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Chapter 1901

Everyone would love to see this battle!

Anyway, whoever wins can lose as well!

Although curious why Sarah is like this?

But they still hope that the two can fight each other…

Sarah’s anger value almost exploded, and her combat power was terrifying!

Levi is really fighting too!

The battle between the two sides was turned upside down, even more, exciting than the previous one.

Levi was also very anxious, Sarah’s combat effectiveness was getting stronger and stronger.

Especially if she couldn’t attack for a long time and couldn’t hurt him, Sarah became angry and angry.

It’s not a big shot if you go on like this!

The current Sarah is super powerful, and it is difficult to penetrate the acupuncture points with the weird acupuncture method used last time.

You can’t control Sarah at all.

She became more and more courageous as she fought, and almost defeated Levi.

“D*mn, Sarah is too strong, right? Is Velador the number one strong woman?”

“How can she get to this point? This is even stronger than Common Killer god!”

Sarah showed a unique style and conquered the audience.

“How to do?”

“How to do?”

Levi was anxious, and the cold sweat came down.

Sarah will not give up unless she k!lls him!

Why is he willing to hurt her?

What’s more, she is now a complete lunatic, and he may not be able to fight…

“Dad, mom what are you doing?”

At the critical moment, a childish voice came into the ears of Sarah and Levi.

The two of them trembled, and all their aura and strength collapsed.

Just like a deflated balloon.

The two of them looked at the place where the sound was made…

Aubrey is here!

Aubrey stood there, looking at the two with horror and curiosity.


Seeing Aubrey, Sarah instantly turned from a lunatic woman into a loving mother.

Even the tears were flashing, and even the “enemy” Levi she has forgotten in a trance.

“Aubrey, Dad will pick you up later!”

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Levi instantly left the battlefield and disappeared from everyone’s eyes.


Sarah reacted and wanted to catch up immediately.

“Mom, don’t go…”

Aubrey’s voice came, and Sarah stopped, and she looked over again.

At this little time, Levi didn’t know where to escape.

When the seven evil gods found Levi, they were already near the capital.

Aubrey suddenly appeared, which was unexpected to everyone.

Turned out a super battle!

After meeting Aubrey, Sarah and Wenia were invited to Tiance Mansion.

Common Killer god was taken by the students to heal.

Richard and their plan only succeeded a quarter.

In general, they failed!

lost heavily!

The price is too great!

The following episode of Sarah doesn’t change anything…

Levi won!

Won over the k!lling god holding a magic sword in the sky!

Soon Horizon Pavilion announced a new issue of the Conquer List!

The ranking list was abolished because of hundreds of rulers; the whereabouts were unknown in the first three days and for many reasons, so the ranking list was temporarily closed!

But the sky list has undergone major changes!

What a change!

First of all, Levi reached the top of the summer list!

He defeated the Common Killer god and shook the heavens of the Excalibur Blade, allowing him to surpass Nandi and rank first!

Nandi becomes second!

Sarah is new to the list, ranking third!

The Common k!ller fell to fifth due to poisoning, and McHale ranked fourth!

“The Heretic God is the number one in the ranking list! We are going to return to the Ethical God era again!”

“It’s really a happy event for us!”

For thousands of evil god forces, this is a great happy event.

Levi has done what he used to be the Fire Cloud evil god!

He gradually showed strong dominance, and he will rule this era!

Not a good thing for Levi!

He doesn’t care about these false names!

Especially Sarah’s current state…

What is he going to do?

“I want to do one thing first…”

Levi made a decision.

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