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Chapter 196

Especially seeing the spirit of the Heavenly Dragon Legion, Mann only felt passionate.

The pride and blood in each of them is enough to make people crazy.

This is the army I yearn for!

Everyone is a screaming existence!

Although the special forces brigade is at the forefront in the Jinling Military Region, it is far worse than the Tianlong Army.

Mann and several people were arranged in the observation position.

Everyone is waiting for the general of the Emperor Iron Brigade!

Had it not been for regulations, Mann really wanted to take everything.

too excited!

Everyone was waiting silently, no one dared to say a word during the whole process.

Finally a car drove into the station and quickly came to the training base.

From far away, Mann saw a pink car.

He frowned.

As if I have seen it somewhere.

After waiting, I saw that this is not the same pink Maserati as Xiao Qin?

The license plate number is hard to see!

Maserati stopped at the training base.

A girl driving down.

Isn’t this Xiao Qin?

Mann was stunned.

When he saw the person coming down from the co-pilot, he was suffocated.


It turned out to be Levi!

What are they doing here?

Could that person be him, right?

At this moment, Mann suffered a cardiac arrest.

Levi asked Xiao Qin to stand on the spot, and he walked step by step towards the positions of the Heavenly Dragon Legion and the Special Forces Brigade.

Seeing Levi coming.

All the soldiers rallied and stood upright, like a steel gun.

Long Garrison and Ding Zhiyuan trot to Levi and saluted: “Report to General God of War, Tianlong Corps and Jinling Military Region Special Operations Brigade that the assembly is complete! Please give instructions!”


General God of War?

It’s like a blockbuster, it’s broken.

This was unexpected by the observation team.

Everyone knows that he is a general, but who would have thought that he was the highest-ranking general of God of War!

What made Mann most incredible was that General God of War turned out to be Levi!!!

No wonder Levi ignored everything at the birthday banquet.

No wonder Levi can send the Emperor Iron Brigade’s special tobacco and alcohol.

No wonder Levi said he asked Colonel Tatsuno to send it.

The reason is simple: Levi is General God of War!

At this time, Levi came to the front of the soldiers and said loudly: “Stop!”

The uniform movements of thousands of people are shocking.

“I don’t have any extra words. Since I have come down from the front line, I will take a good rest, but the training cannot be pulled down. You must be ready to go to the battlefield at any time!”

Levi spoke to the Tianlong Army.

He looked at the special forces brigade again and smiled: “My great Chinese soldiers are hard! The same is true for the special forces brigade, hurry up and train! Be ready to bleed for the country at any time!”

Although Levi only had a few words or two.

But it ignited the blood of the soldiers.

“General God of War!”

“General God of War!”

Thousands of soldiers shouted vigorously.

The scene was earth-shattering.

It is definitely the most unforgettable scene in Mann’s life.

After the inspection, Levi came to Mann.

“You can bring a car of cigarettes and alcohol with you later! However, I also want to persuade grandpa and grandma not to drink too much!”

Levi approached.

“Yes Yes Yes…”

Facing Levi again, Mann was sweating profusely, and his words were stammering.

In this way, a car specially for tobacco and alcohol was changed to Mann’s car.

Mann was transported to Mann’s house.

“A truck of Emperor Railway Brigade specializes in tobacco and alcohol? Mann transported it back?”

“My grandson is too capable? My God!”

“The Mann family has a real dragon!”

Chapter 197

Everyone in Mann’s family was stunned when they saw Mann’s car loaded with a car specially for tobacco and alcohol.

As for the old lady and the old man, there was light in the eyes.

Four boxes of alcohol and tobacco made them happily forget about it.

Not to mention a car of tobacco and alcohol!

“My Mann family is really a dragon! My son is really amazing!”

Mann Xuelong praised again and again.

The old man and the old lady held Mann’s hand heavily.

Mann looked embarrassed.

Because it has nothing to do with him at all.

Mann just wanted to explain: “Actually, grandparents, these…”

The old lady thought Mann was going to be humble, so she immediately said: “We don’t need more, this car will be enough for the rest of our life!”

“Yeah, don’t say anything about’er! We all understand!”

The old man patted Mann on the shoulder heavily.

Mann changed his mind and couldn’t explain.

Because when he left the military area, he was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Everything I saw today cannot be said.

“Yuan’er, just work hard, grandparents decided to use all their resources to train you!”

The old lady and the old man expressed their opinions.

This made Mann Qingfeng and others envy to death.

Dale and the others are even more envious.

But didn’t Levi say that he sent a car of special alcohol and tobacco?


Mann Jianguo curiously asked Mann, “Yuaner, who did you meet today? Who is the general of the Emperor Iron Brigade?”

“Yes, Ayuan, let’s talk about it, we all want to know.”

The other Mann family members are also very curious.

Mann smiled embarrassedly: “Grandpa and grandma, I want to tell you too, but I signed a non-disclosure agreement, and I can’t say his identity!”

“My God, it’s all involved in non-disclosure agreements! I’m afraid this person’s identity…”

The old lady and the old man looked at each other, both showing horrified expressions.

Mann continued: “But what I promise is that from now on, the Mann family will take off! So grandparents should treat their aunts and aunts a little better. For example, Edith, aunt Dale, and the Mann family will have hope in unity!”

Because General God of War was the son-in-law of the Mann family, Mann dared to make this package!

He specifically reminded who to be better.

The old man and the old lady promised: “That’s for sure! We have re-accepted the Arran couple, they are a part of my Mann family!”

Hearing this, Dale and Edith were so excited to death.

“Thank you parents!”

The old lady glanced: “You should thank Mann!”

“Thank you, nephew Mann!”

The two immediately said.

Mann smiled awkwardly.

The old lady couldn’t help but smile and said, “But your son-in-law can do it too…”

The gift from Levi above is obviously the old lady’s favorite.

In the blink of an eye, it became improvised.

But Edith was very satisfied.

At this time Levi and Xiao Qin came back.

Cross Wentao sneered and said, “Brother-in-law, I heard that you are going to send a car special for tobacco and alcohol.”

Levi pointed to Mann’s cargo and said, “Isn’t this? It has been sent back.”

As soon as Mann was about to speak, he only heard Cross Wen yelling: “You F*rt! This is obviously Mannyun came back just now, has something to do with you?”

“Yeah! You are too much, all of us saw that Mann sent it back!”

“You do have credit today, but you can’t take the credit of Mann?”

Others criticized Levi’s mouth and penalties.

Mann just couldn’t put his mouth in.

This makes him anxious, this is a god, can a mortal comment?

Chapter 198

The old lady was very dissatisfied with Levi’s behavior. She said coldly: “Levi, you can get special tobacco and alcohol. It’s a bit of a skill! As long as you use it on the right path, there is hope in the future. But don’t take advantage of it. Such a cleverness!”

Mann Jianguo and Edith said: “You two should also be more disciplined! After all, Sarah is very promising now!”

“Okay, Mom and Dad, we understand!”

Seeing Levi and his party leave.

The old lady asked, “Mann, what do you think of Levi?”

Mann was terrified.

How dare he talk about this person?

Are you looking for death?

“I have no opinion.”


The old lady asked again: “Wen Tao, what do you think of him?”

Cross Wentao thought deeply: “From the special offer of tobacco and alcohol, Levi has some skills. But time can really hone people, especially after six years in prison. It is estimated that his powerful side has been smoothed out, but he returned. Infected with a lot of bad habits! I think it is difficult for Levi to develop!”

The old lady nodded approvingly: “Well, I think so too.”

The next day.

Everyone left one after another.

When the Mann family offered to send it by car, Sarah refused.

Sarah asked to take the high-speed rail.

She mainly wanted to try what would happen when Levi passed the security check?

Everyone came to the security checkpoint together, and Sarah specially let Levi pass through.

When Levi passed easily, several people were stunned.

“You come out and come in again!”

Sarah asked.

Levi had no choice but to re-enter once, but the alarm still did not sound.

The plum dye was surprised.

Is it true that I am thinking wrong?

In fact, after Levi left that day, everything was eliminated in the system.

Levi will not be alerted when he passes through the major security checkpoints.

As soon as he got on the high-speed rail, Long Garrison sent a message saying: The big bosses of the Jinling Military Region and the big bosses of the provincial city government only learned that Levi was coming to Jinling, the provincial capital.

When they came to look for Levi, they had already left.

“Tell them, next time I go to Jinling, I will definitely inform them!”

Levi quickly replied to the message.

On the high-speed rail, Edith said, “Sarah, you should consider carefully the opinions of your uncle and others.”

“what’s up?”

Levi asked.

Dale sighed and said: “Sarah’s uncles suggested that Sarah be completely separated from the Logan family and set up a new company!”

“This is a good idea! It should have been out of it long ago!”

Levi raised his hands in agreement.

The Logan family is a group of moths, and they can’t get enough to feed them.

Dale shook his head: “It won’t be so easy! Dad has shares in Sarah, it’s difficult to do!”

Sarah is also worried about this.

Doug knows too well!

“Sarah, do it boldly. I’ll take care of anything!”

Levi approached.

What he is worried about now is not the group of vampires like the Logan family.

Rather, he is worried about the revenge of the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

Now that the Garrison Group has received it, the Case York Chamber of Commerce must pay attention to it in many ways.

As for Sarah, he happened to have a conflict with Fan Dacheng, which could easily lead to revenge.

After Levi returned to Case York.

Alton told him that after discussing it, it was decided three days later that Garrison Group merged with Yejia Enterprise and named it Erick Group.

To commemorate Erick’s intention.

Levi will also use Erick Group to defeat the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

It is equivalent to Erick personally stepping on the Case York Chamber of Commerce on the ground!

Levi understands that this move will definitely attract blockade from the Case York Chamber of Commerce, and he will attend the ceremony in person.

Chapter 199

The name change of Garrison Group has caused a lot of trouble in the past two days!

In particular, it must be changed to “Erick Group.” Those who know the details understand that this time the name change is probably for the Xiao family and the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

This is for revenge!

According to the gossip: The person in charge of the Garrison Group is called Graham Nanxuan, who has never appeared in Case York.

Everyone suspected that Graham Nanxuan was Erick’s relatives, uncles, brothers, and the like.

Because someone still finds out-Erick’s parents, who previously lived in the village in the city, now live in one of the most expensive villas in the East.

There are also things like Sarah’s Huating Company being heavily invested by Garrison Group.

A series of news are explaining that Graham Nanxuan and Erick have a very close relationship, and they are coming violently. This is for the the city Chamber of Commerce.

Case York Thousand Island Lake, a small island, was surrounded by boats and dozens of black-clothed men stood on it. They were all bulging around their waists, and they were obviously armed with weapons.

Even flew several military helicopters from time to time to patrol and protect.

What is even more frightening is that the entire Qiandao Lake scenic spot has been booked today.

The people who book the venue are located on this small island…

On the small island, there are six old men sitting by the lake, fishing quietly.

Eleven people stood behind them.

Seven of them are impressively the seven directors of the Case York Chamber of Commerce, and the other four are the heirs of the Case York giants, the Han family, the Yu family, and the Qin family, and the Lei family.

The four old men fishing in the front are Han Xiaokun, Yu Buqun, Qin Zhenglin and Lei Qianjue, the current patriarchs of the four giants Han, Yu, Qin, and Lei.

In the ranking of Case York giants, these four are the top.

The four elders are much better than Xiao Guopu of the Xiao family.

The Xiao family is known as a 50 billion giant.

The Han, Yu, Qin, and Lei families are all billionaires.

Together, they formed the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

In short, they account for almost half of the economic lifeline of Case York, and this is the person who really obscures the sky and sun.

The identity of the two old men fishing with them is no less than them.

Fu Longxing, once the leader of Case York City, now retreats behind the scenes.

But there are countless disciples, and his descendants are part-timers in Case York.

Even current commander Dean is his student.

Now Dean often asks his father for advice.

As the so-called old man Fu Longxing said something, Cox and Hang would tremble three times.

Another old man is Hart Xiangqun, deputy commander-in-chief of the Case York Military Region.

Due to the issue of transfer orders, the position of the commander-in-chief of the Case York Military Region has been vacant.

So now Hart Xiangqun of the Case York Military Region is the top leader!

These two great powers happened to be classmates and friends with Lei Qianjue.

Fishing appointments are even more common.

A platoon of guards guarded the island not far away.

The six elders fishing here, if they make a decision, it is enough to make the whole Case York tremble.

indeed so.

Many things in Case York were negotiated by six people.

The four giants and the Case York Chamber of Commerce can achieve this level. Needless to say, the network must be all over Case York and penetrate every corner.

Go up to the military area and go down to the market.

All have the penetration of the Case York Chamber of Commerce…

That’s why there is the saying: In Case York, moving the Case York Chamber of Commerce is equivalent to moving the foundation of Case York.

This is different from the wealthy Xiao family!

It’s too hard to uproot!

What’s more, if you want to crush the Case York Chamber of Commerce, Fu Longxing and Hart Xiangqun are supporting it at the top!!!

Chapter 200

According to this situation, it is simply impossible!

But they never thought that the person they met was actually Levi!

The only five-star general in history!

God of War will suppress everything!

At this time, Lei Qianjue suddenly caught a fish.

After loading into the Kuang basket, he looked at Fu Longxing and Hart Xiangqun with a smile: “Fu Lao, Lao Hart don’t know if you have heard of what happened in Case York recently?

The gray-haired Fu Long moved his fishing rod and said with a little doubt: “Is Lao Lei talking about Fan Dacheng, director of the Case York Chamber of Commerce, or about the Garrison Group being renamed Erick Group?”

Regardless of Fu Longxing’s retreat, he is in control of any situation!

Han Xiaokun smiled meaningfully: “In fact, can Fu Lao treat these two things as one thing?”

Hart Xiangqun, deputy commander-in-chief of the military region, raised his head and asked, “Is it because behind this is Graham Nanxuan who controls the Garrison Group?”

Yu Buqun nodded: “Probably so! The information we found shows-Graham Nanxuan should be Erick’s uncle. Now he is going to rename Garrison Group to Erick Group and help Erick’s brother Levi. Investing in Sarah even more cleaned up Fan Dacheng and Charles who framed Sarah.”

Qin Zhenglin also said: “We have inquired about the Xiao family these few days, and the Xiao family kept silent about the letting out of Garrison Family Industry and Garrison Group, but just warned us to be careful, saying that we met an opponent this time!

Lei Qianjue concluded: “In short, this mysterious Graham Nanxuan is a powerful character! It’s absolutely extraordinary to be able to lock Fan Dacheng in and take the Garrison Family and Garrison Group back from the Xiao family.”

This is the information that the four giants have.

It’s very scary.

Because other companies or families do not know about the change of ownership of Kingland Group.

Hart Xiangqun suddenly laughed: “To be honest, I have dealt with you for decades, and I have never seen the four of you show such a heavy expression!”

Fu Longxing also nodded, “Indeed, this is the first time I have seen you like this. It shows that Graham Nanxuan has caused enough pressure on you!”

Han Xiaokun smiled: “There is pressure indeed! But it is only a cause for concern, threats are impossible!”

Lei Qianjue touched the long white beard on his chin and laughed: “Of course! Even if the king of heaven comes, I can’t shake the Case York Chamber of Commerce in the slightest!”

Deputy Commander Hart nodded: “Yes! It is impossible to disintegrate the Case York Chamber of Commerce! No matter from that angle, it is impossible!”

Make an analogy.

The Garrison Family and Xiao Family are just young saplings that have just grown up.

It can be uprooted by manpower.

The Case York Chamber of Commerce is a 10,000-year-old tree. It is estimated that ten people can surround it and pull out the impossible by manpower.

Yu Buqun’s mouth has a cruel arc: “Although there is no threat, Graham Nanxuan is like a nail, he will sting you at any time. We have to get rid of it as soon as possible!”

Fu Longxing and Hart Xiangqun understood what he meant and smiled and said, “Check Graham Nanxuan’s identity, we can still do it.”

With that, Hart Xiangqun suddenly caught a fish, and he threw it into Yu Buqun’s Kuang basket next to him.

“Just like this, the fish is caught for you. As for your release, it is your own business. It has nothing to do with us.”

He compared the fish to Graham Nanxuan.

The four of Lei Qianjue nodded.

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