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Chapter 1948

The powerhouses sent by the Gods Lab stared at Levi.

There is a deep hatred between them!

It is even said that Levi is the enemy of the entire War Eagle Nation!

Levi once brought them shame alone!

Everyone in War Eagle country can’t wait to cut Levi a thousand swords!

So when they saw Levi, it was a natural hatred!


Levi made a discovery.

Among them, the death swordsman was holding a broken knife in his hand!

It was the broken knife that Levi inserted on the frontier of the War Eagle Nation at the beginning!

Levi’s meaning is very simple, I will come and go freely on your land, and leave a mark that belongs to me!

In the beginning, Richard refused to be pulled out, saying that this was a shame to remind them all the time!

Today, they brought the broken knife back to Levi!

It also represents them to wash away the shame!

“Return the shame to you, give us life!”

The Death Swordsman made a hoarse voice and shot the broken knife at Levi.


The broken knife tore the air and pulled out a long wave of air.

The speed of the lasing actually broke the sound barrier, breaking the speed of sound.

Even if a Lord of the rankings forcefully grabs this broken knife, his arm will be shattered!

The speed and power of this sword is too terrifying!

Nichole was stunned by seeing it with her own eyes, this cut was too fast.

This hand alone will ruin the world.

Sure enough, the death swordsman was terrifying.

But Levi suddenly stretched out his hand, and easily grabbed the broken knife that came from the direct shot in his hand, if there was nothing left.

The terrifying speed and power of Broken Blade was instantly resolved.

Levi’s hand was also shocked to the opposite side!

They came out of the laboratory of the gods, and they disdain Levi!

They feel that for k!lling someone like Levi, why do so many of them join hands.

Two are enough!

After Levi showed this hand, everyone no longer despised him.

It’s no wonder that Richard will give a thousand warnings to punish Levi at all costs.

“Then don’t force it, let’s go together!”

Levi sneered holding the broken knife.

In the past, he was able to k!ll from the Eagle Nation with this broken knife.

Today, he can also k!ll from Golden Harbor Island!

Who dares to fight where the knife is going?

The real-time footage was sent back to Richard and the East Island forces.

“Very well, Levi still has a burden beside him! God helps me too!”

“Our goal is to k!ll Levi at all costs! So any means can be used!”

“Have you seen the woman next to Levi? You k!ll her with all your strength! Levi is bound to protect! By then he will lose sight of one another, and it is easy to reveal flaws!”

“We still have three assassination Lords secretly! Once he has a flaw, he will definitely die!”

Richard was still instructing how to do it.

And there are three people hiding in secret.

So far Levi has only found two people…

There is still one person hiding!!!


In the field, the undead warrior has already been out.

The person he k!lled was not Levi.

But Nichole on the side!

“k!ll k!ll k!ll!”

The undead soldier soared in size and instantly turned into a beast.


His punch after punch came out.

The earth trembles and shatters!

His terrible power is still breaking the speed of sound!

It’s terrible!

Levi pulls Nichole behind!


He went head-to-head with the undead soldier.

The two fists slammed together, the earth shook terribly, and numerous cracks appeared.

The seawater not far away was evaporating, and the bridge in the distance shook violently and was about to collapse.

The power of the two men was like thunder coming to the world, making a dull thunderous movement.

If it weren’t for the isolation here, I am afraid that the entire Golden Harbor Island will suffer!


Levi blasted out a punch and knocked out the undead warrior.

But after landing, the undead warrior stood up as if nothing was wrong, not only was he unharmed, he was also enjoying it.

It turned out that his pain nerves were all removed.

He can’t feel the pain.

This is the first person, it’s so scary…

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