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Chapter 1918

“They turned out to be?”

Levi was surprised to find that the distress signal was sent by Jia and Nier!

“Lord, why do these two juniors bother you?”

The seven evil gods.

“No, it seems that things started because of me, I’d better go take a look!”

Levi approached.

At the same time he also needs to walk around…

“The matter is urgent, I will set off right away, you don’t need to follow!”

Levi set off alone.

It turned out that after they went back, Jia ignored Draco, especially Jia proposed not to meet Draco again.

Draco furiously told them about their friendship with Levi and told Jia that they were still behind them!

Even Draco added fuel and jealousy, saying that the two even had a relationship with Levi.

These rulers did not participate in the Ostenberg rulers Conference, and they and the forces behind them did not know what happened to the rulers Conference.

They still think that Levi is a Heretic God descendant!

Jia and Nier have a good relationship with Levi, even if they are married to each other, then they have committed a big taboo!

The heirs of the decent and decent forces, and the heavenly talent who is called the fairy, turned out to be the wives and c0ncubines of the descendants of the evil god!

It’s a shame to spread it out!

Especially those old stubborns in the forces, they think this is a great shame!

As soon as this matter came out, none of them could gain a foothold in the Velador martial arts world!

What are their faces?

So they will still impose severe punishment on Jia and Nier!

Put them to death in front of all the forces!

Only in this way can we wash away the shame!

Nier sent a help message to Levi at the last minute!

Somewhere in the quaint manor in the south.

Thousands of people stood, looking at the two girls kneeling in the field.

It is Nier and Jia!

The forces that the two belong to are actually a combination of eight or nine ancient families!

The more this kind of ancient family, the more care about fame and face!

Especially when heard that the two rulers were no longer the eldest daughters, they were almost exploded in anger!

In addition to Draco’s added oil and jealousy, they must execute two people.

Still use the method of burning, which means burning shame with fire!

The two people knelt in the field, surrounded by firewood, surrounding them tightly.

Looking at this scene in the distance, Draco looked refreshed!

The person he likes most is dying, but he doesn’t look sad at all.

What he can’t get, it’s better to ruin it!

This way he won’t be in pain!

“Jia, Nier, I ask you two, are you lost to Levi?”

On the high platform, a majestic woman asked.

Jia and Nier shook their heads: “No!”

“You F*rt, who doesn’t know about the two of you and Levi in the world now? You still don’t admit it?”

“What’s more, Draco saw it with his own eyes! Levi brought you back to his room! Still arguing!”

Everyone scolded.

Jia and Nier can only shake their heads: “We don’t! There really is no such thing!”

“Well, don’t mention this matter! Let’s talk about the next thing!”

“Jia, Nier do you know your mistakes?”

The old woman asked.

“Why are we wrong?”

The two of them looked blank.

“The two of you have a good relationship with the descendants of the Heretic God, and the power of the Heretic God! Even when I heard that Levi was in distress, you were actually worried for him!”

Jia’s face changed, and she nodded: “There is such a thing! We did worry about him!”

As soon as Jia said this, everyone’s expression changed drastically.

Draco also clenched his fists tightly.

The blue veins violently shot, and his complexion is grim.

Jia’s voice continued: “But Levi is a good man, he is not a descendant of the Heretic God… he…”

Jia and Nier are still explaining what they saw in Levi.

“Outrageous, at this time you are still giving sophistry! Burn them to death!”

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