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Chapter 1933

A ghost face full of ugly scars appeared in front of him, one eye was blind, and the other was blood red.

The Pseudo Ghost was physically disabled, and he was even more embarrassed after being locked up by the gambling king for such a long time.

But the terrifying aura on him made people tremble.

“Are you here? Eleven years!”

The Pseudo Ghost made a hoarse voice.

It has been eleven years since the gambling king locked him up, and he has not been seen.

“Say something interesting! Someone came to me to find you today, and there is a day limit for me to hand over you! Don’t be conceited! Hahaha…”

The Gambler couldn’t help laughing.

When the Pseudo Ghost heard it, the corners of his mouth rose, but he didn’t say a word.

“I didn’t expect that there are still people in this world who remember you!”

“Don’t worry! You can only die here, no one will save you!”

the next day.

It is a big day for Golden Harbor Island!

There are two big sensations!

First, it is naturally the day when McHale Kysh leaves the customs!

Second, the young boss of Blackwater Company is coming!

As the island with the strongest economy in Ostenberg, Golden Harbor Island is naturally rich in wealth and celebrities.

After all, Golden Harbor Island has the same name as his.

It was named Golden Harbor Island because it was too rich.

They attach great importance to the issue of the young owner of the Blackwater Company.

The airport was prepared early.

Even many celebrities from Golden Harbor Island went to the gambling family to help out.

Around ten o’clock in the morning.

With a sound of earth-shaking rumbling on Golden Harbor Island.

McHale is out!!!

Once the third in the sky list, such as the fourth in today’s list, the Lord of spells is out!

Thousands of disciples knelt to greet!


After the retreat, McHale Kysh’s complexion was stiff, and there was no sign of happiness.

“Congratulations, Lord’s cultivation base is diligent again!”

The disciples congratulated.

Just listen to McHale sneered: “So what? I stepped back one place on the top of the list!”

“Lord, now you are out of the customs, you can find that Levi to fight! Take back the number one in the sky list! You are the number one in the sky list!”

“Yes, Lord, you are the number one in the top-ranking!”

The disciples flattered the master.

McHale’s expression immediately changed: “Don’t talk nonsense! If you let other people hear it, it will be troublesome.”

“Don’t look at me in retreat all the time! But I know what happened outside! I succeeded in retreating, and my strength has increased.”

“That’s right! But I may only be the same as the Common Killer god holding the god sword in the sky! Compared to Levi, I am not an Opponent! I have to admit this!”


Everyone gasped.

“Levi is so strong?”

“Of course! Otherwise, how could he reach the top of the ranking list? When I meet him, I can only surrender! I don’t need to say the same thing just now!”

McHale is extremely majestic.

“Lord, the king of gambling, please come over!”

“Okay, go!”

McHale from Kysh soon came to Longten Villa.

After another period of time, a lot of luxury cars gathered, and even helicopters came.

Jimson, the young owner of the Blackwater Company, is here.

They were accompanied by representatives of super consortia from several major countries near Golden Harbor Island.

For example, Orion Group, East Island’s Matsushita Group…

Followed by a large number of powerful and rich in Golden Harbor Island.

After Jimson arrived, the atmosphere of Longten Villa reached its climax.

The gambling king, McHale, and Jimson sat in the upper seat.

Sitting below are all super powerful.

Almost the gangsters of the entire Golden Harbor Island gathered.

“Thank you for coming to this little banquet! First of all, we congratulate McHale Kysh for leaving the customs! Secondly, we welcome Jimson to our land!”

After some courtesy, the gambling king smiled and said: “It’s true! I made an agreement with one person! He should be there soon! Please support me!”

The gambling king is waiting for Levi…

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