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Chapter 1895

But not!

Lord warned him not to use taboo techniques!

Especially now that everyone is in full view, the whole world is paying attention.

If Levi uses the taboo technique, there may be problems!

It will be much more serious then.

Maybe it will cause trouble and even affect Lord.

Being imprisoned in Tiance Mansion is different!

No one in the jail knows!

I’m afraid that Tiance Mansion won’t understand how the Dragon Chain was opened now…

In this case, he can barely use the taboo technique!

not now!


At this moment, Levi laughed suddenly.

This surprised everyone present!

Even Common Killer god is dumbfounded!

What’s wrong with Levi

All dead, how can he still laugh?

Is he crazy?

Still, frightened?

The reason why Levi suddenly laughed is very simple!

He thought of his Lord!

The outside world agrees that he is a descendant of Cthulrun!

Then the Lord is the evil god of fire cloud!

But he always thought it was not!

Now he is sure that Cthulrun evil god is definitely not his Lord!

the reason is simple…

Cthulrun’s exercises are just the same among his Lord’s many exercises!

That old guy is definitely much stronger than the real Cthulrun!

It’s not a level at all!

It’s incomparable just by taboo technique!

What’s more, he is more than just a taboo technique!

Many door taboos…

The reason why Cthulrun’s technique was used was just a coincidence, and happened to happen.

He is sure that the two are by no means the same!

Another point is that the technique passed to him by the Lord is simply a broken scroll!

Not complete!

It is certain that they are not alone!

That’s why Levi laughed.

Cthulrun evil god, what qualifications do you have to be my Lord?

You are far from worthy!

Among the crowd.

“He is a ruthless man! If you can survive, you can let him join us!”

Someone’s eyes have been on Levi’s body.

He was very satisfied with Levi’s performance!

“Understood! Are we going to make a move?”

Someone next to him asked.

“No need, if he dies, then he has no abilities!”

The man said coldly.

Everyone present was shocked by Levi’s abnormality.

What is he doing?

“Is he laughing at the teacher?”

“Teacher, don’t give him any chance!”

The students of Common k!lling God shouted one after another.

Although the Common k!ller was holding the Excalibur Blade in the sky, Levi was still undefeated, and he felt that his face was damaged.

He wants to fight quickly!

Fight for a trick to k!ll Levi!

“Ultimate Front!!!”

The commoner k!ller blasted out the most terrifying sword!

This was his trump card for suppressing an era!

When this move came out, the world died, and all directions surrendered.

The terrible sword aura blasted out hundreds of meters away…

Everything around was strangled by sword qi!

A sword seems to split the sky!

Thunder roar!

All things bow their heads!

With the sword of the commoner, an era is crushed!

This sword is much faster than before!

Whether it is the state and momentum of the commoner k!lling the gods, but the power of the Excalibur, they have all played to the extreme!

One sword is to k!ll Levi!

The people watching the battle have been hiding far enough!

But under the power of this sword, everyone seemed to be pushed out hundreds of meters by an invisible big hand.

The most critical moment.

Does Levi really need no taboos?

If you don’t need it, he will die!

“I saw that the Young Prince hesitated! He should have a way to do it next! Why is he hesitating?”

“If you have any hole cards, show it out! If you don’t show it, he will have to die!”

The Evil Sword could see that Levi was hesitating, and couldn’t help exclaiming.

The seven evil gods are sweating profusely!

Time to win!

What is he hesitating?

Use it quickly!

Levi doesn’t need a taboo technique, absolutely can’t stop this sword!

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