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Chapter 1925

He wasn’t afraid of Yefil’s little brats, it was mainly to avoid trouble.

He’s too lazy.

These people are not qualified to let him take action.

He went straight to find a Lord of spells.

Yefil quickly merged with Nichole.

“Yefil look ugly at your face, has something happened?”

Seeing a clue, Nichole couldn’t help asking.

Ren Jia laughed and said, “Yefil, you won’t be taken care of by that kid, right?”

Yefil smiled reluctantly: “Why, that kid knew that I was going to deal with him, so he jumped into the sea ahead of time!”

“Oh, it’s okay!”

Levi, an ordinary person, couldn’t attract much interest from Nichole and the others.

They stopped questioning.

Soon after, several people came to a luxurious villa that resembled an imperial palace.

There are thousands of guards, and there are secret whistle Lords everywhere.

There are also various advanced weapons.

The location of the gambling king family.

“Miss, the young boss of the Blackwater Company will arrive on Golden Harbor Island tomorrow! It is said that he is also a legend in the Eagle Nation! Let’s put it this way, there is no young man in Velador that can match him!”

“The whole family is very satisfied! Especially the old man is the happiest!”

At this time, the butler came out to greet.

Don’t forget to compliment Nichole with her fiance.

“But he can’t be compared to Levi!”

Nichole replied with a word.

Although she is willing and accepts the marriage arranged by the family, it does not mean that she recognizes this person!

Levi, she still admired in her heart!

This time the four of them left Golden Harbor Island to watch the rulers Conference!

This is also instructed by the respective families.

The main thing is to see the world more and make more friends.

You can even choose a person from Velador and even the best rulers in Ostenberg to be your husband or fiancee.

Originally, Peeky Fisher and Nichole were optimistic about the big talents.

How did you know that Levi suddenly appeared!

The picture of hundreds of rulers shouting respectfully to the teacher over the audience left an indelible impression in their hearts!

What’s more, Levi is not a few years older than them at all!

More temperament and charm!

After seeing Levi’s demeanor, Nichole couldn’t tolerate others.

The young boss of the Blackwater Company is just drenched in the light of the gods Laboratory!

“Ah? Where’s Levi? Miss, go in quickly, the old man still wants to know the situation of the rulers Conference!”

Welcomed by the housekeeper, Nichole and the four entered the manor.

The interior of the manor is full of luxury, and the value of every detail is afraid that ordinary people will not earn it for a lifetime.

In the palace-like chamber.

The core members of the gambling king family are all there.

Naturally, the gambling king Rustom sits on the table!

The legend of Golden Harbor Island!

No one knows how many assets he has, and no one knows how many hole cards he has!

In short, no one on Golden Harbor Island dared to mess with him!

Even the martial artist and the Lord of spells must respect him three points!

This is the power of the king of gambling!

He leaned on a cane with a dragon’s head and looked majestic.

There are his brothers below, most of whom are his heirs.

Rustom nominally has four children, but it is said that the total number of real children is more than ten.

When Nichole came back, a kind smile appeared on the majestic gambling king’s face.

Among the third generation, the gambling king loved Nichole the most!

After a lot of greetings from everyone.

The gambling king began to ask: “Nichole, did you go to visit the rulers Conference this time, are you rewarding? Or can you specifically talk about the rulers Conference!”

Nichole began to narrate everything about the rulers Conference.

Everyone was amazed.

“Grandpa, what shocked Nichole the most was Levi, the number one on the list…”

Nichole vividly describes Levi.

Someone from the Gambling King family sighed, “How great would Levi be used by our family?”

The gambling king glared at him fiercely: “You are wishing for nothing!”

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