His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2125

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Chapter 2125

No one told Luo Youyou about the conflict that occurred in the hospital. Mrs. Sakurahara had been imprisoned. It happened in China. Lemuel Chu must have his own ideas. A group of people didn’t ask much, but just helped. When Sakahara’s father was doing funeral affairs, someone asked Eldon Valles what he planned to do.

Sakura Kurosawa didn’t say much, rubbing his eyebrows and was silent for a while. He said, “Take my father’s bones back. It’s up to home what you arrange.” He was busy with his father and mother every day, and Sakura Kurosawa had to accompany him. Luo Youyou was in confinement, feeling exhausted for a while, lying on Luo Youyou’s bed, looking at the phone, and fell asleep.

When she woke up, she found Luo Youyou staring at him worriedly. Seeing her expression, Sakura Kurosawa understood.

Luo Youyou must know everything.

Before he could speak, Luo Youyou shook his hand, “Are you okay?”

Sakihara Kurosawa’s Adam’s apple moved up and down, and heard her continue to say, “How can you not tell me this kind of thing happened!” “

Sakakihara Kurosawa’s voice was a little hoarse, “I… don’t want you to worry…”

“This is not something to worry about or not to worry about!” Luo Youyou became so anxious that his eyes were red, “Just tell me about this kind of thing! Children-related, then it has something to do with me, doesn’t it! As parents of children, we should bear these things together, why not tell me! Why do they alone!”

She… she didn’t want to see him fight this alone. Everything looks uncomfortable, just say it, say it, she is also a living person, she can share some for him!

Sakurahara Kurosawa heard that Luo Youyou was anxious, anxious that he could not help, and let him endure the pain alone.

She, she was feeling sorry for him.

“My father is hostile to our children, so I don’t want you to know all this.” Kurosawa Sakura held his fingers, “You have just given birth, you have to confinement, and stimulation will affect your physical recovery. “

“I’ll take care of my body, and you have to tell me the truth!” Luo Youyou squeezed Sakura Kurosawa’s hand harder, “Aren’t we parents? Now we have daughters, and we have become parents!”

Sakura Hei Ze’s eyes flushed suddenly.

On the day his daughter was born, he lost his father and mother at the same time, and the killing of relatives happened to him, which was a huge blow to Eldon Valles.

But this is also the vitality his mother desperately snatched for herself.

Under the knife, what rumbling over was the cruel decades of not being treated as human beings, and the hatred in the deepest part of their bodies.

Is the loss of such a father a bad thing or a good thing?

Eldon Valles couldn’t give himself an answer either.

“It’s just that Luo Youyou, if one day I also become such a father, I hope you can kill me mercilessly.”

“No.” Luo Youyou looked straight into Eldon Valles’s eyes, “I have experienced pain. People will wake up from pain, Sakurahara Kurosawa, you will not become an evil dragon, you will become a knight who slays an evil dragon.”

Luo Youyou’s mother came to see Luo Youyou that night, and stewed the soup. I made a stew for Sakura Kurosawa. I didn’t think there was anything to evade the fact that his mother was a murderer, but Sakura Kurosawa was a little embarrassed, “Auntie, I…”

“Drink, you these days Tired.” Mrs. Luo saw Eldon Valles’s attitude. Naturally, she would not be involved in him. Instead, she comforted them and said, “The past is over. You two should take care of them. Children, the original family is too important for a child. Kurosawa is someone who has come over. He must have a deeper understanding, right?”

Sakurahara Kurosawa nodded, and Mrs. Luo asked again, “But the child’s hukou problem is a bit difficult, Kurosawa Do you have any comments?”

Sakurahara Kurosawa stood up with the chicken soup all at once, “I, I want to let the child enter your household registration, it is better to follow the Luo family.”

Luo Youyou was a little surprised, “But your family…”

“Don’t talk about the family.” Kurosawa Sakurabara smiled, “Now I am the head of the family, and I have the final say in the family. Our family has been passed down through so many generations, and I have to make a good change with my own hand to prevent the child from childhood Injured, the Luo family is better.” The Luo family’s tutor must be very good to teach an independent woman like Luo Youyou. He doesn’t want his children to be exposed to the dark past of the Sakakihara family early.

Hearing Sakurahara Kurosawa said this, Mrs. Luo was a little stunned when she was surprised, “Kurosawa, you have grown up.”

“Yes.” Sakura Kurosawa smiled, “Now, I am a father. “

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