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Chapter 1913

Even Yangard, the geniuses of Star Country were suffocating smiles.

Velador is indeed in a situation where no one can be!

Although their plans have been completed, the East Island forces will still worry about a reversal at the last moment!

For example, suddenly a large number of geniuses appeared!

In that case, everything they did would fall short.

Although this possibility is very small, it does not rule out the possibility!

They even thought about a possibility!

Tiance Mansion and Trex clan will send their geniuses out to participate in the competition!

The other party released a message saying that these no longer belong to Tiance Mansion and do not belong to a country’s ancient military organization.

You can participate at will!

Although this behavior is shameless and despicable!

But it is also possible!

Of course, Velador, who has always been righteous, would rather lose than doing it!

But when they saw Velador’s appearance, they were relieved.

This possibility does not exist!

They can rest assured.

“What’s this all about? Does it look down on other people?”

“Should we not send out the strongest? Why are they all crooked?”

“Yeah, what is Velador doing?”

A round of cynicism sounded.

Obviously, they knew what was going on best, but deliberately asked like this.

Obviously, Velador won’t come!

“If Velador is so perfunctory, I’m afraid it will be the last one!”

“Just this rubbish is worthy of being our opponent?”

The other rulers looked proud and looked down upon these people.

But everyone in Velador dared to be angry but not to speak!

There is no other way but to let others be arrogant!

Who told you that there is no one who can fight here!

Be beaten if you fall behind!

Be ridiculed if you fall behind!

As the host, the talents of Tiance Mansion who are in charge of the rulers conference are irrelevant!

They can’t wait for the rulers conference to end soon!

Staying here for a second is torture!

From now on, the Velador martial arts world will be black and white, without a trace of color!

“Well, this time to participate in the rulers Conference, each country and region will select the top 100 geniuses to participate!”

“Huh? There is an accident. There are only 67 people in Velador!”

When this information came out, the audience was in an uproar!

Suddenly, Tiance Mansion and everyone’s faces lost their brilliance!


They can only get so much together for a long time!

I can’t even find anyone who can compete normally!

What a shame!

Immediately, laughter broke out: “Hahaha…you don’t understand, this is Velador let us!”

“Yes, there are so many in the summer, that’s what we can compare? They just send them out to crush us!”

“Velador, please don’t let us!”

There were cynics.

All parts of the world have to celebrate the scene of Velador’s deflation!

Before the conference started, they lost face!

But this is only the beginning!

The next shameful moment is coming…

Everyone in Velador clenched their fists tightly, and this bad breath was going to suffocate people!

“Since there are no objections, then the conference is about to begin!”

“We have no objections!”

“We have no objections!”

“I wonder if Velador has any objections?”

Pointing at Velador’s side, everyone looked over.

The leader can only bite the bullet and say: “Neither do we!”

“Well, if there is no problem, then let’s officially start!”

But at this critical moment, a different voice sounded.

“I have objections!”

A peerless genius in the East Island team stepped forward.

He is Hojo, Yangard rulers rank in the top three.

“I think Velador people are too weak, are there no others? Send these wastes to let them all withdraw from the rulers’ Conference, right?”

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