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Chapter 1926

“How does Levi exist? That is a descendant of the Heretic God, a great demon unparalleled in the world! That is number one in the ranking! Even Richard of the god Laboratory has nothing to do with him! Even the Holy Tribe organization invites him to be rejected!”

“How can my little family tolerate this great god?”

“You are not allowed to say these things in the future, in case others hear it, it will be detrimental to us! Even if Levi does not ask for trouble, we are also in trouble for the seven evil gods under him!”

The gambler explained angrily.

“Father, is Levi really so scary?”

It was Travis, the second uncle of Nichole.

The gambling king sneered: “It’s more terrifying than you think! Let’s put it this way, if he comes to Golden Harbor Island! No one can suppress him! We can’t afford to offend him!”

Travis sighed: “That’s true! The most powerful one on our Golden Harbor Island is McHale, right? He ranks behind on the top ranking list! Definitely not Levi’s opponent! If Levi really comes to Golden Harbor Island, then it will be a huge surprise here. No one will do anything to him!”

Yefil spoke quickly and immediately asked: “Grandpa, if Sister Nichole is looking for Levi as her husband does she not have to marry the young boss of Blackwater Company?”

The gambling king was stunned and couldn’t help saying: “It’s okay! But I heard that Levi’s children are even grown up! What’s more, the prospects of the young owner of Blackwater Company are better!”

Nichole’s expression gradually dimmed.

“Nichole, don’t have any other ideas. Tomorrow, the young boss of Blackwater Company will come! See you!”

“Being able to marry with Blackwater Company and climb into the laboratory of the gods behind it is the goal our family pursues!”

Everyone nodded: “Understood!”

Afterwards, Yefil and a few people left.

Came into the car.

“Mr. Gill, we did a preliminary investigation, but we didn’t even see this kid!”

“How do I feel that this kid is a bit mysterious now?”

Yefil sighed: “Forget it, there is no need to delay such a long time with an ordinary person!”

At this time, Levi had already arrived at the address given by Gemini.

This is a church, but it has been abandoned for a long time.

The dust is thick and there are spider webs everywhere.

It’s not like a place with people.

Levi looked around, but didn’t see anyone.

Looking at the traces, no one has been here for at least five years.

“Could it be that these two boys made a mistake?”

Levi muttered to himself.

However, Gemini is serious and will never go wrong.

The only possibility is that the magic Lord has left here.

There is a time error in the information given by Gemini!

It’s okay!

Now that you are here on Golden Harbor Island, are you afraid that you will not be able to find anyone?

Outsiders don’t know, the local upper circles of Golden Harbor Island are definitely known!

After Levi left the church, he asked the King of the West to find out which one was the strongest on Golden Harbor Island.

He directly asked where the magic Lord was.

“Boss, I suggest you go directly to the king’s family!”

The Western Heavenly King smiled.

“it is good.”

Levi stopped a car casually.

“Where are you going, sir?”

“Go to Longten Manor!”

As soon as Levi said this, the driver was stunned and looked at Levi incredulously.

On Golden Harbor Island, who doesn’t know that Longten Villa is where the King of Gambling Family is located?

That is a taboo zone!

How dare ordinary people approach that place!

If there is no return, it will be lost if it is not possible.

“Sir, are you serious? Going to Longten Villa?”

The driver asked again.

“Of course serious!”

“Did you know that Longten Villa is the home of King of Gambling Family?”

The driver wiped his cold sweat.

“I know! Take me there quickly, why do so much nonsense?”

Levi became a little impatient.


More than an hour later.

After the driver took Levi to the vicinity of Longten Villa, he drove away quickly.

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