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Chapter 1934

“what’s up?”

McHale Kysh asked.

This is also the question of others.

The king of gamblers briefly talked about what happened.

Everyone laughed.

“The king of gambling, you are really a childlike heart, take this to heart! The hairy boy is lying to you!”

McHale smiled and said.

Other people think the same way.

The gambling king smiled and said: “Not necessarily, what if this kid has a background and ability to reach the sky? Hahaha…”

“Okay, then we will wait for him!”

“I just left the customs! I just want to find someone to practice hand skills! I hope this kid is stronger! Haha…”

McHale smiled.

The others laughed too.

Everyone just takes it for fun.

Jimson sneered: “Once the two of us get married! Blackwater will always stand behind He’s family! Who do I think dares to move them?”

This sentence is extremely domineering!

Even the implied meaning is more domineering!

It means that the Gods Laboratory stands behind the Gambling King family, who dares to mess with it?

“Father, I think that kid is talking nonsense. Will he dare to come? Impossible!”

Travis smiled.

“The person I sent out came back saying that he hadn’t left Golden Harbor Island! He hasn’t left yet! He should come!”

Gambling king.

“If he can come, that would be great!”

Everyone is looking forward to it.

“Come, Nichole, meet Jimson!”

The gambling king called Nichole to the front.

Jimson has always liked oriental women, and when he saw Nichole, his eyes were shining.

Nichole glanced at him, her face full of displeasure.

Compared with Levi, Jimson is nothing!

If you have seen the posture of a dragon, how can you see a wild dog?

She has no affection for him at all!

But for the sake of the laboratory of the gods behind the Blackwater Company, she endured it.

She did this marriage contract as a transaction.

“Well, not bad! I agree!”

Jimson nodded.

Although it was a marriage between the two sides, but Nichole was so beautiful and outstanding, of course, Jimson was willing.

“Well, that’s good! A charming and beautiful girl, a perfect couple!”

Everyone began to tout.

Even McHale Kysh also handed his hands: “Congratulations, brother gambling, for getting such an excellent grandson-in-law! In the future, we will join with Blackwater Company, and we will have a boundless future! Don’t forget me, brother!”

Although McHale Kysh is a Master of magic arts, he is not bad at all in terms of humanity and sophistication.

“Haha, of course!”

“Nichole, do you have any objections?”

The gambling king looked at Nichole again.


Nichole hesitated, but in fact she was totally unwilling.

But among the wealthy of this level, the true love of marriage is the most extravagant.

For the laboratory of the gods, she agreed.

“Grandpa, I am willing!”

Nichole nodded.

Jimson laughed immediately.

“The king of gambling, I will tell my father about it next! Soon we will start the engagement party! Set the wedding date!”

Jimson said.

The sooner you get married, the better.

Jimson didn’t want such a beauty to slip away.

The gambler also wants to get married soon.

The two sides hit it off.

Quickly reach a unified opinion!

This matter was resolved, and then the gambling king looked at McHale again.

“Now Great Velador is turbulent, the power of the evil god is rampant, and the forces of all parties are mixed! Only I, Golden Harbor Island, is a pure land! In the future, McHale needs to guard!

The gambling king laughed.

They developed quietly for a long time, and naturally, they didn’t want outsiders to bother them.

“Don’t worry, with me, who would dare to run wild on Golden Harbor Island? What’s more, there are you, the gambling king! Even the Blackwater Company is on our side!”

McHale said with a smile.

“Haha, then we can rest assured!”

The dignitaries of Golden Harbor Island breathed a sigh of relief.

They are afraid of someone coming to grab it.

“Right, where’s that kid? Isn’t it here yet?”

Someone suddenly thought of Levi.

“Is he coming here?”

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