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Chapter 1919

“Come on, we are not wrong! Burn us to death!”

But the more they say this, the more irritated everyone present!

They are well-known and righteous, but the best children in the family try their best to justify an evil spirit outside. How can they not be angry?

“Wrong, you guys?”

The crowd yelled angrily.

Jia held her head high, and shouted in front of many people: “I’m right!”

“Yes, all of you were just deceived! Levi is definitely not a descendant of an evil god! How else would we come back alive?”

Nier echoed.

“It’s stubborn, it’s useless to say more! Burn them to death!”

The head gave an order.

Someone is going to set fire immediately!


The flame suddenly rises…

“They have been assimilated by Levi, and only flames can burn their sins!”

Draco said lowly.

“I think you are outside the evil spirits, right?”

Suddenly, a sound came from a distance.


At the same time, a gust of wind swept in, blowing out the blazing flame.

An eternal figure fell from a distance.


When they saw him, Jia and Nier showed ecstasy, almost screaming in excitement.

At the same time, the girl’s ignorant sentiment is mixed in it!

The hero in their minds is here to save them!

“What? Levi Garrison!!!”

This title alone is enough to make everyone present fall into fear!

Levi, in front of who was the Tiance Mansion helpless, what could they do.

For a time, thousands of people looked at him in horror.

Although Draco was angry, he was more afraid!

How powerful Levi is, he knows!

Levi came to Jia and still in front of the two of them: “Get up, who dares to make you kneel!”

The two listened to Levi and stood up.

This behavior angered their family again!

“Okay, you two sc*m! I’m so angry with this evil demon!”

“From now on, you have been expelled from the family division! You two are our greatest shame!”

Levi laughed: “You keep talking about evil spirits, I think you are the biggest evil spirits, right?”

“If you don’t figure out the situation, you want to punish your own people! And burn the innocent with cruel fire! Is the right that gave you that allowed you to do this?”


A few people just wanted to get angry, but they were shocked by Levi’s fierce gaze.

“This is our family affair, and it is beyond the turn of others to take care of it! You can’t take care of how we treat them!”

An old woman angered.

“Hehe, I can’t control it?”

Levi sneered: “It’s your family affairs! But you are in Velador, and you are all from Velador! Can you still surpass the law of the land?”

“You treat your family members so cruelly, can you imagine how cruel it would be to treat outsiders?”


Everyone was very angry at Levi.

“But what does Levi have to do with Velador? You are the opposite of Velador! You are the evil god! What qualifications do you have to say this?”

“Say that we are cruel? Don’t obey Velador’s rules? What about you? Heirs, you and your subordinates don’t know how to do too many cruel things! Do you have the face to talk about us?”

“Yes, Levi, you are the least qualified to say this! Do you think you are the Dragon King?”

Draco and everyone shouted immediately.

This posture is about to swallow Levi!

“Levi, we admit that everyone on the scene can’t beat you together! But don’t want us to give in! You big monster!”

Levi smiled at the corner of his mouth, not at all angry about it.

Nier and Jia are very anxious, wanting to rectify Levi’s name!

At this moment, a huge movement came from outside the villa…

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