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Chapter 1902

“What is the Lord?”

The seven evil gods asked.

At this moment, Levi ranks first in the sky list!

Conquer them with strength.

Their name for Levi changed.

Called him the Young Prince before because he was a descendant of the evil god Cthulrun, but actually had little to do with Levi.

Now Levi is respected by everyone for his pure strength.

He is the real Lord.

“Heal the Common K!ller god!”

Levi approached.

During this time, he delved into the ancient medical books given to him by the old man.

His medical skills are definitely great!

He can solve the poison of common k!lling god.

Coupled with the evil god of poison, it is even more like a fish in water.

Not only that.

Levi has a big plan!

“Everything obeys the Lord!”


The Evil Sword raised a question: “Lord, it seems that after seeing the child, the madam will change her mood… I think we can start from this aspect…”

The reminder of the sword evil god made Levi happy.


Sarah was so angry just now, Aubrey called her mother to calm down.

This is also amazing.

Explain that there is still help!

He had a good day with Sarah…

“good news!”

Levi patted the sword evil god.

The Common k!ller was taken back to his courtyard.

There is also a genius doctor among the students, who is doing his best to treat them.

Elon was as anxious as the ants on the hot pot…

He certainly didn’t want Common Killer alive.

The loss is so great, if Common Killer god is saved again.

That’s really going to cry.

“Forget it, fight it!”

Elon’s expression changed, and he looked at Common Killer god with a murderous aura.

He desperately wanted to k!ll him.


Just as he did something, a hand suddenly rested on his shoulder.

Elon was taken aback.

“Excuse me, is this Common Killer god?”

When the voice sounded, Elon saw that the two of them were quite ethereal and spiritual.

Those who came were Levi and the evil god of poison.

Both of them had undergone a disguise technique, completely becoming two people with different temperaments.

“Yes, you are?”

Elon asked.

Levi ignored them and went straight into the courtyard.

“Pay attention to him!”

Levi said calmly.

Levi had noticed him as early as in the Eastern Realm Battlefield.

Came to the courtyard.

Levi proposed to heal the Common Killer god, but his disciples objected.

After all, they don’t know Levi’s identity.

It’s just that Levi didn’t care about it at all, pushed all the students away with his great magical powers, and stepped forward to rescue Common Killer god.

“Oh my God, what did I see? The lost Nine Turn Acupuncture?”

Among the students of Common K!ller god, who is best at medical skills, suddenly exclaimed.

He recognized Levi’s medical skills!

Legendary ancient medical skills!

Soon, with the cooperation of Levi and the evil god of poison, the poison of Common k!lling God has been eliminated.

The Common k!ller was awake long ago, but he didn’t wake up anymore.

“The old guy is quite capable!”

Levi teased, and then left.

“Heavenly doctor! This is a peerless heavenly doctor!”

Seeing that the poison was eliminated, many students knelt on the ground and exclaimed.

Heavenly doctor, meaning that medical skills change fate against the heavens, just like heaven help!

More terrifying than the genius doctor!

Elon walked in and couldn’t help being shocked when he saw everyone kneeling on the ground.

“what’s happening?”

Learned that the virulent poison of Common Killer god was solved.

He almost fainted.


This poison cannot be undone!

Once exercised, it will cause death and injury, and paralysis at light, internal damage…

It can’t be unlocked!

This is a poison specially developed by an ancient force on the East Island to deal with martial art masters!

But the facts are here!

The Common K!ller god indeed is saved.

The Common k!ller lying on the bed suddenly opened his eyes: “It turned out to be him! Hey! I owe him a favor!”

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