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Chapter 1912

The venue is held in Velador Capital!

The eyes of the whole world gather here!

All the talents from all countries in the Eastern Continent are here!

Especially the East Island and Star Country are the most powerful!

The genius they sent just overwhelmed other countries in momentum!

“Star Country has always been weak in martial arts, how come there are so many strong people?”

Everyone was surprised to see the powerful lineup of Star Country.

Never before…

“I heard that Orion Group has created a batch of genius seedlings through genetic modification and other technologies!”

“I heard that Orion Group has combined the ancient practice methods of various countries with modern scientific and technological biotechnology to cultivate more and more powerful people! Orion Group has great ambitions!”

“Even they are still studying the technology to transform the bloodline. Once they are born, they will have the same talent and super strength as a superpower!”

After hearing the explanation, everyone instantly understood what was going on.

“And Ross this time is super terrible! It is said that the inheritors of the ancient forces and strong people that exist in Ross legends are here, and they are much stronger than before!”

“Isn’t it? The Yangard royal family personally went to ask the ancient strongmen of Yangard to come out! That’s why they agreed to send the strongest genius out!”

“It shows how confident they are in this!”

This time the East Island and the Star Kingdom are well prepared!

They are all aimed at the strongest!

When everyone in Velador heard this, their hearts were ashamed, and they became more and more desperate!

Velador was originally in a situation that no one could do!

The forces of the East Island and the Star Kingdom are fully prepared again, and the coming is menacing!

This time Velador will not only lose its dominant position, but also lose face!

Everyone in Velador can no longer look up!

The face and reputation are completely gone!

Everyone will mention things like this in the future, just like walking dead!

When you see people from other countries, you can only go around!

Not only that, the abolition of these genius seedlings means that Velador’s future is ruined!

The future will not be comparable to the martial arts circles of these countries!

Will be crushed by others!

Everyone in Velador present was lifeless, with a face like water, and they didn’t even breathe for the atmosphere.

The meaning of this rulers conference is to silently wait for the humiliation and jokes to come!

“Huh? As the host, Velador, why haven’t Velador’s representatives appeared yet?”

At this time, someone brought the topic to Velador.

Others said: “Yes, Velador is the strongest ever! I also heard that they have produced a genius that has been rare for thousands of years, only a few years old! The potential has reached the highest level of Tiance Mansion!”

“Not only that, the Conquer List was announced, and the top three land lists are the strongest in history!”

“Yes, Velador is number one again this time, right? We should be here again for nothing? Hahaha…”

In the end, almost everyone was laughing.

All deliberately!

Obviously knowing that Velador’s strongest genius has been abolished, the life and death of the top three in the rankings are unclear, and the whereabouts are unknown, so they said so…

Everyone in Velador was uncomfortable and angry!

Is there any way?

Others are specifically designed to target, this is cutting off Velador’s hope for the future!

“People are the host, so naturally they will be the finale! Let’s wait!”

Time passed by one minute and one second, and soon it was time for the Conference to start.

All the next geniuses blindly select groups and draw their opponents!

All the geniuses are here.

Only Velador’s geniuses are left out of the show!

Everyone in Velador was sweating in a hurry one by one!

“What about people? Why haven’t they come out? Did you deliberately make everyone wait?”

Everyone began to urge.

“Can’t hide, bring everyone here!”

Tiance Mansion ordered all the geniuses they recruited to call forward.

When seeing these mediocre people, everyone laughed…

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