

This sword seems to be able to tear a mountain in half!

Sword gushes out.

There is even thunder and lightning…

“Kacha Kacha…”

A rumble of thunder was heard in the air…

It seems to resonate with the sky of the Excalibur!

A sword caused the world to change color.

This is the power of Excalibur!


The ground in front of Levi was torn in half!

The terrible sword bombardment is coming!


Levi threw out a terrifying punch.

Defeat the sword energy!

“Da da da…”

However, Levi was forced to retreat more than a dozen steps before he could stabilize his figure.

Everyone knows the horror of the heavens of the Excalibur Blade!

Levi who was so strong was repulsed!



The Common Killer god is gaining momentum, relying on the divine power of the Excalibur Sky, successively attacking and k!lling Levi!

Although Levi was not injured, although he could block the fierce sword aura, he backed away steadily!

Sooner or later, there will be times when you can’t make it!

The power of the Excalibur Sky is terrifying!

At present, his most basic exercise method, that is, the exercise method of the evil god Cthulrun in the eyes of the world, seems to be unable to stop the heavens of the Excalibur Blade!

The momentum has fallen!

Common Killer god has already fought red eyes, and Levi is not given any chance!

The Art of Taboo!

At the critical moment, Levi remembered the taboo technique!

He can use the technique of taboo to fight against the Excalibur!

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